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Margrethe Stand Ludwig Johnson

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Front row, left to right: Knut, Ludvig, Margrethe and Lenora.
Back row, left to right: Anna, John, Clara, Helmer, Birgit and Christian.

North Dakota near Petersburg. Later he moved to Fargo where he practiced law until his death 13 Mar 1916. Carrie died in 1944.

Johnson, Ludvig and Margrethe (Strand)

(Chris Kolaas)

Ludvig Johnson was born in Enebakk, Noryvay near Oslo on 3 Jun 1864 to John and Birgit (Aakre) Chnstopherson. John was born 8 Mar 1831 and died 6 Nov 1910. Birgit was born 4 Aug 1823 and died 20 May 1907. They are both buried at the Washington Prairie Cemetery under the name of Glommen, taken from the area in Norway where they had lived.

When Ludvig was a small child his parents took him and his 2 older brothers, Christian and Hans, and along with other passengers set sail for America in late Jul in a sail boat. After 3 months on the ocean their water supply ran low which became quite a concern. Luckily a large steamer came to their rescue. They arrived in New York and moved to Springfield Twp. near Ossian in Nov. They stayed in a “hytta”, a small building on the Knut Aakre farm for the winter.

Early the next spring they pre-empted 60 acres of land from A. Qualley, north of Ossian, IA and some years later they bought 20 more acres where they built a log home. Years later Ludvig changed his name from Christopherson to Johnson.

On 1 Jan 1892 in the Tamarack Lutheran Church Ludvig married Margrethe Strand, the daughter of Knut and Anna (Haaverson) Strand of Tamarack, Wl, near Arcadia. They became the parents of 9 children: Birgit, Christian, Helmer, Anna, John, Clara, Knut, Lewis and Lenora.

Birgit, single, is buried at Washington Prairie Cemetery. Christian married Signe Borness and is buried at Washington Prairie Cemetery. Helmer married Myrtle Fosaaen and both are buried at the Washington Prairie Cemetery. Anna married Gilbert Lundby and both are buried at the Madison Lutheran Church Cemetery. John married Roseila Vangsness and both are buried at the Washington Prairie Cemetery. Clara married Oliver Tollefson and both are buried at Eleva, Wl. Knut. single, is buried at Washington Prairie Cemetery. Lewis died as an infant and is buried at Washington Prairie Cemetery. Lenora married Norman Flatland. They live in Harmony, MN.

There were also 22 grandchildren and 65 great-grandchildren by 1995.

Ludvig was engaged in farming. Margrethe enjoyed flowers, sewing, quilting and working with wool, doing the wool carding, spinning and knitting. She knit many sweaters, stockings, mittens and scarfs.

They lived their entire life on that farm. They were members of Washington Prairie Lutheran Church. Ludvig passed away 7 May 1939 and Margrethe on 10 Mar 1953. Both are buried in Washington Prairie Cemetery near Decorah.

Johnson, Martha Ann

(Jane Woodward)

Martha Ann Johnson was born 28 Jun 1848 in the town of Norway, Racine Co., Wl to Nelson and Anna Johnson. When she was 2 years old the family moved to Washington Prairie, near Decorah, IA. They arrived 2 Jul 1850.

Martha married J. E. Anderson, editor of the Independent weekly newspaper of Forest City, IA. Their children were Rudolph Martin, Horace Everard, Mamie and William Pitt.

Rudolph Anderson was an Arctic explorer with Vilhjalmur Steffanson under the auspices of the Canadian government. Later he was Chief of the Biological Survey, Bureau of Mines, Ottawa, Canada.

Martha died in 1920 and J. E. died in 1921.

Johnson, Martin and Stella (White)

(Jane K. Woodward)

Martin Nelson Johnson was born 3 Mar 1850 in Norway, Racine Co., Wl. He was taken to Washington Prairie, IA by his parents the same year, arriving 2 Jul 1850.

M. N. Johnson graduated from the University of Iowa in 1873 and later took M.A. and Law degrees from the U. of IA. He taught school in Oakland, CA for 2 years, then moved back to Decorah, IA and entered upon the practice of law with his brother Lewis C. Johnson. In 1879 he married Stella White who was born in Westford, CT in 1858.

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