1813 and died in 1870. Others who came were her brother Christen and his wife Siri, sisters Ingeborg and Marta, her husband Hans Quanaud, a niece and nephew Kari and Gulbrana (Gilbert).

Horgen, Oscar and Genora (Overhaug)

(Mildred Danielson)

Peder Olson Horgeneiet was born 20 Feb 1830 in Gran, Norway. He was the son of Ole Paulson. On 8 May 1849 Peder married Gunhild Hansdtr. born 20 Dec 1821 the daughter of Hans Larson Raastad. Peder and Gunhild were the parents of 7 children: Kari (b. 23 May 1849); Tollina (b. 25 Mar 1856); Pernille (b. 13 May 1859); Hans (b. 23 Dec 1862) and Peter (b. 10 Aug 1867). Peder also had two sons by Kari Hansdtr Raastad (Gunhild’s sister) whom he never married. They were Lars (b. 9 Aug 1861) and an unnamed boy (b. 10 Aug 1864). Peder rented a small piece of land known as “Stubberud" which was a part of the larger Horgen farm.

Peder and Gunhild decided to start a new life in America. On 14 May 1875 they set sail from Olso, Norway on the ship Hero bound for America. They brought along their sons, Hans and Peter, Peder’s son Lars and their grandson Julius Peterson (son of Kari b. 6 Jul 1872). They listed their destination as Postville, IA. Their son Ole had been in America for 2 years and was waiting for them. In America Peder became known as Peder Stubberud. His son chose the name Ole Horgen.

The family first settled near Gunder, IA, Marion Twp., Clayton Co. In 1880 the family moved to Hanover Twp., Allamakee Co. and settled in a cave dug into the hillside near the Upper Iowa River. Later Peder built a log cabin on top of a hill near the Iowa River Lutheran Church. Gunhild died in 1880 and was buried in the Iowa River Cemetery.

On 28 June 1886 Peder married Sassa Hendrickson at the Waterloo Ridge Lutheran Church. Sassa died on 15 Oct 1914 and Peder died 6 Mar 1922. They are buried at the Iowa River Lutheran Cemetery.

Ole Horgen married Mathea Nicolina Presaater in Gunder in the mid 1880's. They bought a small farm near the Waterloo Ridge Church (Waterloo Twp. Allamakee Co.) and there Ole built a stone house. Ole was a very good stonemason and the intricate stone work still stands today.

They had 8 children: Gina, Clara, Hans, Nelius, Olga, Peter, Maurice and Oscar. Gina and Clara both left home and homesteaded land in Montana. Hans also went west and was killed under mysterious conditions. Nelius went to the state of WA and was sadly killed in a boating accident. Olga married and lived on the family farm. Peter married and lived in Northwood, IA. Maurice married and resided nearby in Spring Grove, MN.

Oscar spent much of his youth traveling around the country. He ran a pool hall in Douglas, ND, fought the big forest fire in northern MN and returned home to help his father Ole on the farm. Ole never lived in Winn. Co., but when Oscar returned home from his travels he went to work for Sam Overhaug near Quandahl (Highland Twp.).

A few years later on 5 Nov 1926 Oscar married Sam and Jonetta’s (Halverson) oldest daughter, Genora (b. 4 Jul 1904). They moved to a small place near Quandahl where Oscar worked in the timber cutting wood. When WPA was organized, he worked at that and later worked for Winneshiek Co. He enjoyed birds, fishing and gardening. He accumulated a beautiful collection of rocks and fossils from the area. Their daughter Mildred was their only child.

With a childhood full of memories, one thing that I especially remember about my father, Oscar, was that when I was growing up he insisted I learn to read and talk Norwegian. I never heard him say a swearword. My mother Genora was a homemaker. I remember she made lefsa at Christmas time to sell. I always got to bake them. They were so good warm with butter and brown sugar on them.

Mildred attended country school and graduated from high school in Spring Grove, MN. On 27 June 1948 she married Lyle Paulson of Mabel, MN at the Waterloo Ridge Lutheran Church. Lyle served in the Army during WWII. They spent 5 years in MN but moved back to IA in 1955 when they bought a farm east of Hesper.

They had 5 children: Russel Dean, Cynthia Kay, Cheryl Kim, Eric Owen and Mikkel Leigh (. The children are now all married, some with families of their own.

Lyle died of cancer 5 Dec 1990. Mildred continued to live on the farm until 23 Sep 1995 when she married Roger Danielson of rural Burr Oak. Roger is from a family of 10 children whose parents were Peder and Nora (Corson) who farmed and lived all their lives in Winneshiek Co.

Houck, Charles and Doris (Bell)

(Carrie Houck Lee)

Bio Photo

Doris and Charles Houck

Charles William Houck was born in Twining, Ml the son of Frank and Stella (Tostenson) Houck. His father was born in Burr Oak and his mother in Pleasant Twp. He has two brothers, Harvey of Decorah and Wilbur deceased, and one sister Margary Gottschling.

Charles married Doris Bell on 4 Jun 1954 at the Assembly of God Church in Decorah. They had one daughter, Sharon (Darrell Nightengale) of Cedar Rapids, IA. They have

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