lings were Hannah Marion, Henery Elijah, Alonzo and Harvey Newel.

Jacob and Anna had 4 children: Francis Wayland, William Henery, Charles Newel and an adopted daughter Emma (Mrs. Wilbur Duprez).

Bio Photo

Jacob Houck

Jacob received government land around 1852 in Bluffton, IA before moving to Burr Oak, IA where he was one of the first shoemakers. He was also a stonemason. Jacob owned and ran the mercantile in Burr Oak and he and Anna were members of the Adventist Church. Anna was very active in church functions. Jacob died 22 Nov 1909 and Anna died 30 Nov 1909. They are buried in the Burr Oak Cemetery.

Francis Wavland was born 20 May 1852 in Cattaraugus Co. He attended school in Burr Oak. He married Eva Woodruff of Waverly, IA and they lived in Sheldon, IA where he was employed as a traveling salesman for the Rock Island Stove Co. They moved to Rock Valley where he conducted a retail hardware store for a number of years.They had 3 children: Edith (Meyer), Raymond and Grace (H.J. Green). Francis died 20 Mar 1919.

William Henery was born 23 Nov 1858. He attended school in Burr Oak and married Marjorie Ellen Bowman. They had 2 children: Francis Leroy and Mabel. William was a farmer and helped his father Jacob run the mercantile in Burr Oak and later managed it himself. He died 13 Mar 1938. Marjorie died 13 Feb 1937.

Susan Emma was born 25 May 1859 and attended school in Burr Oak. She married Wilbur Duprez who farmed near Burr Oak. Susan died in 1934 and Wilbur died in 1939.

Charles Newel was born 2 Jan 1872 in Burr Oak and went to school there and in Decorah. He attended Carleton College and the University of MN. He married Clara Morss 4 Mar 1903. They had no children but raised Gertrude Butler. Charles was an attorney for 47 years. He was Winneshiek Co. Attorney for two terms and served as District Court Judge in 1918 and 1919. He spent his entire professional life in the practice of law except for a short time when he traveled for the McCormick Harvester Co. Charles died 24 Nov 1946.

Houck, Wilbur and Esther (Otteson)

(Carrie Houck Lee and Harvey Houck)

Wilbur Leroy Houck was born in Twining, Ml to Frank and Stella (Tostenson) Houck. His father was born 9 Jul 1884 in Burr Oak, IA. His mother was born 16 Jan 1901 in Canoe Twp. Winneshiek Co. Wilbur has 3 siblings: Charles of Cedar Rapids, Harvey of Decorah and Marjorie Gottschling of Great Falls, MT

Wilbur married Esther Otteson 23 Dec 1954 in Freeport. She is the daughter of Orlando and Helen (Overacker) Otteson. Orlando was born 1 Dec 1905 in Pleasant Twp. Helen was born in Decorah, IA. Esther has 2 siblings: Merton Dale of Decorah and Mavis Mitchell of Rossville.

Wilbur and Esther have 3 children: Carrie, Glenda and Bonita. Carrie was born n Decorah. She went to school in Decorah and married Kevin Lee 26 Jul 1991. She has 2 children from a previous marriage: Christine and Tracy Mohrhauser; 2 step-children, Jens and Kristi Lee and 2 grandsons, Ricky Lee Mohrhauser and Armand J. Christain. Carrie is a homemaker and enjoys gardening and genealogy.

Bio Photo

Esther and Wilbur Houck, 1955

Glenda was born in Decorah. She attended school in Decorah and married Gene Viker of Lansing 15 Sep 1985. She has 3 children by a previous marriage: Murray Linnevold, Warren Viker (adopted by Gene) and Tena Kulish. Glenda is a homemaker and enjoys gardening, fishing and collecting rocks.

Bonita (Bonnie) was born  in Decorah where she attended school. She married Charles LaRue 31 Mar 1982. Bonnie has 4 children: Kris and Jerome LaRue, Benjamin Winter and one son who died in infancy, Anton LaRue (b. 31 Mar 1981-died 18 Oct 1981). Bonnie is the general manager of the Farmer's Market Restaurant in Rochester, MN. She enjoys antique collecting.

Wilbur lived in Twining, Ml for the first 9 years of his life except for a short time when his family moved to PA during the Depression. They moved to Winneshiek Co. and settled in Sand Canyon near Freeport, IA. He helped with farm work while going to school.

In 1957 he went into the Army and did his basic training in Ft. Riley, KS. He was stationed at Ft. McCoy, Wl. and discharged 23 Jan 1953.

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