Halverson, Orlando and Olga (Roed)

(Olga Halverson)

Orlando Herbert Halverson was born 25 Nov 1915 in Canoe Twp., Winneshiek Co., lAto Hans and Mabel (Rustad) Halverson. Hans was born 1 Jun 1874 - died 10 Dec 1957. Mabel was born 13 Jul 1890 - died 5 Mar 1970. Hans and Mabel were married 26 Mar 1913. Hans’s brothers and sisters were: Andrew, Halvor, Bert, Ole, John, Ingrid and Bertha. Mabel had one brother, Abraham, and two sisters, Elisa and Marie.

Orlando started out farming and then was manager of the frozen food department at a grocery store. He also read meters for the Decorah Water Department.

Orlando married Olga Marian Roed 24 Sep 1940 at the Hauge Parsonage. Olga was born 19 Feb 1921 in Canoe Twp. to Edward C. and Mathilda (Korsen) Johnson Roed. Mathilda was born 15 Jul 1867 at Lavangsness, Troms, Norway and died in 1950. Edward and Mathilda were married 29 Jan 1906.

Orlando and Olga are members of Grace Fellowship and Decorah Lutheran churches. Olga attends a circle and WELCA at Decorah Lutheran. She taught school and was a housewife. She makes quilts, sews, gardens and does volunteer work. Orlando is noted for his happy disposition and is nicknamed “Hap"! Hap's hobbies are golfing, bicycling and woodworking. They have 6 children: Marian, Herbert, Jeanette, David, Helen and Yvonne. All are graduates of Decorah High School.

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Orlando Halverson family Front left to right: David, Jeanette, Yvonne, Helen (the bride), Olga, Orlando, Marian and Herbert.

Marian Anita was was baptized and confirmed at Hauge Lutheran. She married Oscar Dahle-Melsaether in 1959. Oscar was born in Canada. Marian divorced in Mar 1973. They had 4 children: Jon, David, Darren and James. Jon Michael (m. Sue Clement 2 Mar 1985). They have 1 child: Tyler Jon . David Jay ( m. Carol Peterson 26 Jun 1982). Carol was born in Jackson, WY They have 2 children: Tanner Jay and Anne Nicole . Darren Lee (m. Kyra Barth 22 Jun 1985) in Tulsa, OK. They were divorced in Feb 1987. He then married Amy Thomasen (born in MO). They have 3 children: Zachary Lee , Jacob Ray  and Seth Elias . 

Herbert Eugene was baptized at Hauge Lutheran and confirmed at Decorah Lutheran. He married Helen Sue Collins 30 Jun 1968. Helen Sue was born in Waterloo. They were divorced in 1989. They had two children: Timothy Eugene  and Thomas Allen.

Jeanette Arlene  was baptized at Hauge Lutheran and confirmed at Decorah Lutheran. She graduated from Iowa Lutheran Nursing School at Des Moines. She married Ronald Starkon 3 Sep 1966 and they were divorced in 1979. They had 2 children: Lorraine and Lisa. Lorraine Deanne (m. Bryan Byrd in Jun 1986).  They divorced in 1991. They have 1 child: Paul Andrew . Lorraine then married Greg McElderry 4 Feb 1995. She has one step-son Sean McElderry . Lisa Jann ( m. Jeff Shoemaker 10 Sep 1994) in Davenport.

David Allen was baptized at Hauge Lutheran and confirmed at Decorah Lutheran. He was in the Navy 4 years and in the Army Reserve 19 years. He married Rebecca Sue Nelson 9 Oct 1971.  They have 3 children: Clayton Allen , Holly Sue and Josh David .

Helen Fav  was baptized at Hauge Lutheran and confirmed at Decorah Lutheran. She graduated from Iowa State College, Ames, IA as a dietician. Helen married Marvin Freeman 31 May 1975. . They have 2 children: Gregory Johnand Christina Beth . Helen and Marvin were divorced in 1983. Helen married again to Robert Terhune 17 Nov 1990.

Yvonne llene was baptized at Hauge Lutheran and confirmed at Decorah Lutheran. She spent 3 years at Iowa State at Ames and graduated from Marycrest Nursing School, Davenport, IA. She married Steven Clark 5 Jun 1976 and divorced in Jul 1991. They had 2 children: Scott Michael b and Sarah Michele .

Halverson, Roger and Rebecca (Brooks) Tangen

(Rebecca Halverson)

Rebecca Ann Brooks was born  at Decorah, IA to William Herbert and Dorothy Mae (Brown) Brooks. (See their family history.) Rebecca has one brother, Bruce Duane and one sister, Beth Elaine (Mrs. Dana Kirby) . (See their family histories.)

Rebecca “Becky” attended Decorah schools and graduated from Decorah High School May 1972. She attended U.N.I. for one semester. On 2 Mar 1974 she married Merlin Phillip Tangen, Jr. at Glenwood Lutheran Church, rural Decorah. Merlin "Butch” was born the son of Merlin I., Sr. and Beverly (Anderson) Tangen. Becky and Butch had 3 children: Tamara, Troy and Trent. Becky and Butch divorced in 1984.

Becky attended Luther College 1984-1987 and graduated in 1987.

On 30 May 1987 she married Roger Keith Halverson at Madison Lutheran Church, rural Decorah. Roger was born  at the Smith Memorial Hospital to Harry Clifton

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