eleven and the youngest less than a year. So Anna and Justine Klemmer helped out at the Hedges farm north of Ossian during the first year after Nettie's death.

Seeing the need, but at the time not realizing how much work it would be, she married Mike on 11 Feb 1918 in a double wedding ceremony at St. Francis DeSales Church in Ossian. The other couple married was her brother, John Zweibohmer and Mikes’s cousin, Justine Klemmer. After the wedding ceremony they had their pictures taken at Oyloe’s in Ossian. The two couples then went by sleigh to St. Lucas, IA for a celebration at the Peter Klemmer home, Mike’s uncle and Justine’s father.

Anna was busy with a household of six children to start with and all of the cooking, gardening and cleaning. She also helped outside with the stacking of hay and milking. A year later her first child. Leonard Clemmence. was born 8 Feb 1919. He married Viola Wepler 17 Aug 1942. They farmed by Calmar and Decorah and were the parents of 4 children: Ann Marie, Richard, Cheryl and James. Ralph Anthony married Pauline Williams 31 Aug 1946 in Waterloo. He worked on a farm and was custodian and school bus driver for the Catholic School in Adams, MN. They were the parents of 4 children: Marilyn, Gene, Susan and Mary Jo. Donald Frank stayed on the family farm and bought it from the Hertges Estate in 1964 after his father Mike died in 1960. He married Theresa Franz on 3 Sep 1960. They had 5 children: Mary, Jeanette, Andrew, Donna and Donald Jr. Dorothy Regina  married Russell Barnes 17 May 1948 at Cresco, IA. They had 5 children: Rebecca, John, Michaeleen, Colleen and Daniel. Russell was assistant manager at Coast to Coast Store in Cresco and Dorothy worked at the Evans Nursing Home. Marcelite Margaret was born 17 Nov 1927. She married Quintin Bucheit on 16 June 1947 and they farmed north of Ossian. They had 6 children: Larry, David, Dean, Kathy, Connie and Dale. Marcelite died 23 Apr 1973. David died Mar of 1980 and Quintin died 20 Feb 1944. Gladys Marie  married Zeno Wolfe on 31 May 1949. They farmed southeast of Decorah, IA. They were the parents of 7 children: Marie, Philip, Peter, Paul, Mark, Marcia and Melissa. Philip died 5 Oct 1976 and Zeno died 17 Jun 1982.

After Anna's husband Mike died, 21 Feb 1960, she continued to live on the farm until her youngest son, Donald, suddenly married. Then she moved to the little white house on Boody St. in Ossian. She worked in a restaurant, known then as "Zweibohmers” for about six years. She enjoyed cooking and was an excellent cook and baker, having had great experience raising a family of twelve. She had “done her best” for the large family and remained active until her last year, which she spent in the nursing homes of Decorah and Ossian. She died of a stroke 21 Feb 1985. This was the exact same day that her sister Nettie and husband Mike died. May they all three rest in peace.

Herwig, Edward B. and Anna (Lubke)

(Milton Herwig)

Edward B. Herwig was born 14 Jun 1891 in Winneshiek Co. where he attended rural schools. He was a lifelong resident of Winneshiek Co. and Decorah.

He started in the barber shop as a young man shining shoes and doing porter work. Ed graduated to the barber chair shaving patron’s necks and trimming hair under the supervision of the owner of the business, Jake Trizynski. Having passed supervision, Ed was given his own chair.

Bio Photo  

Anna Lubke Herwig and Ed Herwig
taken at Bob and Kay Donlon’s wedding.

Vern Kennard and Ed bought out Jake and were partners for a number of years until Ed bought Vern’s share of the business. He operated the Herwig Barber Shop for many years. Ed liked people and was always willing to help out and do things. He helped promote baseball and basketball in the metro area. He put scores of the world series on the barber shop window to keep the fans posted. Ed loved to fish and did so as long as he could.

Ed took part in the community show every year held in the Grand Theater. He helped with the building of the early Assembly of God Church which he faithfully attended. He ran a watermelon stand at the Decorah Fair. Ed helped build a new barn on the old Lubke farm when a beam

Bio Photo

Ed Herwig

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