the Cresco Hospital. In October of the same year they moved to West Union where Gerhard became manager of the A & P Store for about 4 years.

In the fall of 1931 the family moved to Cedar Falls, where Gerhard was employed by Diamond Brothers as manager of a store, and then transferred to their Eldora, IA store where they remained until the spring of 1932. At this time they opened a new store in West Union, and Gerhard was sent there to manage it, where he remained in their employ for about 5 years.

Wayne Orin, was born in the Postville Hospital. Gerhard decided to go into business for himself, so opened up a complete meat department in the Ole Olson Grocery, which Ole sold later to Linus Putz. Gerhard remained in business with him for a time but moved into a place of his own at 123 S. Vine St. and opened up a small store with groceries and meats. Later he moved into a larger building at 125 S. Vine, purchasing the building in 1945. When Dale returned from the Air Corps, they formed a partnership and added a frozen food locker.

In 1955 Gerhard and Charlotte retired to CA, where they lived until Gerhard’s death 12 Feb 1970. Charlotte remained in CA for a time until moving to AR where son Dale and wife Lila had retired. Charlotte died there 20 July, 1987.

The children of Gerhard and Charlotte are: Dale, Eileen and Wayne.

Dale Curtis married Lila Grindeland 3 May 1946. Their children are: Kristie Lea, Ronnie Ardell (b. and d. 1949), and Douglas Kirk, Eileen Jeanette  married Willis Sperry 15 Aug 1948. Their children are: Donn Charles, Roger Warren and Karen Jane.

Wayne Orin (28 Mar 1936-4 Dec 1968) was married to Hildegard Kress on 3 Mar 1957. Their children were: Michael Curtis and Deborah Lynn.

Johnson, Helmer L. and Myrtle (Fosaaen)

(Helmer and Myrtle Johnson)

Helmer L. Johnson, the third child of Ludvig and Margrethe (Strand) Johnson, was born 28 Jul 1896 on his parents’ farm in Springfield Twp., north of Ossian, IA. He had 8 brothers and sisters. Birgit and Christian were older than Helmer and Anne, John, Clara, Knut, Lewis and Leonora were younger. Helmer was baptized and confirmed at Washington Prairie Lutheran Church, rural Decorah, IA where he was a lifetime member. He attended Broghammer School in Springfield Twp. with his siblings.

Helmer learned farming by helping his father on the family farm. As a young man he worked as a hired hand at neighboring farms. In the early 20’s Helmer rented a neighboring farm where he lived at the time of his marriage. On 20 Jan 1926 Helmer married Myrtle Amanda Fosaaen the 3rd daughter of Andrew and Martha (Saboe) Fosaaen. Myrtle was born on her parents’ farm south of

Ossian in Dover Twp., Fayette Co. She was baptized and confirmed at Stavanger Lutheran Church, south of Ossian. She attended school in Dover Twp. near her parents' farm. When her father rented out his farm and moved his family to an acreage on the west edge of Ossian she attended Ossian Public school. Myrtle had 3 sisters: Ruth and Cora were older and Edna was younger than Myrtle. Myrtle helped her parents and later worked out.

After their marriage Helmer and Myrtle lived on the farm in Springfield Twp. and their 3 oldest children were born there: Marjorie, Arnold and Howard. In Mar of 1929 they purchased and moved to 160 acres of the Egge farm in Frankville Twp. Their 4 younger children were born there: Arlene and Alice (twins) , Kenneth  and JoAnn.

Helmer and Myrtle always enjoyed company and their large home was a gathering place for many family get-togethers. In the early 30’s it was home to a few hired men. Also in the early 30’s Heimer’s brother John and his family lived there for the winter and later in the mid 30’s his sister Leonora and brother-in-law Norman and their family lived there. Each had their own part of the house and from all reports everyone got along very well.

Sadness struck the family in Oct 1945 when their oldest son Arnold died.

Helmer farmed and was a Frankville #7 Bakke school director and Myrtle was a homemaker for her family. She always had a large garden and was a Springfield Bluebirds 4-H leader.

In 1950 they retired from the farm and moved into Ossian. Helmer worked as a section-man for the railroad, did construction work and helped at the County Shop with road work. Myrtle was a leader of the Military Marvals 4-H Club for a few years. She enjoyed her garden and yard work. Helmer and Myrtle both enjoyed visiting, having company and playing cards. They enjoyed their family and their 22 grandchildren.

Helmer and Myrtle had 7 children: Marjorie, Arnold, Howard, Alice, Arlene, Kenneth and JoAnn. Arnold died Oct 1945. Howard married LuVerne Yarwood of Decorah, IA. They became the parents of Larry (killed in Vietnam-1969), David and Paul. Howard bought the home farm and is living there. Marjorie married Erling Fosaaen of Cando, ND. They are parents of Jim, Janet, and Jon and lived in Concord, CA. Marge died in 1985 and Erling died in 1988. Alice married Ahlert Anfinson of Ossian, IA and lives in Decorah. They were parents of Marilyn (d. 1970) and Mary Lou. Arlene married Morris Nelson of Wittenberg, Wl.They live in Wittenberg and are parents of Mike, Miriam and Naomi. Kenneth married Dixie Land of Luana, IA. They lived in Luana. They were parents of Kevin, Deb, Keith & Kurt (twins) and Kathy. Ken died in 1989. JoAnn married Jerome Meyer of Ossian, IA. They lived in Luana and were parents of Joy Janelle, Jim and Jeff. Jerome died in 1984.

Helmer and Myrtle lived in Ossian until their deaths. Helmer died 31 Dec 1977 and Myrtle died 28 Jun 1985. Both are buried at Washington Prairie Cemetery.

Partial OCR transcription, some sensitive personal information such as birth dates of people that maybe living is not included. See the associated scan to compare with the published information.

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