Karen and John have 2 children: John Aaron and Melanie Sue who lives at home. Following his grandfather’s death, Aaron is farming the Headington farm in Canoe Twp.

Martha Olson’s story begins with Hans Olson (married Rhoda Marten) who was a carpenter and was the contractor of the Norwegian Museum in Decorah. In 1882 Hans became ill and was unable to take care of his family so his wife and the children, Lizzie, Henry, Harry and Nettie went back to Sparta, Wl. Julius was the youngest son and was taken in by the Ranum family near Nordness, IA. Bert was 16 years old and he stayed in Decorah.

Hans is buried at the Freeport Iowa Cemetery. His wife is buried at the Mt. Hope Cemetery in Sparta, Wl.

Lizzie died at a young age and is buried at the Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Bert (b. 17 Mar 1872 - d. 9 Jan 1932 in Decorah) married Emily Jane Crane (b. 2 Sep 1869 - d. 9 May 1956 in Decorah). They had 4 children and lived in Canton, MN.

Andrew served in the Army and made it his career. He married 3 times but had no children. He is buried at Fort Snelling in St. Paul, MN. Henry died in 1950 and is also buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery. Harry Olson married and had 2 sons and one daughter. In 1961 a son lived in Milwaukee, Wl and his daughter Katherine married Herb Sampson. They lived near Superior, Wl. Their other son was stationed at Camp McCoy, Wl.

Nettie married Robert Blackburn and they had 2 children. Nettie lived to be over 99 years old. Julius married Gertrude Ous and they had 2 sons. They lived in the Blooming Prairie, MN area. Julius lived to be 91 years old.

Heffern, Herbert and Beverly (Bender)

(Beverly Bender)

I was born Beverly Ann the only daughter of Walter and Doris (Peterson) Bender on the family farm in HesperTwp. Winneshiek Co., Decorah, IA. My father was born in the same room in the house thirty years earlier (23 Feb 1912). My mother born  was 21 years at my birth. I entered Kindergarten at the Knoke School, Canoe #6, at the age of five. My memories include: the entire school raking leaves in the fall then having a weiner roast; hikes in the woods both spring and fall to collect pretty leaves to preserve; studying wild flowers etc. It was our parents responsibility to see how we got to and from school. They would alternate with other families driving us. We would walk a lot of times when the weather was nice or even ride our bikes. I especially recall a winter day when we were “snowed in”. My dad walked me to school through fields with snow in many areas nearly up to my waist.

After graduating from 8th grade in May of 1956 I attended Decorah High School in the fall of 1956 and graduated on 2 Jun 1960. While in school I was active in choir, Student Council (District Student Council Secretary, 1959), Class Officer, Exchange Editor for the “Dynamo" (our school paper), Homecoming attendant, Big Sisters and Quill and Scroll. My religious training began with my Baptism by Pastor Carl Losen at St. John’s Lutheran Church Locust, IA. I was confirmed by Pastor Glen Vanderbilt in 1956. During my maturing years I was active in Sunday School (13 years), Youth Fellowship, Luther League, choir and also taught Sunday School and vacation Bible School.

In January of 1961 I moved to Rochester, MN to begin working for the Mayo Clinic (5 years) as an appointment Desk Attendant and attended Elaine Martin Finishing School.

Bio Photo

Scott R. Heffern, CoraJ. Charles Heffern

In May of ’61 I was introduced to “Herb". He was born Herbert Roger Heffern to Maynard and Mary (Struwe) Heffern in Grand Meadow, MN. His father at one time farmed but by Herb's birth was employed as an auto mechanic. There were four other siblings (Herb being 4th in birth order) Robert, Marvin, Randy and Wilma. Herb attended Grand Meadow elementary and graduated from High School in 1956. He worked various jobs while in school: paper boy, picked rocks for farmers from their fields in summer, baled hay, worked on the Pea Vinerys for Libbys out of Rochester. Prior to enlisting in the Navy, he worked at St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester. On 3 Mar 1957 he left for Boot Camp in Great Lakes, IL. He graduated from the School of Naval Photography in Pensacola, FL and served in the Navy for 4 years. After his discharge in March of 1961 we met in Rochester.

Herb and I were married 28 Jul 1962 at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Locust by my uncle Pastor Paul Hougen. Our first son is Scott Randall. Our second son is Marc Roger. While Scott and Marc were growing up in Rochester, it was a lot like the typical neighborhood depicted in the movies. Kids played in the neighbors’ yards and most everyone knew each other on the street. They built treehouses, snow forts and rode their bikes everywhere. Many times during the summer breaks, they would live with my parents on their farm north of Decorah, Winneshiek Co. They looked

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