Ole (1780), Halvor (1782), Lars (1785), Ole (1787), Knud (1789), Berit (1792), Sigri (1795), and Alv (1798).

Ole Aifsen Lommen’s oldest son took over the family farm and married Marit Evensdtr. 14 Jul 1818. He was 38 and she was 25 years old. Her parents were Even Nilsen Simmelenge and Ragnild Knudsdatter. There were at least 6 children: Ole, Anders (1825), Aagaat ‘Agnes” (1828), Sigrid (1831), Marit (1836), and Korstad.

Anders 0. Lommen was born 10 Jun 1825 on the Lommen farm in Norway. He decided times were tough on the farm so he shoved off for America. He married before he left at the age of 23. He and his wife tarried in Koshkong, Wl for two years before coming to Decorah. His wife's name was Sigrid Ingebret Hagen.

Decorah county history reports that they arrived here with the first body of Norwegian settlers in Jun 1850 and of this party were Anders and Sigrid Lommen. He was really proud of the fact that a written record was made in 1876 that says he came on the 12th day of Jun 1850 and was at that time a resident of Springfield Twp. still living on the land he pre-empted as soon as he could acquire title. This was on the NW1/4, Sec.2, Springfield Twp.

It was there the first white child, his oldest son Ole A. Lommen, was born (1850). Anders and Sigrid had 10 children born to them: Ole (4 Aug 1850 drowned in Oregon’s Nehalen River Aug 1916); Mary Ann (26 Feb 1853-Redstone, MT); Edwin Elias (9 Feb 1856-Jul 1919 in Crookston, MN) (my great grandfather); Sigrid Elizabeth (17 Jan 1859-10 Mar 1944 in Crookston); Martha Elmira (5 Jul 1861, Salt Lake City-was murdered Apr 1895 by Rev. Francis Herrman of Salt Lake City); Ingabor Christine (24 Nov 1863-26 Apr 1887 in Decorah); Anders Silas (19 Apr 1866-9 Aug 1866 in Decorah); Minnie Matilda (30 May 1867-9 Aug 1869 in Decorah); Andrew Alfred (30 Nov 1869-Burlington, WA); Minnie Matilda (25 Apr 1873-11 Sep 1934 in Pasadena, CA). Anders first wife died and he married again to Sigrid J. Berge (10 Sep 1891). She was born in Valdres, Norway 20 Jan 1836.

Mr. Lommen was a man of the strictest integrity, a church member all his life, and a communicant of the Methodist church of Springfield Twp., so long as he lived in the vicinity, and of the Decorah Methodist Church after moving into the city. He took daily walks and his conversation was one of strict purity, and he honored the faith he professed.

During his lifetime he held numerous township offices and during the few years in which the Board of Supervisors consisted of one representative from each township, he was the one chosen for Springfield Twp. In 1869 he was elected a member of the House for the Thirteenth General Assembly for two terms.

He had a long and useful, honorable life. To this fact all who knew him will bear cheerful testimony. He has reached his grave, as was said to Job of old, ‘‘Like a shock of corn cometh in its season.”

Lotvedt, Christian and Aaste (Kaasa)

(Norma J. Anderson Wangsness)

Aaste Kaasa was born in Heddal, Norway 14 Apr 1840 and immigrated with her parents to America at the age of 21 years. She died 22 Sep 1922 at the age of 82 years. Christian O. Lotvedt (Laatvedt) was born in 1840 in Hjelmeland, Norway and came to America in 1862. He died 20 Aug 1888 from a stroke at the age of 48 years.

Aaste and Christian were married 21 May or 6 Jun 1864. They were the parents of these children: Serina Elisabeth (22 Jan 1865) (Serine Elisabet), Ole (22 Sep 1866), Agathe (30 Oct 1870) (Agatte), Karine (3 Dec 1872-24 Dec 1872), Karoline (7 Dec 1873), Tilla Nalia (19 Mar 1876), Anne Kristine (25 Sep 1879), Syvert Kornelius (6 July 1883) (Severt Kornil), Kristine Amalia (4 Aug 1888) (Kristina Amalia). (Corrected spellings as recorded in Aaste’s own handwriting from her prayer book.)

Ole, the older son, farmed with Aaste on the home farm until he was married. Then Severt took over the original farm of 80 acres. Twenty acres were added on the west side, then thirty acres across the road on the east side. In 1942 Severt and Johanna retired and moved to Ossian, IA. Leo and Thelma Moen, Lavonne and Duane rented the farm and moved in there in Dec 1942 til Dec 1944. Albert and Esther Ouass and son Dale and Wayne moved there in 1944. Dale and Phylis and their sons Kevin, Gary, and Kyle were still farming there in 1995.

According to Aaste Kaasa Lotvedt’s obituary, she died at the home of her son, Severt, south of Ossian. For more than two years she had been ailing with a cancer and for three months confined to her bed.

Aaste and Christian were residents of Winneshiek Co. since their arrival here from Norway in 1861 and always lived in the neighborhood in which they died. None ever entered their home without a warm welcome nor left it without feeling the warmth of a genuine hospitality. Aaste was a good mother and a kind neighbor and her solicitude for her friends and loved ones did not diminish with old age. She was a member of the Norwegian Lutheran church and loved to attend its services when health permitted.

Christina Amelia, the 10th child of Christian and Aaste, married Otto T Anderson 16 Jul 1909. Otto (3 May 1881-5 May 1965) and Christina (4 Aug 1888-27 Aug 1978) had four children: Virgil Eugene (2 Nov 1910-25 Apr 1995), Ralph Dennis (13 Dec 1916), a stillborn boy (1927), and Norma Jo Ann.

On 21 Oct 1934 Virgil married Martha Louise Kernan (18 Aug 1916). They had two children: Robert Dean and Eugene K.  Ralph and Dorothy Mae Bradbury (8 Sep 1919) were married 8 Sep 1941. They had three children: Richard Dennis, Carolyn Joy, and Judi Rae. Norma Jo Ann married Willis R. Wangsness 22 Sep 1946. They had two children: Linda Christine and LeAnn.


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