dress was New Albin, IA. During my gathering of facts in local cemeteries I saw a plastic flower arrangement which spelled “MOM” on Laura’s tombstone. I was so touched. We have lost touch with this branch of our family. Very few of us still bear the Hamre name. I hope this book will help us find lost relatives.

Hamre, Lauritz J. and Kathryn (Thompson)

(Alice Hamre Arneson)

Bio Photo

Kathryn Thompson and Lauritz J. Hamre

Lauritz J. Hamre (b. 30 Oct 1910 - d. 26 Aug 1968) was the son of Ole L. and Christine (Andresson) Hamre. He married Kathryn Thompson on 23 Jan 1938 (b. 25 Apr 1914 -d. 15 Nov. 1989). They had no children.

Knut L. Hamre loaned Lauritz the money to go to Luther College for 2 years. When Christine sold her house in 1930 she gave Knut her piano in repayment.

Lars and Kay ran a coffee shop in Ridgeway. Lars was in the Navy during WWII. In 1946 he bought Nels Qualley’s grocery on West Water St. across from the museum. Later he worked at the post office in Decorah. Lars was known for his rollicking laugh.

Hamre, Olav L. and Lillie (Sorenson)

(Alice Hamre Arneson)

Olav L. Hamre was born 8 Jul 1899 in Valdres, Norway and died 23 Apr 1978 at the Veterans Hospital in Des Moines, IA. He was the 10th and youngest child of Lars H. and Berit J. Hamre.

Olav went to school in Vestre Slidre. He traveled all alone to the U.S. in 1914. He took a boat from Oslo to N.Y and a train to Decorah arriving Apr 10. Brother Ole met him and pretended not to know who he was. (Ole came to the U.S. in 1902 when Olav was only three so Olav did not know him.) Ole asked Olav who he was there to meet.Olav enjoyed telling a detailed account of his journey.When his wife who had heard it many times interrupted him, he said, “Be quite, Mother, I’m busy crossing the ocean.”

Olav was confirmed at Decorah Lutheran by Rev. Schmidt. The class included Leona Sorenson (later Thompson) his future sister-in-law. All the class were impressed by his recitations in Norwegian.

Olav lived with Jake and Anna and worked in their shoe store. (Olav had fixed shoes in Norway.) Olav and his brother Eivind volunteered for the Army in 1917. They served in England and France where Eivind was killed.

Olav and Knut were partners in the shoe store at 106 Washington St. for many years. Lillie and Olav lived on Pershing Ave. across from the hospital. Lillie tells details of the night of 25 Jun 1939. They saw the lights go out in the delivery room and knew the baby was born. A short time later there was a knock at the door. Knut in tears said Cora was dead.

Olav sold his portion of the business to Knut on 16 Feb 1943. Olav went to Seattle to work in the shipyards. With shoes being rationed, skilled shoe repairmen were in demand and so he returned to that trade. He returned to Decorah in 1945 and opened his own store at 109 E. Water St. and lived above the store.

Bio Photo

Olav L. Hamre and Lillie Sorenson

Olav and Lillie had one daughter Bertha Lorraine. She married John Dahlke. They had 2 children: Erik John and Paul Olav, who has 3 children. Lillie lives at the Aase Haugen Home and Bertha Lorraine and sons live in the Minneapolis area.

Hamre, Ole L. and Christine (Andersson)

(Alice Hamre Arneson)

Ole L. Hamre born 11 Mar 1881 died 12 Nov 1918 was the second son of Lars H. & Berit J. Hamre. He was the first

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