Imoehl, Frank and Angela (Hageman)

(Jerome Imoehl)

Frank Imoehl was born 26 Apr 1890, the son of Joseph and Helena (Doerr) Imoehl, in the Festina area. He was the second youngest of a family of 12 childen. Frank married a neighbor girl, Angela Hageman. She was the daughter of John and Mary (Buchheit) Hageman. Angela, born near Ossian 26 Apr 1898, was also from a large family. Frank and Angela were married at St. Mary's Church, Festina 10 Feb 1920. They established their new home on the Joe and Helena Imoehl farmstead where they lived until their son was old enough to take over the farm. They then moved to Ossian. Frank would go back and forth to help his children who were farming in that area. Frank and Angela had 8 children.

Jerome married Alvina Kriener. They bought a farm near Elma in Howard Co. They are now retired and still live on the farm. Valeria married Gordian Lensing. They farmed in the Fort Atkinson area and retired to Fort Atkinson. Valeria died at age 62 of cancer. Eleanore married Guido “Pete” Franzen. They farm in the Ossian area. Ralph married Arlene Kuennen and they moved to Tucson, AZ. Nilus married Jeanette Holthaus. They also farm near Ossian. Merlin married Anita Reicks and they farm in the Postville area. Laverne married Leonilla Kleve and they farm near Elgin. Corrina married Leo Steinlage. They own L & C Builders and live north of New Hampton.

Frank was killed in a car accident south of Decorah 19 Jan 1972 and Angela was seriously injured. She had a long recovery and was just getting back on her feet when she died of a heart attack 13 June 1973. Frank and Angela are buried in St. Francis DeSales Cemetery at Ossian.

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Frank and Angela Imoehl

Imoehl, Joseph and Helena (Doerr)

(Jerome Imoehl)

Joseph Imoehl was born 19 Mar 1843 in Eppe, Germany the son of John and Anna (Dessel) Imoehl. He was the sixth of 11 children. Not much is known about Joseph’s life in Germany or the year he came to America. Joseph’s older sister was born in 1833. Two sisters came to America with Joseph. One sister settled in the Nebraska Territory. She and Joseph kept in touch so that in later years, some of Joseph's children visited the relatives in NE. The other sister was never heard from again. It is often wondered if some unfriendly Indians killed her.

Joseph married Helena Doerr born 29 Aug 1851 in Philadelphia, PA the daughter of William and Anna (Dufner) Doerr. Helena and Joseph were married 15 Jun 1871 and farmed in the Festina area. They had 12 children.

Anna married Peter Dohm and they lived in Beldon, NE. Joseph married Anna Reifenrath. They farmed in the Wynot, NE area. Emelia married Frank Hemesath and they farmed near Ossian until 1919. They then bought land around Presho, SD. Clemens married Mary Pick from NE. He died as a young man. John married Anna Dietzenbach and they farmed next to the home place near Festina. Julia married John Reifenrath and they also farmed in the Wynot, NE area. Helena married a Nebraskan, Louis Burback. They lived in Cedar Co., NE not too far from other family members. Willie died at age six. Mary married Fred J. Hageman. They farmed near Fort Atkinson. Frank married Angela Hageman and they farmed the home place of Helena and Joe Imoehl which was 2 1/2 miles northeast of Festina. Rose died at age ten. Rosalia married Nick Hageman and they farmed in the same area as John and Frank near Festina.

Joe and Helena retired to Festina in 1920 and lived there until their deaths. Joseph died 25 Apr 1934 and Helena died 8 Feb 1932. They are buried in Our Lady of Seven Dolors Cemetery at Festina.

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Joe and Helena Imoehl

Imse, Gerald and Janice (Eittreim)

(Marilyn Eittreim)

Janice Mabel Eittreim was the daughter of Oliver and Mabel (Rohm) Eittreim. She attended Decorah schools and graduated from high school in 1954. Janice became an accomplished pianist. While in high school she played a concerto with band accompaniment. She played French horn in the band and snare drum in the marching band.

While enrolled at Luther College she worked as a legal

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