area. At present there are over 700 relatives throughout the United States and Canada. No doubt some relatives live in Czechoslovakia, but no one has tried to locate them.

Lukes, Martin and Anna (Koudelka)

(JoAnn C. Dostal)

Bio Photo

Front row: Martin Lukesh, Anna Koudelka Lukesh and children. James, Ignatz, Jerry J., Frank, Fred, Rose Lukes Chyle and Mary Lukes Svestka, not necessarily in order.

Martin Lukes was born in Bohemia. He married Anna Koudelka, daughter of Jan I. and Anna Kolar Koudelka of Rakov, Bohemia. Anna was born 29 Oct 1822 in Rakov. Martin, Anna and their 2 children Frank and James emigrated to the United States. 9 Apr 1855 Martin purchased land from the U.S. Government in Sumner Twp., Winneshiek Co. Martin and Anna were the parents of 7 children. Frank (1843)and James (14 Sep 1845) were born in Bohemia. Frank married Barbara Zahasky 8 Feb 1870. James married Anna Bakula on 8 Nov 1875. All the rest of the children were born on the farm in Sumner Twp. Fred (1856) married Elizabeth Cizar 9 Oct 1883, Joseph J.(3 Feb 1857) married Anna Tupy 3 Feb 1880, Rose (1863) married John Chyle 19 Feb 1884, Mary (24 Nov 1865) married Frank Svestka, Ignatz (1866) married Anna Svestka. The family farm was passed on to son Frank.

Lundtvedt, Gunder and Anna (Tykesdtr.) and Descendants

(Maryls Schulte)

Gunnar Lundveit (also known as Gunder Lundtvedt) was born in 1800 in Telemark, Norway. Gunder married Anne Tykesdtr. (b. 1806). They had 2 children: Tyke (1825-1886) and Aslak (1838-1914).

Tyke Lundtvedt married Maria Ova (1836-1855). Tyke and Maria had a son, Gunnar Martin (1855-1936).

Gunnar M. Lundtvedt’s first wife was Gunhild J. Enggrav (1857-1886). Gunnar and Gunhild had 4 children: 1) Tyke G. (1878-1958), 2) Tone Maria (1879-1880),

3) Tone Maria (b. 1881) and 4) Karine (1884-1980). After Gunhild died, Gunnar married Karine Lundtvedt (1862-1947), daughter of Aslak Lundtvedt. Gunnar and Karine had 8 sons: 5) Aslak G. (1888-1949), 6) Gunder G. (1890-1973), 7) Jorgen G. (1892-1963), 8) Asborg G. (1894-1895), 9) AndrewG. (1896-1942), 10) Martin G. (b. 1895), 11) Asborg G. (b. 1903) and 12) Karl G. (1905-1990).

1) Tyka G. Lundtvedt married Gunhild Svenseid (1888-1958). Tyka and Gunhild came to America and lived in North Dakota. They did not have any children.

3)    Tone Maria Lundtvedt married Lauritsen fra Ulefoss and lived in Chicago. They had 4 children: George, John, Myrtle and Gertrude.

4)    Karine Lundtvedt married Haldor Skaar (1885-1974) and lived in McCanna, ND. They had 2 children: Inga (1917-1995) and Gilman (1914-1978).

5)    Gunder G. Lundtvedt came to America at the age of 21. He settled in "Skaim Hallow” in Glenwood Twp. Gunder married Olga Skaim (b. 1900). They had 8 children: a) Agnes (b. 1921), b) Gilman, c) Marlys, d) Oscar, e) Kenneth, f) Ernest g) Aria Mae and h) Arnold.

a)    Agnes Lundtvedt married Norman Koester (b. 1918). They have 2 children: Ronald and Janice . Ronald married Sandra Winger and has 2 sons, Jay  and Cory. Janice married Roger Leith . They also have 2 sons, David and Derek.

b)    Gilman Lundtvedt married Gladys Tweten. They have 2 sons: Roger and Donald. Roger married Mary Lowery; they have 2 children: Steven and Nancy. Donald married DiAnn Wanless; they have 3 children: Dawn, Daniel and Dwayne.

c)    Marlys Lundtvedt married Odell Tweten (1921-1984). They had 9 children: Larry (1948-1976), Beverly, Wayne, Shirleen Marie (stillborn 1955), Denis, Darlene, David, Randy and Lynette (1965-1971). Larry married Sharon Christopher; they have 2 sons, Scott and Brent Beverly married Gary Stortz; they have 5 children: Michael, Michelle, Matthew, Mitchell and Melissa. Wayne married Arietta Emery; they also have 5 children: Toni, Stacey, Wendy, John and James. Denis married Jolene Fisher; they have 3 children: Jason, Shawn and Heather. Darlene married Charles Dahl; they have 4 children: Amy Jo, Angie, Andrea and Aron. David is married to Jean and Randy is married to Marie. After Odell died, Marlys married Cletus Schulte (1926-1991) in 1990. They were only married for a year and 3 months when Cletus died.

d)    Oscar Lundtvedt never married.

e)    Kenneth Lundtvedt married Marlene Stamer. They have 3 daughters: Donna, Shirley and Joyce.

f)    Ernest Lundtvedt married Lillian Olson. They have 4 daughters: Linda, Laurie, Lisa and Lois.

g)    Aria Mae Lundtvedt married Lester Hjelmeland. They had 8 children: Denice, Diane, Deborah, Darrell, Neil, Chris, Brian and Bradley. Denice married Tim Stark. Diane mar


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