Haaland, Andrew and Marie (Horgen)

(Darla (Anderson) Bakken)

Bio Photo

Andreas Haaland and Marie Horgen with daughter Stella Haaland.

Andreas Haaland was born 5 Oct 1871 in Skudenes, Norway and died 6 Feb 1908 at the age of 37. He was also known as Andrew and came to America at age 17 in 1888. Andrew was in the U.S, a few years when his 2 brothers Jacob and Martin came to join him. Jacob came in 1883 and Martin came in 1884. They farmed for a short time in Winneshiek Co., Madison Twp. They sold their land and moved to Veblen, SD. The 40 acres they owned is now part of the farm that their grandniece, Darla (Anderson) Bakken and her husband Gerald own.

Andrew’s father was a fisherman and was lost at sea in Norway.

In 1892 Andrew was married to Anne Marie Horgen. She was the daughter of Christian Horgen born in Gran, Hadeland, Norway (6 Mar 1840-d. 22 Jul 1923) and of Siri Walby (Hvalleby) also born in Gran, Hadeland (1 Jan 1836-d. Jan of 1917). Christian and Siri are buried in the Madison Lutheran Cemetery.

Anne Marie went by her middle name, Marie, and was born 22 Nov 1870 and died 28 Jun 1961. Her parents lived in Winneshiek Co., Canoe Twp. near what was known as Locust Lane when she was born.

Andrew and Marie are buried in the Madison Lutheran Cemetery. They had 3 children: Stella, Edna and Tinka. Stella was born 28 Oct 1892 and died 1 Jun 1973. She married Gilbert Hanson born 23 Sep 1884 and died 1 Jun 1966. They had no children.

Edna was born 4 May 1896 and died 3 Dec 1983. She married Eddie Haugen born 27 Oct 1888. They had one child.

Tinka was born 4 Mar 1906 and died 16 Feb 1981. She married Leon Anderson born 3 Sep 1905 and died 29 Jun 1989.

After their marriage Andrew and Marie farmed a short distance south of Hwy. 9 (the farm buildings are gone now) in Winneshiek Co., Madison Twp. In 1905 they bought a farm northeast of the Madison Church where their youngest daughter was born and where Andrew died leaving Marie with 3 young daughters. After a couple of years she packed up a few belongings and moved to Minneapolis, MN for a short time where she worked as a seamstress. They moved back to Iowa and she and her daughters, along with hired help, worked the farm she and Andrew had purchased.

In 1915 she married Magnus Skogen born 23 Jun 1871 in Trondheim, Norway and died 9 Jan 1943. He is buried in the Madison Lutheran Cemetery. They had no children.

When Magnus lived in Norway he served in the Norwegian Navy or Army. He came from a large family. The ones who came to the U.S. were: Magnus, Benedict, Elais, Johannes, Christina and Johanna.

Haga, Carl and Ida (Bakken)

(Helen M. Erickson)

Carl Olaf Haga was born 13 Mar 1893 in Madison Twp. and died 15 Nov 1975. He was the son of Martin and Martha (Gronland) Haga. She came from Norway with her parents.

Carl had a younger brother, Ralph, and 3 sisters: Anna (Hans Engen), Gena (Lloyd Larson) and Marie.

Bio Photo

Carl and Ida Haga family

Carl was a farmer and carpenter. He learned his skills while helping Carl Ness build houses and farm buildings. He also worked with Sig Hanson a Decorah carpenter. In 1947 a wooded area in Section 12, Madison Twp. on the Old Bakken Farm near the Madison Road, was cleared for a farm site. Carl built a house with help from relatives and neighbors using the lumber from a large granary, the only building still left on the old farm-site down in the valley. Even his step-mother, Caroline Haga, helped pull nails from the old boards. He also built a barn and other farm buildings.

Carl was director at the Decorah State Bank many years. On 28 Nov 1917 he married Ida Marie Bakken (b. 13 Jan 1896), daughter of Gust and Helena (Melaas) Bakken. She

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