turned to Decorah and rejoined my brother, Merle, who had kept the automobile business going during the war years. So I was back to selling Dodge cars and trucks again. I was also on hand to welcome our second son, Gary Dean was born. Years later he was my right-hand man at Haugen's Dodge business.

Bio Photo

Left to right: Helen Haugen, Beth Haugen, Gary Haugen, Jan Haugen and Clayton Haugen, 1951.

Haugen’s Dodge was not my father’s first business venture. He started a small restaurant on East Water St. where the Decorah Newspapers are now located. Both he and my mother worked hard for a few years and made a success of it serving the locals and many train workers and passengers. Since automobiles were coming into vogue, he decided to build a garage and go into the car business. In 1914 his friend and builder, A.R. Coffeen, erected his second largest building in Decorah, the other being the Decorah State Bank. He acquired a Buick dealership but a year later switched to a Dodge dealership. Gust E. Haugen Garage was in business for 68 years until I retired. Since then I have been playing. Jan lives in Ames, IA. He married Sharon Philpott 18 Dec 1965. They have 2 children: Christopher and Erik. Chris married Nanette Ehlert 28 Sep 1991 and they gave us a great-granddaughter, Hailey Nicole. Erik married Lauri Herman 13 Jul 1991 and lives in Chicago.

Beth married Robert Halverson 3 Oct 1964. They live in Urbandale, IA and have 3 children: Lori, Helen and Sara. Lori married Patrick Hays 12 May 1988 and lives in Saudi Arabia. They gave us 2 great-grandsons, Bradley Ryan and Matthew Robert. Helen is taking some courses at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls and is looking forward to re-entering the working world soon. Sara lives in Chicago and works for Motorola.

Our son Gary was very helpful in terminating the business and chose to move to a warmer climate. He lives in Phoenix, AZ and works at Stone Creek Country Club. This gives us an opportunity to enjoy the Southwest and shorten the winter.

Helen and I have had a wonderful life in Decorah and are grateful to my ancestors for settling in this most beautiful part of Iowa - it is truly a Little Norway.

Clayton S. Haugen died suddenly 18 Jan 1996.

Haugen, Edgar and Lilly Amanda (Moe)

(Theola (Mrs. Gerald) Haugen)

Edgar Oscar Selvenus Haugen was born 17 Sep 1902 in Winneshiek Co. His parents were Paul Kittleson Haugen (b. 26 Mar 1815 in Nissedal, Norway-d. 27 Apr 1945) and Isabelle Serina Evenson (b. 28 May 1872 in Springfield Twp. - d. 6 Apr 1951). Edgar’s grandparents were Kjetil Tallackson Haugen (b. 26 Mar 1815 in Nissedal, Norway) and Sigrid Paulsdtr. Dolan ( b. 20 Jul 1834 in Nissedal). They were married 11 Sep 1861 and came to America on the "Anna Delius" on 22 Apr 1871.

Lilly Amanda (Moe) was born 1 Oct 1905 in LeRoy, MN to Ole Janson Moe born 7 Jun 1856 in Laerdal, Norway and died 18 Sep 1915, and Sine Bertine Swenson born 8 Oct 1864 in Sola, Norway and died 20 Aug 1947. Both are buried in the LeRoy Lutheran Cemetery at LeRoy, MN. Lilly came from a large family of 12 children and often said that if all of her children had lived, she too would have had 12 children.

Lilly’s maternal grandparents were Sven Njellson Aarsvoll born 29 Aug 1820 in Norway, died 4 Oct 1899 in Hoyland, Norway, and Grete Marie Hansdtr. born 28 Apr 1841 in Sola, Norway. Grete died 4 Jan 1924 in Kinistino, Canada. They were married 26 Aug 1864.

Edgar and Lilly were married on 23 Jul 1923 at Decorah Lutheran Church and lived all of their lives in Decorah in various homes until 1936 when they moved out to the Ole Morken farm in Glenwood which had been owned by Isabelle’s parents. It was occupied for a time by Isabelle’s sister, Gertrude and Ole Morken and their daughter Selma Morken. When Ole died they inherited the farm and took care of Gertrude until her death in 1944 and Selma’s death in 1967.

Bio Photo

Roger, Jerrald, Raymond, Curtis, Ronnald, Clayton, Kenneth, Dale, Roy, Heidi Ann (Gerald’s),

Lily and Edgar Haugen.

They had 10 children: Roger, Gerald, Raymond, Delores, Curtis, Harlan, Clayton, Orville, Dale and Roy.

Roger Vernon was born in Decorah. He left home at age 16 and went to Milwaukee and then on to Riverside, CA before enlisting in the Army at age 18. He was stationed in Germany and England and was wounded in the war. While being hospitalized in England, he met his wife who was in the U.S.O. Marjorie Jean Dobbie, born in London, England. They were married 14 Feb

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