On the farm milking was done by hand. We butchered our own beef and pork which was then canned or salted down in crocks. Vegetables and fruits were canned or pickled; wild raspberries, gooseberries, grapes, etc., were picked for sauce, jams and jellies. In the fall we children helped to shell the navy beans to be stored away for winter use. Black walnuts and butternuts were gathered to be cracked and added to goodies. On cold or snowy Sunday afternoons mother would make us popcorn, fudge, or taffy for something special.

We attended Sunday School and church at Lincoln Lutheran Church when we lived in Lincoln Twp. south of Ridgeway. Pastor D. C. Jordahl confirmed me and baptized my youngest sister Ruth. That church was destroyed by lightning several years ago. I have memories of my father working with Sunday School programs, teaching, etc.

I remember a trip that we took out of Winneshiek Co.— maybe we had a new car as we drove to Forest City to visit my Aunt Clara Aspenson and family. The next day we went to Clear Lake where there were fireworks and lots to see. We stayed in a cabin overnight and the next morning went back home. That was our last long trip with our father. In Jul 1928 he became ill with bleeding ulcers. He had surgery at the Decorah Hospital 16 Jul but passed away following surgery. He would have been 39 years old 27 Jul 1928.

After father's death we left the farm and moved to Decorah where I started high school and my sisters Helen, Gyda, and Aria and brother Donald were in the grade school. Ruth was only a month and 2 days old so Mother had to be strong for the 6 of us. She died 16 Jun 1968 in New York state.

1907). Fred had a shoe store in Decorah. Carrie and Fred separated and Fred moved to Indianapolis, IN. Carrie worked at Motts’ Department Store in Decorah, the huge lovely store at the corner of Water and Washington Streets.

Carrie lived with her sister Julia Gjermo at 407 Broadway, the house with cement/stone pillars in front.

Carrie and Fred are buried together in the Lutheran Cemetery in Decorah at the large Tobiason-Gjermo stone.

Jurgens, Fred and Caroline (Tobiason)

(Alice Hamre Arneson)

Bio Photo

Mother Mary Henrickson Tobiason with her daughters Bertha Marsh, Inger Arneson, Carrie Jurgens and Julia Gjermo.

Caroline (Carrie) Tobiason (3 Mar 1857-30 Jan 1928) was the 5th child of Tobias and Mary Henrikson Tobiason. Carrie married Fred Jurgens (b. 3 Jul 1853-20 May

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