The Hegg Farm

Ole Hanson and Karie Arnsdtr. Hegg left Drammen, Norway in Apr 1853. They sailed to Quebec and Montreal, Canada, then on to Muskego, Wl. Ole’s brother Nils Katterud had come to America earlier. Nils lived in Springfield Twp., Winneshiek Co. Ole came to visit Nils and soon purchased 120 acres in Sec. 1, Springfield Twp. In addition to farming, Olewasablacksmith.

The farm passed to Ole's son, John, following his death in 1860. In 1870 John purchased additional land enlarging the farm from 120 acres to a quarter section. John married Sarah Viste in 1871. They were the last couple married in the first Washington Prairie Lutheran Church which was constructed of wood. The new church was constructed of stone, much of which came from the Hegg farm. John bought the lumber from the old wooden church and built a barn which is still in use today. John and Sarah were the parents of 13 children. All of the children were baptized at the Washington Prairie Lutheran Church. John and Sarah celebrated 65 years of marriage before they died.

John’s son, John II, bought the farm in 1917. He married Isabelle Bakke in 1918. John and Isabelle had 2 children: Ruth and John III. In addition to being a farmer, John II also was a very good blacksmith. He enjoyed his big Percheron horses, raised a highly productive milking Shorthorn herd and was among one of the first farmers to drill corn. John II died in the cold, snowy winter of 1936.

Much good can be said of these ancestors as they carried on their daily work and helped their friends and neighbors. They were indeed ambassadors of the Christian faith - a faith they practiced daily.

Bio Photo

Jendean Olson, Pastor Dan Olson, Ray and llene Pavelko, Mary and John Hegg, Andrew Olson, Aaron Olson, John Adam Hegg, John and Norma, Angela Olson.
In front Crystal Hegg, Leah Pavelko and Rachel Pavelko.

In 1944 John III married Norma Sersland. John and Norma are the parents of 3 children: Jendean, llene and John IV. Jendean is married to Pastor Dan Olson. They live in Sturgeon Bay, Wl. llene is married to Ray Pavelko. llene and Ray live in West Salem, Wl. John and Norma have 7 grandchildren. The 2 oldest are presently students, at Luther College. All 7 of their grandchildren are active in music groups. John and Norma delight in watching each of their grandchildren grow and develop their own style and personality. John III and Norma purchased the Hegg farm in 1969 and enlarged it to a half section. John milks Holstein cows and raised crossbred hogs. He utilizes a number of conservation practices on his farm, including contour and strip farming, terracing and no-till and minimum-till of row crops. John IV joined the farming operation in 1978. He has since married and purchased a farm of his own.

Helgeson, Ole and Anna (Gunderson)

(Elsie Rothmeyer)

Anna came to the United States with her young son when her husband Lars Gunderson, a shipbuilder, died of pneumonia in Norway. Anna lived with her in-laws for about a year. She then married Ole Helgeson, an itinerant Norwegian school teacher and moved to Calmar, IA. The Helgeson home was located on what is now the NEICC (Northeast Iowa Community College) campus. Two of their children always remained at home - shy, bashful, but happy. One happy childhood memory is going to the quaint, old-fashioned house to see Ingerand Helge. Even after their deaths and the deserted house became the home of rabbits and squirrels, it was our favorite berry-picking haven.

Now the beautifully mowed lawns and trimmed shrubs of the NEICC campus have taken the place of the small white house and only memories remain.

In our church cemetery at Calmar Lutheran, directly east of the Social Hall, there is a tombstone erected to Ole Helgeson who died 27 Oct 1901 from his former students as a thank-you for his long service. Grandma Helgeson died in 1919 at the age of 88 and is buried next to him.

Helgeson, Hans Andreas and Karen Marie (Larsdtr.)

(Donna Mae Haugen Bahr)

My great-great grandfather, Jorgen Helgeson, was born in Norway in 1815. A son Hans Andreas born 11 Feb 1841 in Skafsa, Norway, married Karen Marie Larsdtr (b. 2 Aug 1840, daughter of Lars Vebrandsen) on 24 Mar 1863 according to the Kragero, Telemark church records.

They had 9 children: Lewis, Johan Edward, Andrea, Emma, Mary, Martha, Caroline, Hilda and Clara. Two sons, Lewis born 27 Aug 1863 and Johan Edward born 20 Mar 1865, came to America with their parents on the ship “Tanaro” which left Risor, Norway on 13 May 1866 and arrived in Ouebec on 26 June 1866 with 281 Norwegian passengers on board.

Hans and Karen lived in Clinton, Dane Co., Wl where Andrea was born 18 May 1867. Three years later they settled in Green Bay, Brown Co. Wl where my grandmother Emma was born 2 Nov 1871. Mary was born 13 Mar 1874 followed by Martha born 13 Feb 1876.

The family came to Winneshiek Co. in 1876 and secured a farm in Pleasant Twp. where Caroline was born 24 Jun

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