finally on a farm which they purchased in 1946 on Highway 9 east of Decorah. In 1965 they sold the farm, retired, and moved to Cresco, IA. Jake and Ann loved to play cards, entertain and socialize with their family, relatives and friends. Grandchildren enjoyed the many Sundays spent on the farm. Ann always loved decorating her home and once took a course in interior decorating. Jake died in Cresco 2 Jul 1971 and Ann died in Decorah 6 Jul 1985. Both are buried at Oaklawn Cemetery, Cresco.

Lee, James & Charlotte (Wilkins)

(Charlotte Wilkins Lee)

Charlotte Jean Wilkins, born a twin of Charlene Jane (Case), (See: Wilkins, Clarence; Violet Vick) worked at F.W. Woolworth while in high school and college. She was active in the Girl Scouts as a member and as a leader. Each day she played the chimes (records) from First Lutheran Church, where she was most active in teaching Sunday School, directing the Jr. Choir and where she played the pipe organ for the church services during the summer of 1959. Charlotte graduated from Luther College. She married James Lee 23 Aug 1959. In 1961, she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease, 2A. Charlotte taught in inner city elementary schools in four different states while her husband, James Lee, a graduate of University of Michigan, BS & MS, in aeronautical engineering, served 27 years in the Air Force. He was honorably discharged as a Colonel. James spent his high school years in Glenwood Twp., where his father, Donald G. Lee, was minister. He played the organ for the church services at Glenwood, and at Canoe Ridge. Jim works for LORAL, as the Business Director for the Special Operations Forces Simulator Programs in Akron, OH. Jim and Charlotte have 4 children, Alan, Jeffrey, Terry, and Vicki.

Bio Photo

James and Charlotte (Wilkins) Lee

Alan James, was diagnosed at age 7 with Legg Perthes Disease and wore a leg brace on that leg for a couple of years. This did not stop him from riding his bicycle, climbing ropes in Cub Scouts, and tumbling in his PE Class at school while wearing that brace. Alan graduated from OSU with BS & MS degrees in mechanical engineering. He married Deborah Hollister. She graduated from OSU receiving both BS & MS degrees in civil engineering. She works for NOAA in Ann Arbor, Ml, as a hydrologist. Alan is the supervisor, algorithm design for the anti-lock brake systems GM at their proving ground in Milford, Ml.

Jeffrey Jon, in Decorah, is an OSU graduate in industrial engineering. He attended Luther Seminary, graduating from Trinity Lutheran Seminary with a Master’s in Divinity. He is a Lutheran minister.

Terry Andrew, is a graduate of Miami U of OH, BA, and the U of Texas, Austin, MA & PHD in Music Theory. He is a college professor and composes music.

Vicki Ruth, is a graduate of U of Toledo in business. She married Scott Campbell,. He works in his grandparents’ family business, H. Gerstner and Sons, Inc. in Dayton, OH. They make wood tool chests that machinists keep their tools in. Vicki is working as a computer graphic artist for CSC, a defense support contractor in Dayton.

Lee, John and Ida (Wilson)

(Hazel Wangsness)

John's grandfather was Einar Halverson Lee (1813-1897). He was born in Norway where he married his first wife, Johanna. They had a son, Halvor. Johanna died in Norway. Einar and son, Halvor, came to America in 1857. Einar married his second wife, Barbara Nesset (1835-1919). They had a daughter, Hannah Lee, who never married. She lived in Glenwood Twp. all her life.

John’s father, Halvor, was born 7 Dec 1848 near Lerdahl, Norway, and came to America with his father when he was about 9 years old. Halvor married Ingeborg Lee. She was born in 1855 in Bergen, Norway, and came to America when she was about 18 years old. Her last name was Lee before she married, and her 5 brothers also came to America at different times from 1870 to 1891. They were Knudt, Ole, and Lars, who were farmers, and David and Agrim, who were tailors, so there were many Lee cousins.

Halvor and Ingeborg lived in Glenwood Twp. and had stillborn twins first and then 7 other children: John, Randina (who died at age 27), Emma Halverson (who lived in Thief River Falls, MN), Amelia (who died at age 10), Martin, Jacob (who moved to Walla Walla, WA), and Henrietta (who lived near Kenneth, MN).

Ida’s grandfather’s name was Gullick Olson Swalestuen in Norway, where he was born in 1818. He came to America on a ship that arrived in New York on 13 Jul 1843, and traveled to Pine Lake, Wl that summer. He married widow, Ingeborg Andersdtr., with 4 sons. Gullick and Ingeborg had 3 children. Their first child was Ole


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