forward to visiting Grandpa and Grandma because there was always something to do, such as fishing on the Mississippi, Mabel Steam Engine Days, Nordic Fest, auctions etc. Even though they lived in Rochester most of the time, it was always a big event when they went to the farm because it meant a burger at Van's Rendezvous in Decorah or stopping in Mabel’s Drug Store and the hardware store (which always had something interesting!).

Scott graduated from Mayo High School and continued on to get his Bachelor of Science in industrial technology from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. His first job out of college was as a junior design engineer with the FMC Corporation in Green Bay, Wl. During his time with FMC he had the unique opportunity to live for 2 months in the small mountain village of Schio, Italy working on a special assignment with the company’s sister plant. Shortly after he returned to the States, he was offered a position in Spring-field, MO as a design engineer. Being single with no real ties to Green Bay, he accepted the position for the promise of a warmer climate.

After moving to Springfield, he met a young lady by the name of Cara Charles at a night course they both took. They called their first date the marathon date. They started out one bright Saturday morning by driving to a park known as Ha Ha Tonka. After spending a fun day hiking around the park they drove back to Springfield for a romantic dinner at the Vintage House Restaurant and later rented a movie, ending their date at 2:30 in the morning. A year and 2 months later they were married 27 Apr 1991. About 2 years later Scott took employment with a new company, Tote Systems, where he continues to be a design/sales engineer. He has had the opportunity to travel to several interesting places such as England, Puerto Rico, New York and other exciting destinations. Cara ia a court reporter for the State of Mo.

Bio Photo

Herbert R. Heffern and Beverly A. Heffern

Our youngest son, Marc Roger, married Kristen Joy Anderson from Granite Falls, MN. He is a Police Officer with the Decorah Police Department and they live in Decorah. (See Heffern, Marc).

Herb and I have lived in our same home since 1967. Herb has been employed with the Dayton Company since 1961.1 have been with Dayton’s since 1978.1 am presently a Beauty Advisor with Estee Lauder. In 19891 was selected as Regional Beauty Advisor of the year for Estee Lauder.

Herb and I are members of Zumbro Lutheran Church in Rochester where both our sons were baptized and confirmed. We love to travel and have been to various places in Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean. Our best vacations are spent with our children!

Heffern, Marc and Kristen (Anderson)

(Marc and Kristen Heffern)

Bio Photo

Kristen and Marc Heffern

Marc Roger Heffern was born in Rochester, MN. He was the second child born to Herbert and Beverly (Bender) Heffern. He was baptized and confirmed at Zumbro Lutheran Church in Rochester. His grandparents are Maynard and Mary (Struwe) Heffern of Grand Meadow, MN and Walter and Doris (Peterson) Bender of Decorah, IA. Marc has one older brother Scott Randall married to Cara Charles of Carthage, MO.

Marc grew up in Rochester, MN. He attended Golden Hills Elementary School and Willow Creek Jr. High School and graduated from Mayo High School in 1987. After high school Marc attended Rochester Community College and then decided to obtain his certificate in Automotive Machining at the Austin Technical College, Austin, MN.

Growing up Marc spent his summers on his Grandpa and Grandma Bender’s farm helping with farm chores and learning from his grandfather how to hunt and fish. He always loved the area around Decorah. Therefore in 1990 Marc moved to Decorah to develop his hobbies. He worked as a mechanic and an automotive parts salesman.

In January 1992 Marc met Kristen Joy Anderson who was attending Luther College in Decorah. Marc taught Kris many of his hobbies like turkey and deer hunting and fishing and they enjoy doing them together. After two years of courting they were married on 24 Sep 1994 in Granite Falls, MN. Marc and Kristen resided in Decorah for a short while and then moved to EauClaire, Wl for one year. During that

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