home for several years under the care of her daughters and her neighbors. Her death occurred 23 Nov 1961 at age 96. Both are buried at St. John Cemetery.

Huber, Franz Joseph and Marie Anna (Gaertner)

(Mary Richmond)

Franz Joseph Huber (16 Mar 1811-23 Nov 1887) was born in Canton Aargau, Switzerland, to Michael and Barbara (Schreiber) Huber. At age 25 he emigrated from France to the U.S. with his parents, brothers and sisters. The family settled in Ray Twp., Franklin Co., IN. There at Oldenburg, IN Franz and Marie Anna Gaertner were married on 10 Oct 1843.

Marie Anna (28 Feb 1823-23 Oct 1902) was born in Alsace, France, to John and Magdalen (Bouillon) Gaertner. In 1836 she, her parents and sisters arrived at New Orleans on the ship Macedonia of Portland. The following year the Gaertners took a riverboat to Cincinnati then settled in Franklin Co., IN.

F Joseph and Marie Anna lived and worked for a time in New Orleans. An infant son was buried there. Three children were born at Oldenburg: Philomena (1844), Philip (1847) and Louis (1848).

Louis was less than three months old when the Huber family left Indiana in 1849 for Winneshiek Co. They were accompanied by the families of Anton Stadle, Andrew Meyer, George Bachel and Jacob Rausch. The covered wagons reached the Mississippi River in April just as the river began to flood. The Rausch wagon was taken across, but it was a week before McGregor’s horse-powered ferry returned to transport the other wagons. The families regrouped at McGregor’s Landing and followed the Military Trail to the Old Mission area in Winneshiek Co. There they took shelter in shacks and cabins formerly used by the Turkey River Indian Agency and Mission.

While crops were planted the Huber family lived in a log cabin found on property they had purchased from U.S. land agents at Prairie du Chien. That summer the immigrants gathered at the Huber cabin to celebrate Mass offered by Father G. H. Plathe from New Vienna. Before the priest’s next visit the settlers had moved a log structure to the banks of the Turkey River to use as a church. This was the first Catholic church built by settlers in the county. During the winter of 1853-54 the church was burned by an arsonsist.

In 1849 as soon as their first planting was done the Hubers began the construction of a one-room stone house. They moved into it that fall, then attached the log cabin to the stone structure for use as a wash house, wood shed and summer kitchen. For several years the one-room stone house served as a post office (said to be the first in Winneshiek Co.) as well as a social center for area residents as they waited for the mail wagon.

A two-story stone addition was attached to the one-room house in 1868. Marie Anna welcomed all travelers, immigrants and Indians offering them hospitality and lodging.

In 1885 F. Joseph and Marie Anna hired local craftsmen to build St. Anthony of Padua Chapel on the site where the pioneers' log church once stood. F. Joseph died two years later. Marie Anna sold the farm to their youngest son and moved into Fort Atkinson where she lived until her death. Both were buried in St. Anthony Cemetery beside the little chapel.

In addition to the 3 children born in Indiana, 11 more were born at the Old Mission farm: Mary (1850), Barbara (1852), Anna (1853), William (1855), Henry (1856), Caroline (1858), Rosalia (1860), Louise (1862), Francis (1864), Josephine (1866) and Rosena (1868). Except for William, all of these survived to adulthood.

Philomena married John Schissel on 9 Jun 1864. They farmed in the Fort Atkinson area where 17 children were born. John died in 1901, Philomena in 1927. Both were buried in St. John Cemetery, Fort Atkinson.

On 18 Feb 1873 Philip married Frances Meyer. Eleven children were born in Fort Atkinson where Philip was a hardware dealer and grocer. He died in 1903, Frances in 1935. They were buried in St. John Cemetery.

Louis and Helen Hess were married 12 May 1874. They farmed many years near the little chapel then moved to Calmar. Twelve children were born at their Old Mission farm. Louis died in 1923, Helen in 1930. Both were buried in St. Mary Cemetery, Festina.

Mary married Harvey Waters on 28 Oct 1869. Their only child Edward was raised by Mary. She died in 1891 and was buried in St. John Cemetery.

Barbara and William Becker were married 6 May 1873 in a double wedding. They had no children of their own but raised a son of her sister, Anna. They lived in Fort Atkinson where William was a lumber dealer. Barbara died in 1910, William in 1925. Both are buried in St. John Cemetery.

On 6 May 1873 in a double wedding. Anna and Conrad Giesen were married. Seven children were born to them. They lived at Conover and Fort Atkinson before moving to Calmar where Conrad was a lumber merchant. He died in 1909, Anna in 1925. They were buried in St. John Cemetery.

Henry married Elizabeth Horn on 26 Jan 1880. Seven children were born at Fort Atkinson where Henry was a hardware merchant. He died in 1931, Elizabeth in 1939. Both were buried in St. John Cemetery.

Caroline and Anton Koch were married 19 Nov 1894. They had one child, Dolorosa. Caroline helped raise his 4 sons from his first marriage. Caroline died in 1919. She and Anton were buried in Milwaukee, Wl.

On 1 May 1883 Rosalia married George Hauber, a Winneshiek Co. farmer. They had 9 children. George died in 1921, Rosalia in 1944. They were buried in St. Aloysius Cemetery, Calmar.

Louise and Charles Broghammer were married 25 Oct 1887. Nine children were born at their Decorah Twp. farm. Charles died in 1942, Louise in 1945. Both were buried in St. Benedict Cemetery, Decorah.

Francis married Veronica Sluka on 18 Nov 1890. Five children were born in their Old Mission farm home. They retired in 1921 and moved to Fort Atkinson. Frank and Veronica were caretakers of St. Anthony Chapel until his death in 1957. She died in 1961. They were buried in St. John Cemetery.

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