mile east of Castalia where they still live. At the time of their marriage, Gerald was working at the Kneeskern Mink Ranch in Castalia. In May of 1955 he purchased a rural milk route, hauling can milk for about 6 years and then switching to bulk milk. Gerald is still hauling milk 40 years later. Along with the milk route Gerald, at various times, also had an LP gas business and farmed. They also owned and operated the school bus route from Castalia to Postville for 24 years.

Marlys has been an organist at Zion Lutheran Church in Castalia since she was about 15 years old. She is presently a consultant with Mary Kay cosmetics. Gerald and Marlys were blessed with 3 children: Gayle, Gloria and Gary.

Gayle Annette  married Jeffrey Olson of Swedesburg, IA 8 Apr 1978. They have 3 children: Kinsey Elsie; Torey Elaine and Ian Frans,  Gayle graduated from Postville High School and Iowa State University with a degree in Sociology. She also has a Masters Degree in Home Ec. Education with an emphasis in Health Education. Jeff has a Bachelors Degree in Ag. Engineering, and Associate Degree in electronics and a Masters Degree in Professional Agriculture. They farm near Winfield, IA. Gayle works with Iowa State Extension in Community Development. Gloria Ann  married Loren Wissmann of Falls City, NE on 16 Aug 1980. They have 9 children: Rachel Anna ; Ruth Elissa, Josiah David, Bethany Lynne,  Andrew Michael, Elizabeth Joy, Matthias Meinert,  Stephen Gerald, and Hannah Marlys, . Gloria graduated from Postville High School and Iowa State University with a degree in Leisure Services. Loren graduated from Gateway Electronics as an electronic technician. He has started his own sandblalsting company “Portablast Sandblasting" which he operates with several employees. They live on a small acreage near Gresham, NE. Gary Alan  graduated from Postville High School and then received an Associate Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from Hawkeye Technical School in Waterloo. He married Jacqueline Sue Olson of Postville on 25 Sep 1982. Gary enlisted in the U.S. Army and served from March 1983-Feb 1987. They lived at Augsburg, Germany for 3 1/2 years while Gary was stationed there. Their son Jordan Alan was born  in the Army Hospital at Augsburg, Germany. They also have a daughter, Jenna Lynn,  Jenna was born in the hospital at Waukon, IA five minutes after her cousin Elizabeth was born in Nebraska. Gary and his family live in New Vienna, IA where they are managers and part owners of the J & D Mart, a convenience store. Gary is also self-employed in the computer business. He is presently attending classes at the University of Northern Iowa working toward a Bachelors Degree in Management Information Systems.

Hakastad, Lars and Ragnild (Borshiem) Hakastad Seim

(Larry and Arlyne Seim)

Knut Larson Haugo Hakastad was born in 1788 in Voss, Hardanger, Norway.

Knut had 2 wives and 6 children. The oldest child, Lars Knutson Hakastad was born in 1825. Lars married Ragnhild Gjertsdtr. Borsheim in 1850 in Ulvik, Hardanger, Norway. Ragnhild was born in 1823.

Larry and I visited the Hakastad farm in 1994. The old homestead had been moved across the valley to another hill in Ulvik. Mona and Tor Hellesness live on the land, which is now an apple orchard. The original ‘Baking House' is still standing and is just a few feet from the house. The Hellesness couple, with the help of Tor’s father Odd, are going to restore the ‘Baking House’ - although, it is very well preserved. We ate lunch in the house and had the distinct privilege of eating from the table that belonged to Knut and his wife, Sigri Torbjornsdtr. (Larry’s great, great grandparents).

Lars and Ragnhild Hakastad came to America in 1853 (the same years Lars’s father, Knut, died) with their 2 year old daughter Sigre (b. 23 Jul 1851) and their son Gerhard Julius (b. 8 Feb 1853). Gerhard died 30 Oct 1877 at the age of 24 and is buried in Big Canoe Cemetery, Winneshiek Co., IA.

Lars and Ragnhild Hakastad settled at Lodi, Wl for 5 or 6 years where Lars died and is buried. Ragnhild came to Winneshiek Co. in 1860 and settled in Pleasant Twp. She then married Helge T Seim who was born in 1834 in Granvin, Hardanger, Norway. Helge died in 1876 at the age of 42. Helge and Ragnhild had 2 children: Anna Helgesdtr. Seim who married Andrew Natvik (only history we have) and Ole Helgeson Seim (1863-1939). Ole farmed by the Upper Dam in Winneshiek Co. and never married. He is buried in Big Canoe Cemetery.

Hall, John C and Anna (Garvey)

(Jeff Taylor)

JohnC. Hall and Anna (Garvey) married, raised a family and died in Winneshiek Co. John was born about 1847 in Clayton Co., IA. He was the son of William Hall and Jane Blakely who were born in Ireland. John can be found in the 1850 Census living with his parents and siblings in Monona Twp., Clayton Co. Anna was born in 1855 in Rock Co., Wl. She was the daughter of John Garvey and H. Wallice who were born in Ireland.

According to the 1880 Census John was living in Allamakee Co., lAwith his first wife Bridget, while Anna was living in Wright Co., lAwith her first husband John Riley. Anna’s children by her first marriage were: William, Hanora, John and Andrew.

John and Anna were married 8 Nov 1888 in Decorah and lived in Bloomfield Twp. They had 3 children: Frank, James and Lily. Frank Jesse (1890-1975) moved to Montgomery Co., IA. Nellie Hunt was his first wife. James John (1892-1918) died in France as a soldier during WWI. Lilv Ann (b. 1897) went by the name “Mabel” moved to Washington state and married Alfred Hartz.

Anna died 20 Feb 1897 two days after the birth of her daughter. John, a teamster, died 1. Jul 1915 from a dislocated neck caused by a fall from a wagon. They are buried in Pleasant View Cemetery in Castalia. John’s tombstone has an incorrect middle initial and incorrect birthdate.

Partial OCR transcription, some sensitive personal information such as birth dates of people that maybe living is not included. See the associated scan to compare with the published information.

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