was a homemaker and he was a professional football player, playing for the Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings. They became parents of Alan, Lori and Jimmy. Barbara passed away in 1976.

Although the family is now spread geographically from Oregon to Florida they remain close and enjoy their time together.

Ness, Carl K. and Anne Mathilde (Ask)

(Mabel Hotvedt)

Bio Photo

Carl and Mathilda Ness

Carl K. Ness was born 29 Apr 1866 in Sigdal, Norway to Kittel and Sigre (Desserud) Ness. He came to America in 1888 and settled in Fairchild. Wl with his uncle Knut Desserud Kleven. In 1895 he came to Winneshiek Co. to his uncle Hans Desserud Knutson. Hans was a stone mason and worked with Martin Christensen, a carpenter. Carl learned his carpenter skills from Martin. Through Martin he met Anne Mathilde Ask whom he married 3 Mar 1898. Anne was born 8 Aug 1875 to Andreas and Karine (Larson) Ask.

Carl bought a woodland farm near Anne's folks. He grubbed out the trees for a building site and built the house and all the farm buildings. He used his carpenter skills to build many houses and farm buildings in the area. Some houses we remember were for Ole Stengrimson, Ole Stimonson, Martin Haga, Amund Blekeberg and Henry Hovden. He taught building skills to Carl Haga and others.

Carl and Anne had 7 children: Albert (23 Sep 1898-21 Dec 1989); Melvin (31 Jan 1906-20 Mar 1970). He served in World War II from 1942 until the war ended. He farmed on the home place. Clara (30 Nov 1899-6 Feb 1964) married Elmer Thompson a Madison Twp. farmer. They had 2 children: Kathleen and Earl. Helaa (5 Jan 1901-27 Feb 1922). Mabel (b. 21 Jan 1904) married Adolph Hotvedt, a Glenwood Twp. farmer. They had one son Maynard who farmed and was also employed by Bruening Rock Products. Agnes (6 Jan 1906-31 Dec 1973). She married Clarence Engen, a Madison Twp. farmer. They had 2 sons: Clayton and Allan, who died at age 31 in a tractor accident. Henry (b. 8 Mar 1914) married Alice Skogen. They moved to a farm near Hallock, MN and had 4 children: Avon, Merice, Carl and Terry.

Carl K. Ness died 2 Sep 1946 and Anne Mathilde died 21 Jan 1953. The homestead was sold in 1970 to Robert Lubke.

Ness, George, Sr. and Luella (Vick)

(Charlotte Wilkins Lee)

Luella Elizabeth Vick (14 Oct 1903-17 Apr 1985) married George Perry Ness, Sr.(13 Oct 1897-10 Dec 1993). George had attended school in the First Lutheran Church basement and in Stoughton, Wl. He worked for farmers in the Glenwood and Canoe Ridge areas. After he married they rented a farm on the Decorah-Ridgeway road and later bought their own farm in Calmar Twp. George played the mouth organ. Often he with Clifford Foss and Lawrence Ruen would play their mouth organs for neighborhood parties. Sometimes Clifford’s brother Max would accompany them on the guitar. In 1978 George and Luella retired in Decorah. They had 3 children; Clara, Sara and George, Jr. Luella and George are buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Decorah. They were members of First Lutheran Church.

Bio Photo

George and Luella (Vick) Ness, Sr.

Clara Lucile (b. 2 Jun 1930 in Decorah, IA) graduated from Decorah High School. At that time there were no school buses. In order for any country student to attend high school the student either had to drive back and forth each day, or as many did, rent a room in town for the school year. Often these students were allowed to cook in that room. Clara stayed with her cousins, Violet and Clarence Wilkins. Clara married Harold Alvin Vine (b. 31 Mar 1926 in Decorah) 22 Oct 1949. Their farm was located in Frankville Twp. Clara is a cook at the Northgate Care Center in Waukon where they now live. They have 3 children: Carolyn, Diane and Sharon. Carolyn Ann (b. 24 Jan 1952 in Decorah) married Paul Rover (b. 7 Mar 1952) on 27 Jul 1974. Carolyn works at the Fareway Grocery Store in Hampton, IA. Paul farms and works at the factory in Osage. They have one child, Andrea, (b. 23 Mar 1977). She is a student at the Hamilton Business College in Mason City, IA. The family lives in Greene, IA. Diane Kay (b. 30 Oct 1957) married Theodore “Ted” Jacobsen (b. 14 May 1955) 12 Jul 1986. Diane is a receptionist at a


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