of the land between Spillville and Ft. Atkinson. As of this writing in 1995, this line of Leuenbergers only owns one farm in Winneshiek Co. It is owned by Clinton Leuenberger.

Ulrich died 19 Mar 1895. Mary died in 1891.

Leuenberger, Henry and Minnie (Lawrence)

(Janet Hanson)

Henry Leuenberger was born 16 Jun 1865. He was the second son of Ulrich and Mary (Ess) Leuenberger. Henry married Minnie Lawrence, daughter of Ozias and Isabell (Finnemore) Lawrence of Spillville. Minnie Lawrence was a direct descendant of John Billington. This John Billington was a passenger on the Mayflower. This makes every descendant of Henry and Minnie (Lawrence) Leuenberger a direct descendant of John Billington, a


Henry and Minnie had 3 children. They were: Paul (b.

4 Jun 1891), Monroe (b. 20 Jun 1897) and Heinie (b. 27 Mar 1904). All three sons became farmers. Paul moved to Grandy, MN and married Olive Hadlock. Paul and Olive had 2 children: Paul, Jr. (Sonny) and Thelma. Monroe stayed in Winneshiek Co. and married Amelia Frey. Monroe and Amelia had 4 children: Carl, Clinton, Marjorie and Arlene. Heinie also stayed in Winneshiek Co. and married Vivian Hunter. Heinie and Vivian had 3 children: Lou Ann, Duane and Dale. All three sons farmed their entire lives until they retired.

Leuenberger, Monroe and Amelia (Frey)

(Janet Hanson)

Monroe Leuenberger was born 20 Jun 1897. He was the second son of Henry and Minnie (Lawrence) Leuenberger. On the 22 Aug 1918 he married Amelia Frey. Amelia was the daughter of Charles and Bertha (Heuser) Frey of Spillville.Monroe and Amelia had 4 children. They were: Carl, Clinton, Marjorie and Arlene.

Carl was born 20 Feb 1920. He married Gretchen Williams of Decorah. They had 3 children: Sheri, Linda and David. Clinton married Mary Silhacek of Spillville. They had 4 children: Sharon, James, Anita and Jo Ann. Sharon is their only child still living in Winneshiek Co. Marjorie married Anselm Shindelar of Calmar. They had 11 children: William, Janet, Charlotte, Thomas, Diane, Aleta, Marcia, Monroe, Robert, Virginia and Richard. One child, Janet, still lives in Winneshiek Co. She lives in Calmar with her husband, Jerry Brincks. Marjorie's husband, Anselm Shindelar, died 14 Oct 1972. She is now married to Dean Walker. They live in Roseville, Floyd Co., I A. Arlene  married Joseph Shindelar of Calmar. They had 4 children: Daniel, Ronald, Paul and Joleen. Joseph and Arlene now live in LeClaire, IA.

Monroe and Amelia (Frey) Leuenberger farmed in Winneshiek Co. for many years. Monroe died 10 Aug 1960. Amelia lives with her daughter, Marjorie, in Roseville.

Lien — Ameling

(Dianne Ameling)

This is the family history of the maternal side of my family. Luckily, I have many relatives who have taken much time and effort to record the family records and make writing this story much easier.

My great-great grandfather, Gulick Lien, came to America from Norway and homesteaded a farm in Spring-field Twp., Winneshiek Co., IA. Gulick had a son, Christopher (b. 1864), who married Anne Christine Gullickson (b.1868). They had a son, Elmer Herman Lien (b.1895), who married Grace Borness (b.1907) in 1931. Grace was the daughter of Engvold and Cecelia Borness. The Borness connection takes us to the other side of the story.

Martin and Olina Bernes (later changed to Borness) of Norway bid their son, Engvold, (b.1881) farewell in 1902.

He was off to America. Following an 11 day delay in England, he arrived by boat in New York. He had heard that someone needed a hired man in a place called Ossian,

IA and that was where he was bound. He began working for some farmers after his arrival and sent for his wife-to-be, Cecelia Thorbjornson, (b. 1881) in Norway. She came to America in Oct 1906 and they married in November of that year, living in Springfield Twp. Their daughter, Grace, married Elmer Lien and they farmed the original Lien homestead and later retired to Ossian, IA. Elmer and Grace had 6 children. Their oldest daughter, Viola Lien, married Conley Linderbaum  in 1953. Conley was the son Carl and Olga Linderbaum. Conley and Viola farmed in Military Twp. and had 2 children. Their son, Dennis, married Eileen Imoehl in 1975 and they farm in Military Twp. They have 2 children: Grant and Sara.

Conley and Viola also had a daughter, Dianne, who married David Ameling 20 Oct 1979. David is the son of Felix and Colette (Langreck) Ameling (m.1949). David grew up in the Festina area, Washington Twp., as the Ameling's moved there in 1961. The Ameling and Langreck families came to America from Germany and settled in Fayette Co. near St. Lucas, IA in the late 1800’s. Dave and Dianne were married at Our Lady of Seven Dolors Church in Festina. Dianne attended community college for one year and David graduated from Northland College, Ashland, Wl before their marriage. They lived in Decorah from 1979 until 1981 and then moved to Ossian. They have 2 children: Danielle Marie and Jonathan David. The family enjoys camping and traveling as well as reading. Dianne’s hobbies are crafts, antiquing, and shopping. Dave enjoys his beloved softball, science fiction novels, movies, and comics. At the time of this writing, Dianne is an employee at a bank and Dave works as a truck dispatcher.


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