Mar 1962 in Decorah. Orlando born 14 May 1885 was a Lutheran Minister in Chicago, IL. He married Suzanne Osmund and they had 4 children: Orlando Jr., Paul, John and Stephen. Suzanne died 20 Apr 1946. Orlando then married Helen Cole. She died 10 Mar 1962. Orlando then married Sara Buntrock 11 Aug 1964. He died 5 Apr 1969 in CA. Richard was born 22 Feb 1888. He was a soldier in WWI. He practiced law in California. Richard married Estelle and they had 2 children: Jacqueline and Barry. He died in a car accident in Nebraska 22 Feb 1947 and is buried in Decorah. Ethel Charlotte born 4 Apr 1890 was a pianist for the Decorah Theater and a Minneapolis Theater for silent movies. She married a dentist, Floyd Moore, and they had 3 children: Don, Beth and Harriet. She died 10 Feb 1978 in Lewiston, PA and is buried in Duluth, MN. Ruth Toletta was born 4 Jul 1893. She was a nurse’s aide in Prairie Du Chien, Wl. She married Dr. Roy Hurley (a dentist) and they had no children. Ruth died in childbirth on 3 Nov 1923 in Prairie du Chien.

Ingvoldstad, William Bernhard and Sophie (Larson)

(Connie Ingvoldstad)

Bio Photo

William Bernhard and Sophie (Larson) Ingvoldstad

William Bernhart Ingvoldstad, 5th child of Peter 0. and Josephine Ingvoldstad, was born in Decorah 21 June 1875. He married Sophie Mathilda Larson in the United Lutheran Church, Decorah on 28 Aug 1903. Sophie was born in Decorah 28 Sep 1878. Their 3 children were all born in Decorah: Carsten Willard (b. 30 July 1904): Lester Raymond (b. 13 Mar 1906) and Robert Kenneth (b. 14 Sep 1909).

William was most often referred to as WB. He was a self-made man. He started while in high school as a morning laborer in the Riley & Baker lumber yard. After dropping out of his senior year in high school, he worked as an afternoon laborer in the Wilbur Lumber Co. Later he and a friend started small by purchasing and selling a car-load of lumber at a time. Twenty years after he started to work, he had enough money to purchase the Wilbur Lumber Co. One day he walked into the office, plunked down his money, and from then on owned the Ingvoldstad Lumber Co. Arthur and Walter spent some time working in the lumber company learning the business, and Agnes was the bookkeeper. For the remainder of his career he owned and operated this business. He is credited with giving many of his brothers and sisters either starts in careers or careers in the lumber business. He helped Orlando attend and graduate from St. Olaf and the seminary. He enjoyed the neighborhood that he helped to develop in Long Lake, IL and often spent time vacationing at Pickerel Point. This is a peninsula that WB had donated to Orlando’s work, a Bible Camp and Conference Grounds (and golf course) located on the other side of the lake. The property had 2 cottages that were used by the family. WB died on 16 Aug 1956 while visiting Pickerel Point and Rev. Orlando Indvoldstad. He is buried in Decorah.

Sophie’s parents were Carl Ludwig and Josephine Emilie (Peterson) Larson. She was one of 10 children. Sophie was WB’s partner in life raising the 3 boys and handling the chores of the home. She was always a happy person. The original house was built at 816 River St when they were first married. They later moved to Upper Broadway. She was active in the community and was a member of the Decorah Lutheran Church, Ladies Aide, Aase Haugen Home Volunteers and the Broadway Hospital Unit. Sophie died at the age of 90 on 13 Jan 1969 in Decorah.

Ira, Adolph and Emma (Cibuzar)

(Dolores E. Ira)

Adolph Ira was born 9 Jan 1889 in Winneshiek County, IA. His parents were Joseph and Mary (Riha) Ira. Joseph was born 13 Oct 1861 In Sumner Twp. and Mary was born 2 Dec 1862 in Bohemia. Mary came to America with her parents, John and Anna (Swehla) Riha in 1864 settling near Spillville, IA. Joseph and Mary were married 17 Jun 1879 at St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, Spillville. They were the parents of 10 children: Frank (b. 16 Aug 1880); Joseph F. (b. 23 Dec 1881); Frank and Anna (b. 10 Jan 1884); Adolph (b. 9 Jan 1889); William J. (b. 19 Feb 1892); Edward (b. 7 Apr 1896); Rosie (b. 24 Nov 1900) and Louis (b. 22 Aug 1903). All are deceased except Rosie who resides in the Cresco Care Center at age 95.

Adolph married Emma Cibuzar 10 Feb 1914 at St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church. Emma was the daughter of Joseph Cibuzar and Catharine Pesek. She was born in Pocahontas County, a twin, on 31 Dec 1891. They began their married life on a farm in Waubun, MN. Since a house was the only building on the farm, they needed to have shelter for their livestock and grain, so within a year they had built a barn and a granary. Adolph and Emma were farming for about 4 years when Adolph was drafted into the Army, so they sold their farm, grain and livestock and moved back to Spillville to stay with Grandma Catharine Cibuzar. The good news followed that WWI was over and Adolph did not have to go into military service. Once again they moved-to Calmar, where Emma’s brother, Charles Cibuzar, operated a pool-hall and they joined him in the operation.

Adolph and Emma were the parents of 4 sons: Virgil (b. 25 Jul 1917); Victor J.,  Victor V. and Charles C.

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