Gullickson Wilson, born 10 Apr 1848. Ingeborg died 8 years later. Gullick married again 4 months later to Aaste Hansdtr. and 3 more children were added to the family. In 1879, at age 61, Gullick and Aaste moved to Yellow Medicine Co., MN.

Ida's father, Ole, married Margaret Hanson about 1875 and homesteaded 160 acres about 20 miles west of Granite Falls, MN. They had 8 children: Hannah lived in Westby, MT; Gilman homesteaded in Canada and died in a horse accident; Clara died of diabetes at age 13; Ida lived in Winneshiek Co.; Cara lived in Hazel Run, MN; Jenette lived in Thief River Falls; Josiphine lived near Kalispell, MT; and Chester in Minneapolis. Ole died 20 May 1892 and Margaret married Ole Isaacson in 1994 and had 3 more daughters: Isabel, Mabel, and Henrietta. They all moved to Thief River Falls, MN in a big March storm in 1901.

Bio Photo

John and Ida (Wilson) Lee family Front: John and Ida Lee. Left to right: 6 daughters, Hazel, Elaine, Eloise, Grace, Ruth, Lilly; 2 sons, Milo and Vernon Lee.

Ida Wilson Lee was married in 1904 to Albert Olson and had one daughter, Lilly Lee Brown. Albert died the next year at about age 25. John Lee and Halvor Halverson and his brother went to Thief River Falls to homestead. There John met Ida Wilson Olson and they were married 16 Jan 1908. They lived there for two years and then moved to a farm south and west of the Washington Prairie Church for a year and then moved to a farm in Frankville Twp. They rented the Hugh Sherry farm and later bought it. In 1922 they built a new house and chicken coop, in 1925 a new barn, and later a machine shed. In 1951 they bought and moved to a house in Decorah.

Lilly married Lloyd Brown, an electrician. She taught in country schools, lived in Decorah, and had 2 daughters, Jean and Margaret.

John and Ida’s first son, Harvey Orlo, died at the age of 4.

Their second son, Milo, became a minister in Canada, Montana, Minnesota, Iowa and possibly Missouri. They have 3 sons: Marvin, Arland, and David, and two daughters, Lorna and Dixie.

Ruth went to Thief River Falls for nurses training after high school, worked as a nurse, and married Stanley Vorachek. They adopted 2 daughters and lived in the state of Washington. After Stanley's death Ruth married Hillding Johanson.

Hazel taught country school, GED classes, and married Elmer Wangsness. Elmer was a cream hauler and farmer in Springfield Twp. They have 2 sons, Wayne and Neil, and a daughter, Kathleen, who are all Winneshiek Co. residents. Wayne married Cheryl Lee from Des Moines, and they have two daughters, Amy and Karin, and two sons, Ryan and Philip. They live on the home farm. Kathleen married Leonard Hartl, and they have a daughter, Julie, and a son, Daniel. She now lives in Calmar. Neil married Carol Schissel and they have one daughter, Tami. Neil lives in Hesper Twp.

Vernon married Marcella Frana in 1946 and they lived on John and Ida’s farm until they moved to Calmar. All of their 4 children live in Winneshiek Co. Larry lives with his mother in Calmar. Bonnie married David Holkesvik and they have two sons, Lee and Lynn, and a daughter, Lisa. Brenda married David Benson and has a son, Shanon, and a daughter, Fawn. They divorced and Brenda married James McCaffrey. They have one son, Conar. Karen married Ronald Dehning, and they have a daughter, Michele, and a son, Lucas. They divorced, and Karen married Luther Anderson. They have a son. Kevin, and a daughter, Alyssa. They live in Calmar.

Grace married Roger Dyrland and lived on a farm in Calmar Twp. Roger died in 1969 and Grace later married Gerald Finnegan. Grace died in 1985.

Eloise married Andrew Bakke and lives on the Bakke farm in Frankville Twp. They have 3 children. Corrine married Larry Snell. They live in Wausau, Wl. Alan lives in Marshfield, Wl. Their daughter, Arleen, married Roger Halvorson, and has a daughter, Erin. She is now married to Jan Krueger and lives in Decorah.

Elaine married Ardell Syverson. They have twins: Carryl. who lives in Minneapolis, and Darryl, who lives in Strawberry Point. Daughter Jackie, who has one son, is married to Bruce Butters and lives in Decorah. Daughter, Judy, also lives in Decorah.

John worked with a carpenter for a while, farmed, and owned a threshing machine. In 1930 he won first prize in a corn crop contest sponsored by the Decorah Public Opinion. Ida raised large flocks of chickens and turkeys and in later years crocheted at least 10 large bedspreads and many afghans.

Besides their 8 children, they raised 8 other children.

Lee, Keith and Gertrude (Kugel)

(Keith Lee)

Keith Hegtvedt Lee was born  in Winneshiek Co. He is the son of Jacob and Anna (Hegtvedt) Lee. His father was born 13 Apr 1892 and his mother was born 20 Jul 1908 in Winneshiek Co. They were married 23 Feb 1927 in Winneshiek Co. Keith’s sisters are Gloria and LaRue.

Keith married Gertrude Kugel


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