Gulickson, Nels and Martha (Sherwin)

(Jeanette Naley)

Nels Gulickson was born in Norway 15 Feb 1849. Martha was born 15 Nov 1851 in Gjovik, Norway to Beathe Johannsdtr Overby. Beathe came to America in 1879. Her husband, Lewis Sherwin, had been killed in Norway in an accident while hauling a load of wood.

Martha and her sister Agnetta came to America with Beathe. Several brothers who came were: John, Jacob, Lars and Hans. Agnetta married Ole Rustad. They lived in Nordness in Springfield Twp.

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Nels Gulickson and Martha Gulickson

9 Dec 1932, the daughter of Gilbert and Pearl (Brynsaas) Rosendahl. Hazel’s brothers were Charles and Merlin. Both Howard and Hazel graduated from Decorah High School.

Howard and Hazel had 4 children: Darryl Alan, Dennis Howard, Duane Gene and Connie Lynn.

Darryl graduated from Winona State University in 1973. Darryl married Brenda Wennes 16 Dec 1972. They have 2 children: Amber and Kyia. Darryl is an insurance consultant and broker for the Aetna Insurance Co. Brenda is a beautician and owns and operates her own shop. They live in Maple Grove, MN. Dennis was born 21 Sep 1953 and died 15 Jan 1954 of a congenital heart condition. Duane graduated from Winona State University in 1978. Duane married Stacey Frana 4 Jun 1977. They have 3 daughters: Alepsa, Lindsey and Hannah. Duane is a sales representative for Red Line Health Care. They live in Plymouth, MN. Connie Lvnn graduated from Rochester Community College in 1986. Connie married Steven Schmitt 8 Nov 1986. They have 4 children: Emily, Amy, Lucas and Molly. They live near Hawkeye, IA and are dairy farmers.

Howard and Hazel belong to Burr Oak Lutheran Church. They farmed north of Decorah until they retired and sold their farm. They always had Brown Swiss cows and John Deere machinery on their farm. Retirement years find them busy enjoying a new home, quilting, coffee parties, fishing and especially their children and 9 grandchildren.

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Martha married Nels Gulickson 20 Aug 1881 at Washington Prairie Methodist Church in Springfield Twp. They lived in Springfield Twp. for several years, where Nels was buttermaker in the creamery across from the Red Oak School, now the home of Leo and Laura Amdahl. They later moved to Pleasant Twp. and purchased a 40 acre farm one half mile east of the present Big Canoe Lutheran Church. Nels and Martha were faithful members of the Norwegian Methodist Church. Martha was a good cook, having cooked for dignitaries in Norway. It seems I can still smell her delicious meat balls and gravy.

Martha and Nels had 2 daughters: Josephine was born in 1885 and died of pneumonia in 1909; Anna was born 26 Jun 1883.

Nels and Martha both died in their home in Pleasant Twp.-Nels on 18 Jul 1938 at age 89 and Martha on 14 Jul 1936 at age 85. They are buried in the Methodist Cemetery one half mile east of Big Canoe Church.

Gullickson, Howard and Hazel (Rosendahl)

(Hazel Rosendahl Gullickson)

Howard Lester Gullickson was born in Winneshiek Co., the son of Adolph and Ida (Holien) Gullickson. Howard’s brothers and sisters were: Glen, Sadie, Walter, Norman and Dorothy.

Howard married Hazel Rosendahl 12 Feb 1950 at the Burr Oak Lutheran Church, Burr Oak, IA. Hazel was born

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Left to right: Duane Gullickson, Hazel Gullickson, Howard Gullickson, Connie (Gullickson) Schmitt and Darryl Gullickson.

Gunderson, Gunder and Berthe (Bartelson)

(Katy Bradley)

Gunder Gunderson was born 18 Aug 1844 in Kongsberg, Norway. In 1866, at age 22, Gunder left Norway with money he had saved for six years as a bricklayer to go to Ouebec and then Chicago. Once in Chicago Gunder worked for a few weeks to save some more money to take a train as far west as it would take him. At

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