on his small son only to help the salesman out. Ironically, the settlement from it after Harold’s death served to make the next farm payment which otherwise may not have been made since it was in the midst of the great Depression and money was very scarce.

Ellen suffered with eczema, a skin disorder, on her leg for many years. Her doctor treated it with x-rays and burned her so badly that the wound would not heal. After several attempts at skin grafting, her leg had to be amputated about her knee. This was an extremely painful ordeal and even though she was fitted with a prosthesis she spent the remainder of her life either in a wheelchair or on crutches. She was able to adapt with the aid of her beloved husband and daughters, thus enabling her to carry on with her housework for many years.

Although no stranger to pain and suffering, the Narveson home was a happy one, filled with love and laughter and often with music. Theodore loved to play the violin and Ellen accompanied on the piano or guitar. When relatives got together, they brought their instruments. Both of Theodore’s brothers played violins and others would fill in on accordion, guitar, banjo or piano. Their home was open to all and everyone felt welcome.

Theodore and Ellen were devout in their Christian faith and were honest and loyal citizens. Theodore possessed a mischievous nature and a disarming grin. Although he seemed rather serious, he could pull a joke on someone, catching them totally off-guard — a slight grin was their only clue that they had been “had.”

Theodore passed away on 1 Dec 1973 at the age of 93 in their home in Decorah. Ellen followed four years later also at the age of 93 and also in Dec on the 17th. She had been living in the Aase Haugen Home for several months prior to her death. Both were buried in the Springwater Cemetery next to their son and daughter.

. (Based on factual information from genealogies by Norman Hjelmeland and Marilyn Myli.)

Nelson, Albin and Julia (Skogstad Anderson)

(Dorothy W Anderson)

Albin L. Nelson was born 11 Nov 9 1883 at Lake Lillian, MN. He died 18 Apr 1935. His parents were Dr. Andreas Nielson (b. 18 Dec 1848 d. 13 Mar 1923 in Guldalen, Norway) and Sena Bomsta who was born in Tromso, Norway and died in 1916. Sena and Dr. Nielson were married in 1875. They had nine children: Joseph, Victor, Palmer, Guy, Roy, Albin, Edna Vories, Effie, and June. Albin's grandfather was Rev. J.A.J. Bomsta, a minister in Norway who came to America in 1864 from Balsfor, Tromso, Norway. He was one of the first settlers in Lake Lillian, MN.

Albin's occupation was a blacksmith. He enjoyed carving, playing the organ, books and fishing. The Nelsons were a bilingual family. Julia was a dressmaker before her marriage on 6 Aug 1907. Julia (Skogstad) Anderson married Albin in St. Paul, MN. She was the daughter of Trond (Skogstad) Anderson (1843-1917) and Guri Oleson Rudi (1856-1919). Guri was born in Vestre Slidre (Voss), Valdres, Norway and came to New York in 1873. Trond emigrated from Skogstad, Norway to Springfield Twp., Winneshiek Co. where he farmed. He and Guri are buried in the Washington Prairie Cemetery. (See Trond and Guri (Skogstad) Anderson story.)

Albin and Julia had ten children: Alton Julian (5 Jul 1908-1977), Guy Theolin (14 Dec 1911-1980), Edna Jeanette Berge (b. 19 Mar 1916), Truman Alexander (13 Sep 1918-1984), Effie Harriett Austad (b. 15 Sep 1920), Irene Adeline Losey (31 Jul 1922-1972), twins Verna Vivian Yerkes and Vernon Victor (d. 1994), Joseph Norman (12 Mar 1927-1984) and Richard Donald. Their sons were aviation enthusiasts.

Bio Photo

Left to right: Norman Berge, Edna Nelson Berge and Darrell Berge. Front row: Marilyn McDowell, Janelle Spain and Eileen Hanson.

Albin and Julia are buried in the Decorah Lutheran Cemetery where their son, Joseph Norman is also buried. Joseph married Frances L. Barth on 6 Nov 1949 at St. John’s Lutheran Church at Locust. They moved to Waterloo and had one daughter, Lori.

Alton, Guy and Thea are buried in the Washington Prairie Cemetery. Alton’s first wife was Adeline Fagerlie and his second was Kathryn Roverud. Guy married Thea Torresdal of Springfield Twp. and farmed there. Edna married Norman Berge who owned Berge Construction Co. Truman married Verona Epping, farmed in Spring-field Twp. and later moved to Alhambra, CA. Effie married Kenneth Austad and moved to Fairbault, MN. Irene's first marriage was to Harry Miller who is buried in the Decorah Lutheran Cemetery. She moved to California and married Arnold Losey. Verna moved to Seattle and married “Bud" Yerkes. Vernon married Ann Heatherton. After leaving Decorah they lived in Stewartville, Hayfield and Rochester, MN. Vernon was in a rest home for about ten years before he died in 1994 and was buried in Stewartville, MN. Richard married Joy in Cresco, IA. After World War II they lived in Decorah, then moved to Waterloo, IA.

(Alton and Truman’s deaths were caused by heart attacks; Guy, Irene and Joseph Norman died from cancer. This information was submitted by Edna Berge.)


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