and sewing.

Lewis passed away 12 Jan 1964 and Lisa died 24 Apr 1988 at age 101. Three sons and four daughters survive; Walter Jarland of Billings, MT; Truman Jarland of Williston, ND; Lawrence Jarland of Minneapolis MN; Ellen Olson of Prairie du Chien, Wl; Sylvia Aakre, Decorah, IA; Luella Asleson, Williston; and Clara Ploehn of Billings.

Jaros, Albert and Katerina (Fabera)

(Dolores E. Ira)

Albert (Vojtech) Jaros was born 29 Mar 1819 in Hvozdany #40, Bohemia to Albert Jaros (5 Apr 1789, Hvozdany #35) and Katerina Legatova from Bezerovice, the daughter of Antonin Legat and Katerina. His paternal grandparents were Albert Jaros, a farmer in Hvozdany and Marie Malicka. Albert (Vojtech) Jaros married Katerina Fabera, the daughter of Frantisek Faber, “sedlak", meaning a farmer from a larger farm, (b. 30 Jul 1797 at Nuzice #2) and Katerina from Hvozdany #27. Katerina Fabera’s paternal grandparents were Franc Faber, a farmer, and Barbora Smrz from Radetice.

Albert and Katerina emigrated to America in Aug 1870 and settled on land in Sumner Twp. Grandma Katerina related many stories to some of the grandchildren about their lives in Bohemia. She told of their trip across the ocean—what a treacherous journey it was on the sailing vessel. When the wind turned and became too strong they would pull the canvas sails down to keep the boat from going backwards. The trip lasted from two to three months. She talked a lot about Bechina, (Bechyne, a village where her family lived.) She also related the story of how people got along well that lived along the German border, but it was the government that fought. Some families lived together in farmsteads where the buildings formed an L or U shape with a huge gate for an entrance and a high wall surrounding the courtyard. Their living quarters were totally enclosed. They had an acre or two to till and plant for their livelihood. Anyone who had ten to fifteen acres of land was considered well-to-do.

Albert and Katerina had 9 children: John (1844); Anton (14 Sep 1851); Albert (10 May 1855); Matthew (1858); Marie (25 Mar 1860); Anna (13 Jan 1864); Frank (15 Nov 1865); Rose (1866); and Barbara (2 Feb 1870).

Albert and Katerina farmed all their lives in Sumner Twp. and in their retirement their son Frank, who married Mary Prazak, took over the farming responsibilities and took care of Grandma and Grandpa Jaros until they passed away. Albert died 1 Jul 1901 and Katerina died 21 Feb 1912. They are buried in St. Wenceslaus Cemetery in Spillville, IA.

Jaros, Albert and Marie (Korbel)

(Dolores E. Ira)

Albert J. Jaros was born 10 May 1855, Hvozdany, Bohemia, to Albert Jaros and Katerina Fabera. He came to America with his parents when he was 15 years old. He married Marie Korbel 19 Oct 1880 at the St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, Spillville, IA. Marie was born to Frank Korbel, a sedlak, (farmer) and Johanna Michal 28 Feb 1862 in Purkarec, Bohemia. (Frank was the son of Frank Korbel, farmer from Hodetine, and Marie Cihakova, daughter of Thomas Cihak from Komarove and the mother’s name was Holub from Komarove). Johanna was the daughter of Andrew Michal, hired hand, from Lhoti, Praslive and Marie Krejcikova, (daughter of Martin Krejcika, chalupnik (cottager), from Lhote and Marie Spatny from Zablati).

Bio Photo

Albert and Marie Korbel Jarosh

Albert and Marie settled on a farm near Ft. Atkinson, IA. In 1894 they left for Chicago, IL where they lived for several years. Their home was on Alport St. while they lived there and Albert was a laborer in the stockyards. Marie did her shopping on Blue Island Avenue which is the area where many of the Czech immigrants settled upon their arrival in Chicago. On market days the women would to to the market to buy groceries and also to the “Abattoirs", (slaughterhouses), for cheap meat such as haslet, tripe, kidney, liver, etc. Often purchases were small, on a co-operative plan.

Upon returning to IA they settled on a farm in Sumner Twp. near Protivin, IA. Fond memories were related by some of the grandchildren. Walking was an enjoyable pastime and sometimes a necessity, and on his treks to Protivin Grandpa Jaros would stop at his son Joseph's farm to rest. Upon returning he would stop to rest again and he always had a treat for the grandchildren, bananas in a brown paper bag. He was a very generous Grandpa and gave money and food to members of the family who were in need. His stature was tall and sturdy and he had beautiful brown, wavy hair which never stayed parted but flowed gently about his face. Grandpa spread his goodness over 74 years.

He passed away 16 Jan 1929. Marie died 15 Mar 1936. They are buried in St. Wenceslaus Cemetery, Spillville.

Albert and Marie had 6 children: Frank (21 Jul 1881); Mary Johanna (10 Feb 1883); Anna (26 Jul 1885); Joseph (1 Dec 1888); Albert (4 Apr 1895); and James (16 Mar 1897).

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