He was an excellent pitcher. After graduation he was the pitcher for the Decorah Cubs, a town team. In the summer of 1953 Keith was voted “Mr. Winneshiek” for a county celebration held in Decorah. In Aug 1954 he married Gertrude Kugel of Postville. Before marriage Gertrude was the office secretary of St. Paul's Lutheran church in Postville. After marriage she used her bookkeeping skills to keep the books for all the different business ventures she and Keith were in. They crop farmed and raised cattle. In 1950 Keith started a purebred hog herd. He started out with Spots and later added Yorkshires and commercial Durocs. He sold breeding stock all over the state. Highlights of this business were: Keith had the first boar to gain over three pounds a day in a national test. He also had the highest indexing boar in a national test. The record held for five years. Keith and Gertrude also sold AKC Airedale puppies. They shipped them all over the United States, even Alaska. Keith and Gertrude also bred and raised Standardbred and Thoroughbred race horses. They sold them at Chicago sales and raced them in Illinois, Kentucky and Florida.

In 1981 Keith and Gertrude sold their farm and started a business they run out of their home. Keith travels around the area selling all kinds of maintenance products.

Lee, Knudt and Hilda (Vick)

(Kevin L. Lee)

Knudt K. Lee was born 20 Sep 1886 in Laerdahl, Norway. He died 15 Feb 1973. On 14 Jun 1911 Knudt married Hilda Josephine Vick (1886-1946) at the Pontoppidan Lutheran Church near Nesset in Glenwood Twp. Knudt and Hilda had a son, Norman Kenneth (b. 23 Jul 1912) and a daughter, Eileen Vivian (b. 22 Apr 1916).In 1950 Norman married Marjorie Vail Christenat the Washington Prairie Lutheran Church. They had 2 children: Laura Jean  and Kevin Lynn.

Bio Photo

Grandpa and grandchildren, September 20, 1953.

In 1940 Eileen married Spencer Robert Tyler (5 Mar 1914-30 Mar 1989). They had 3 children: Linda Kaye, Gary Lee (1950-1950) and Steven Robert.

The following are Kevin L. Lee’s memories of his grandfather Knudt K. Lee. “I remember Grandpa as a man who always wore overalls, a straw hat and 6-buckle overshoes. He worked very hard on the family farm in Frankville Twp,

Bio Photo

Norman K. Lee, left. Knudt K. Lee, right.

Son and father worked the family farm Sec. 32 and 33 Frankville Township, cirra. Feb. 1955.


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