medical clinic in Iowa City. Ted is a radio announcer in Iowa City and is a realtor. They have one child Emily. They live in Coralville, IA. Sharon Elaine married Greg Ely Mitchell 15 Oct 1983. She works at Fareway Grocery Store in Decorah where they live. Greg works at Camcar-Textron in Decorah. They have 2 children: Teresa Lynn and Allison Ann.

Sara Jane “Sally" married Don Breitspecher. She worked for the Decorah Greenhouse for several years and the Cresco Greenhouse. Presently she works at the M&M Lounge in Cresco. They have 4 children: Cindy, Janet, Susan and Vicki. Cindy married Jerry Miller. Cindy is a clerical worker for the Methodist Hospital in Rochester, MN. They have 2 children: Jerry Wayne Miller, Jr. and Steven Joel Miller. Janet married Richard John Smith. Janet works at Donaldson’s Factory in Cresco. They have 3 children: Jessica Reane, Jason and Christopher Scott. Susan Kay “Sue”  married Bradley Kratz. He works for a TV Cable Company with the home base in Prairie du Chien, Wl. Susan is a homemaker. They have 3 children: Angela Sue,  Alexander Scott and Brett. They live in Waukon. Vicki Ann is a preschool teacher in a private school in Rochester.

George Perry Jr. "Sonny"  married Sharon Woodson Fossum. He continues to farm the family farm located one mile west of the intersection of the old Union Prairie Lutheran Church and Highway 9.

(See: Vick, Knute; Bertha Haukedal)

Ness, Hans Erickson and Guri ‘Julia” (Valle)

(Norman W. Hjelmeland)

Bio Photo

Hans Erickson Ness family

Hans Erickson Ness, son of Jens and Ingeborg (Hanson) Erickson Ness, was born 18 Aug 1856 near Washington Prairie in Winneshiek Co. (See Jens Erickson Ness). He married Guri Julia” Valle 9 Feb 1877 in Decorah. Julia was born 2 Mar 1856 at St. Olaf, IA to Ole Halverson and Marit Olsdtr (Langerue) Valle, both natives of Norway. Ole was one of the first Norwegians who visited

Winneshiek Co. and later settled here (see Ole Halverson Valle).

Hans and Julia made their home on the old Ole Valle farmstead in Pleasant Twp., Winneshiek Co. In 1907 they moved to Pierre, SD to take up homestead land. They later sold their homestead and returned to their home in Pleasant Twp. They retired in 1917 and moved to Decorah where Hans died 25 Feb 1919 at age 62. Julia continued to live in Decorah until her death 23 Nov 1932 at age 76. They were members of Decorah Lutheran Church and attended services at Springwater Lutheran Church where they were buried.

Hans and Julie had 13 children, 9 of whom survived infancy: Marie, Clara, Oscar, Ellen, Willie, Harry, Stanton, Lillie and Norman Erickson.

Isable Marie Erickson (b. 1879) married Narve C. Narveson 9 Mar 1898 at Springwater. They farmed in Canoe Twp. and had 4 children: Clifford, Judith, Nettie and Carolla. Clara Henriette Erickson (b. 1880) married Olias Nesheim 18 Dec 1901 and lived in Virgil, SD and in Texas. They had 3 children: Oliver, Hildor and Florence. Oscar Julius Erickson fb. 1882) married Marie Louise Sorenson 14 Oct 1908. They lived in Canoe Twp. and had 8 children: Chester, Harold, Edith, Wallace, Leona, Vivian, Arthur and Merlan. (See Oscar Julius Erickson). Ellen Ovedia Erickson (b. 1884) married Theodore C. Narveson 20 Mar 1907. They lived in Canoe Twp. and had 4 children: Gladys, Harold, Eunice and Joyce. Clarence Willie Erickson (b. 1887) married Augusta Julianna Barth 27 Nov 1907. They lived in Decorah where he died 28 Nov 1908 at age 21. There were no children born to this union. George Harry Erickson fb. 1889) married Clara Ovidia Ellis 20 Mar 1912 and farmed in Pleasant Twp. They had 2 children: Grace and Hubert. Stanton Joseph Erickson (b. 1891) married Julia Amanda Haugen 12 May 1915 and lived on the old Hans Erickson Ness farmstead in Pleasant Twp. They had 3 children: Kathleen, Stanton and Shirley. Lillie Tonette Erickson fb. 1893) married Glen Arthur Pierce 15 Dec 1926 and lived in Decorah, where she died 15 Sep 1929 at age 36. They had one daughter Glorianne. Norman Gerhard Erickson (b. 1902) married Stella Henrietta Brown 3 Mar 1937 and lived on their farm in Springfield Twp., Winneshiek Co. They had 2 daughters: Ruth and Arlene.

Ness, Jens Erickson and Ingeborg Hansdtr (Kapelsrud)

(Norman V\/. Hjelmeland)

Jens Erickson Ness, son of Erick Jensen and Anne Hansdtr, was born 8 Apr 1820 at Odalsverk in Norway. He married Ingeborg Hansdtr Kapelsrud 2 Dec 1842 at Nittedal, Norway. Ingeborg was born 4 Jan 1822 at Hakedalen, Norway, to Hans Gulbrandsen Kapelsrud and Mari Olsdtr. Jens and Ingeborg began their early married life at Hakedalen. Their 4 oldest children, Edward, Anna Maria, Gustava and Mathea, were born in Norway. Jens and Ingeborg and family of 4 immigrated to Winneshiek Co. in 1854, settling in a dugout at Washington Prairie. They soon moved to a one-room log cabin located on


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