School and graduated from Ossian High School in 1924. After graduation she became a teacher in the rural schools of Winneshiek Co.

On 15 Jan 1928 Nellie Powers and Richard Horan were married at Ossian, IA. Richard was born 11 Feb 1903. They first made their home in Clermont, later moving to Waterloo, IA.

Nellie worked as head cook at Black's Tea Room for 20 years before her retirement. Richard was employed at Rath Packing Co. for 20 years. Richard died 2 May 1975. Nellie died 6 Oct 1990. They are buried at St. Peter’s Catholic Church Cemetery at Clermont, IA.

Richard (known as Dick) and Nellie were the parents of seven sons: James Edward (1931-19341. John Matthew Jack" was married at Waterloo in 1958 to Georgia Garvey. They divorced in 1988. They had two sons, Joseph and Martin. John lives in Waterloo. Thomas Michael was married in 1962 at Waterloo to Virginia Moore. They are the parents of Diane, Michael, Stephen, and Alan. The Thomas Horan family lives in Marion, IA. Charles Edward  lives in Waterloo. His children are: Timothy, Daniel, and Tracy. Arthur Joseph  married at Waterloo in 1960 to Barbara Jensen. They are the parents of Mark, Kevin, Nicholas, Scott, Kathryn, Christopher, and Stephanie. The family home is in Waterloo. Dennis Robert married JoAnna Bearbower in 1962 at Davenport, IA. They are the parents of Lisa Jo, Shon M., and Jennifer Lynn. The Dennis Horan family lives in San Antonio, TX. William Richard  lives in Waterloo.

Horgen, Christian and Siri (Walby or Hvalleby)

(Alida (Gilbertson) Ask)

Bio Photo

Siri (Walby) Horgen and Christian Horgen

Christian Horgen was born 6 Mar 1840 in Gran, Hadeland, Norway. He died 22 Jul 1923 and is buried at Madison Lutheran Cemetery near Decorah, IA. He married

Siri Walby (Hvalleby) in 1862. She was born 1 Jan 1836 in Gran, Hadeland and died Jan 1917 and is buried at Madison Cemetery.

They came to America in 1869 with his mother, 2 children, Kari 5 years and Gulbrand (Gilbert) 3 years, and his 2 sisters, Ingeborg and Johanna. Ingeborg married Jens Olson and Johanna never married. Johanna (1852-1938) is buried in Madison Cemetery. Ingeborg and Jens moved to Madison, SD. One sister, Martha, married Hans Quanrud and lived near Big Canoe Church.

Christian and Siri came to Wisconsin after an eleven week trip on sea and lived there 5 months. Then they moved to Locust, IA and lived there 5 years. His mother Kari Gulbrandsdtr.(b. in 1813 - d.1870) is buried at Big Canoe Cemetery east of Locust, IA. After they moved to Madison Twp. Winneshiek Co. they bought 80 acres of land from Dan Riley and increased their farm to 200 acres.

They had 7 children: Kari, Gulbrand, Marie, Peder, Mathilde, Inga and one child died in Norway. Kari (b.19 Feb 1864 in Gran, Hadeland - d. 26 Dec 1943) is buried at Madison Cemetery. She started her education at the Stone School House at Locust which is now a museum. Kari married Ole Stengrimson (b. 1854 - d. 26 Dec 1943). They had one son that died at birth in 1890. One daughter Selma (b.1 May 1891- d. 1972) never married.

Gulbrand (Gilbert) (b. in 1866 - d. 1941) married Anna Haugen in 1909. She was born in 1884 and died in 1943. They had no children.

Marie was born 22 Nov 1870 near Locust in a dug-out across the road from the old Ruffridge farm and died 28 Jun 1961. She married Andreas Haaland in 1892 (b. 5 Oct 1871) inSkudenes, Norway (d. 6 Feb 1908) and is buried at the Madison Cemetery. They had 3 children: Stella, Edna and Tinka. Stella (b. 28 Oct 1892 - d.1 Jun 1973) married Gilbert N. Hanson from Madison, SD on 22 Sep 1922. They had no children.

Edna (b. 4 May 1896 - d. 3 Dec 1983) had one daughter, Alida Gilbertson. Edna married Eddie Haugen 19 Sep 1947. He died in Mar of 1974.

Alida born 30 Jul 1920 married Ralph C. Ask 9 Nov 1937. He was born 10 May 1915. They had 10 children: Arlan, Peter Alan,Gary, Rodney, Shirley, Dean, Randy, Donald, Laurel and Lauren.

Tinka (b. 4 Mar 1906 - d 16 Feb 1981). On 1 May 1932 she married Leon Anderson (b. 3 Sep 1905). They had 5 children: Darla, Arden, Sylvie, Terryl and Rosemary.

Peder (b. 14 Feb 1873 - d. 25 Jul 1882). Mathilde was (b. 21 Feb 1877-d. 23 Mar 1888).

Inga (b. 1 Jun 1880 - d Feb 1944) married Olavis Engen (d. Dec 1944). Both are buried at the Lutheran Cemetery in Decorah. They had 3 children: Clarence, Stella Beata and Melvin.

Horgen, Johanna

(Alida (Gilbertson) Ask)

Johanna was born in Gran, Hadeland, Norway in 1852 and died in February of 1938. She never married. She came to the United States with her mother Kari Horgen in 1869. Kari is buried at Big Canoe Cemetery. She was born in

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