grandmother’s ancestors who arrived in Iowa about 1885. Their occupations included farming and teaching. My maternal grandmother was Clara (Josvanger) Aspenson. Her father, Hans (Oscar) Josvanger, came to this country as a young man. He was said to have a beautiful singing voice. His marriage to Isabel (Gustine) Bakken brought them 9 children. (Story related elsewhere.)

Lennon, Huber and Corolla (Aspenson)

(Ellen Lennon Holland)

Bio Photo

Huber and Corolla Lennon

My parents, Huber Lennon and Corolla Aspenson, were married in Decorah 19 Mar 1937. My dad attended the local schools and has always lived in Winneshiek Co. My folks were farmers in the county until their retirement a few years ago. They were recognized recently by the Isaac Walton award for their tree farm. They are parents of 3 daughters: Carol, Judith and Ellen.

Carol Ann was married to Howard Nathan Ness 1 Sep 1963 at Decorah Lutheran Church. Howard served in the Army Reserve from 1961-1967. Three children were born at the Smith Memorial Hospital and baptized at Decorah Lutheran Church: Christopher Arthur, Paul Nathan, and Laurie Sue. Paul and Heidi Ann Tietz were married in Decorah Lutheran Church 19 Sep 1987. Paul served in the U.S. Army from 1990-1992. Paul and Heidi became the parents of Adam Nathan. Howard, Chris, Paul, Heidi and Laurie have all graduated from Luther College.

Judith Kathleen was born in Winneshiek Co. and baptized at Decorah Lutheran Church. She graduated from Luther College in 1964 and was married 2 Aug 1969 to Richard Jerome Knutson (born in Holmen, WI area). Dick and Judy are parents of Kyle Jerome married to Christine Luft  2 Sep 1995, Kari Kathleen and Ryan David .

Ellen Louise was born in Winneshiek Co. and baptized at Decorah Lutheran Church. She graduated from Luther College in 1970 and was married 11 Jun 1972 to Richard Lee Hoiland (from near Minot, ND). They became parents of Aaron Richard, born on his great-grandma Clara’s 75th birthday and baptized at Decorah Lutheran Church 14 Oct 1973. Rich served in the U.S. Army from Aug 1968-Apr 1970. He was stationed in Panama in the infantry for 18 months and discharged with the rank of Sgt E-6.

In the words of my paternal grandfather, Arthur Lennon, “I cherish these many memories of my ancestors as a pioneer stock, and because of it I can say that I am entitled to my rights as an American citizen for the hardships which they bore in leaving a home across the sea and that long journey to a land of opportunity. By their misfortune, I have profited much. For instance, I can be thankful that they chose Iowa, this lovely state, as their home and hope that I may be cautious but reasonable and not have to suffer that humiliation and closeness to poverty.”

My parents, Huber and Corolla, have instilled so many of these same values passed down through the generations. To be honest and faithful to our Lord, to be true to your family, to choose carefully who you dated, and to do the best you can in your school work...they have always let their grandchildren know their love and support, in thought and prayer.

(See Aspenson stories)

Lensing, Johann and Mary (Mollman)

(Stephen Lensing)

Johan Lensing was born 26 Feb 1813 and died 5 Apr 1882. His wife Mary (Mollman) Lensing was born in 1817 and died 5 Apr 1887. It is unknown when they came to this country, probably in the 1840’s from Dingden, Germany or Prussia as it was called then.

They first settled in Wisconsin. In 1854 they purchased land one mile north-west of Festina. Their children were: Heinrich, Bernard, Maria, Francisca, Helena, Aloysius.

Heinrich was born in Wisconsin but no more is known of him.

Bernard never married and was also born in Wisconsin.

Maria or Mary was born in Wisconsin, married Tony Heitkemper and settled in Oregon. Their children were: Julie, Tony, Tracy, Will, Clara (Honeyman) and Agnes (Sommis).

Francisca or Frances was born in Iowa, married Theodore Sudtelgte. They had seven children: Mary Ann (Marie) married Joseph W. Becker, Bernard married Margaret Ehlinghus, Frances married John Mousel, Ann joined the convent (Sister Petronilla), John married Mary Ahlers, Ida joined the convent (Sister Justin), Olivia married Lawrence Ahlers.

Helena, born in Iowa, no history known.


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