4 children: Carl who died as a result of a hunting accident; Gertrude (m. Denis Meyer); Arthur (m. Mary Grocia); and Raymond (m. Lois Martin). Joseph (b. 15 Dec 1890) was an attorney and practiced law in Calmar, IA. He married Gertrude Rein and they had 3 children: Paul (m. Marylou Smith); George (m. Lois Bestor); and Rose Marie (m. Lawrence Alis). Frank Alois fb. 1894 in Chicago) married Julia A. Wandas at Lourdes, IA. Julia was born 19 Jun 1896. Frank was a mason and assisted his brother James (Wenceslaus) in 1949 with the St. John’s Church sacristy. Frank and Julia had 4 children: Bernard (m. Marie Rilling); Norbert (m. lone Beckman); Julia (m. Jack Bales); and Daniel (m. Ethel Blong). Frank died in 1983. Louis (b. 9 Oct 1898) married Marie Martinek. Louis was a cream hauler and later worked on road construction. Louis and Marie had 4 children: Mary Lou remained single; Valerian (m. Vera Fraser); John (m. Ruth Sloan); and Robert (m. Barbara Lawey). Louis died 8 May 1975. Aanes (b. 1903) married William Shimek. They farmed northeast of Calmar and had 6 children: Jerome (m. Lucille Funke); Arnold remained single; Marian (m. Clyde Bothmer); Lorrane (m. Vince Williams); and William Jr. (m. Mary Jayne Bohr). Anna fm. Christ Rein). They settled in Shakopee, MN and had 12 children: Carl and Marie (twins); Joseph, Jerome, Esther, James, Jean and Joan (twins), Evelyn, Frances, Christie and Betty Ann.

Nicholson, William and Ella (Rognlien)

(Eileen Nordheim)

William August Nicholson (5 Nov 1898-25 Jun 1986) was born in Oslo, Norway to Aksel and Marie (Anderson) Nicolaysen. He came to America at age 15, landing at Ellis Island. He then made his way to Winneshiek Co. where he found work as a farm hand.

William was married to Ella Viola Rognlien 12 Oct 1921 by Rev. Paul Koren. Two daughters were born to this union: Muriel Isenberaer Wheatman (m. Roger Wheatman) and Eileen fm. Curtis Nordheim), both of Decorah. William and Ella farmed the Ed Bakke farm in Decorah Twp. for a few years and moved to Decorah in 1929 where he went to work for S. E. Brickner & Son Feeds. He became a salesman for them in the northeast IA and southern MN areas. After retirement he was employed part-time at the A & J Agency and the Darling Drug Store. He enjoyed playing cards with his friends.

Ella, the daughter of Nels (b. Toten, Norway) and Maria (Johnson) Rognlien, was born 22 Jan 1901. She attended the Valders School and was a housewife who loved to spend many hours in her garden. She has been a resident of the Aase Haugen Home since Mar 1992.

Noecker, Arden and Tamora (Harshman)

(Myrtle Noecker)

Arden Noecker was born to Melvin and Myrtle (Casterton) Noecker. He graduated from Decorah High School and then worked part-time at the Aase Haugen Home and also at Midland Co-op. which was managed by Roger Bengtson. He worked for a short time

Bio Photo

The Arden Noecker family Back: Erynn, Tiffany and Tammy. Seated: Adrienne, Arden and Dierdre.

at Swedish Hospital in Minneapolis and then was employed at Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Arden married Tamora Sue Harshman 15 Jun 1968. They have 4 daughters: Tiffany Shaune, Adrienne Jamey, Erynn Louise and Dierdre Unsay. The family lives in Arlington, TX where Arden is employed at Door Control Services, Inc. as Sales Engineer. Tammy is an employee at Southwest Career Development Center.

Noecker, Arthur and Ingeborg (Larson)

(Myrtle Noecker)

Bio Photo

Arthur and Ingeborg Noecker on their Golden Anniversary June 29, 1979.

Arthur George Noecker was born 30 Sep 1903, the son of Leo and Christine (Clauson) Noecker. He attended elementary school in Decorah. Art’s first job was for Reed and Lennon Chevrolet in Decorah where he did auto body and mechanical work for a number of years.

On 29 Jun 1929 Art married Ingeborg Larson of Canoe Twp. “Inga”, as she was known, was a waitress at the Winneshiek Hotel at the time. Art and Inga made their


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