Johannes and Dorothy were married in Albert Lea 28 Jun 1942.

Dennis and Ruth were married 2 May 1964 in Decorah. They have 3 children: Catherine Ann, Michele Marie and Michael Nels, all born in Minneapolis, MN.

Catherine married Michael C. Reicks 13 Jan 1990. They live in Festina, IA with their 2 children, Emily Ann and Bradley Michael, both born in Decorah. Michele married L. James Lambert 16 Jul 1994. They live in Iowa City, IA. Michael also lives in Iowa City.

Dennis and Ruth are members of First Lutheran Church in Decorah. Dennis is employed as a real estate sales person and appraiser. Ruth is employed as a secretary at Luther College. Both are graduates of Luther College in Decorah. Dennis and Ruth have shared an interest in folk art. Ruth began rosemaling in 1977 and continues painting commissioned work, teaching and publishing rosemaling patterns. Dennis has enjoyed wood-working since the 1960’s.

Green, Gideon and Dorcas (Aldrich)

(Helen Green)

Bio Photo

Old site - 1850's.

Gideon Green was born 3 Aug 1804 in a Quaker settlement in Greenfield, NY His parents were Increase and Jane (Irish) Green. On 30 Jun 1830 Gideon married Dorcas Aldrich. Dorcas was born 21 Sep 1811. She was the daughter of Noah and Elizabeth (Baker) Aldrich.

Gideon and Dorcas had 9 children: Elizabeth (b. 5 Dec 1831), Celia (b. 8 Oct 1833), Dennis (b. 1 Jul 1835), Melvin (b. 6 Apr 1837), Marcellus (b. 30 Mar 1841), Felinda (b. 10 Dec 1843), Lynus (b. 3 Mar 1845), Ora Ann (b. 4 May 1848) and Luther (b. 19 May 1854).

Gideon served in the Army during the Mexican War of 1848. In 1836 Gideon and Dorcas started west to find land and a new home for their family. The family made stops in Michigan, Indiana, finally arriving in Janesville, Wl. Gideon rented land in Janesville for 7 years. The family traveled by covered wagon pulled by oxen. They brought with them a flock of sheep.

In 1850 Gideon heard the government land in northeast Iowa had been surveyed and was open to settlers. He crossed the Mississippi to explore the area. Gideon traveled 30 miles on the military road between Fort Crawford in Prairie du Chien and Fort Atkinson. When he came to a lone cabin near Rattletrap (now known as Castalia), Gideon left the trail and traveled northeast to the Yellow River. There he staked a claim which included good bottom land, a stand of maple trees, and a strong flowing spring. This claim was located in Sec. 12, Bloomfield Twp., Winneshiek Co. Over the years the spring has supplied all the water for both the household and the livestock. Gideon acquired this land through a land grant from Private Simpson, George Smith and Robert Hunt of the Texas Mounted Volunteers for $1.25 an acre. The patent dated 15 Jul 1851 was recorded at the general land office in Dubuque.

After staking his claim, Gideon returned to Wisconsin to harvest his crops and sell enough sheep to pay for the claim. He then returned to Iowa with Dorcas and their children. When they came through Prairie du Chien, Gideon purchased a door and window. These he used in the log cabin he built on a knoll near the spring.

Pests caused a lot of problems in those early days. Passenger pigeons numbering in the millions would roost in the timber. (The passenger pigeon is now extinct, but in the 1850’s flocks were so large they darkened the sky.) The entire family had to get up at daybreak to protect their fields and gardens from the pigeons. Guns and tin pans were used to scare the birds off. Many of the pigeons were used for food.

In the spring of 1851 Gideon tapped some of the maple trees on his farm for “sweets” for the table. This started a family tradition and maple sugar processing business that continues to this day.

Gideon died 25 Nov 1882; Dorcas died 12 Sep 1893. Both are buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery south of the Green farm in Bloomfield Twp., Winneshiek Co.

Green, Kenneth Melvin and Elaine (Stoessel)

(Phyllis Green)

Kenneth Melvin Green was the great-grandson of Gideon Green, the early settler who purchased the land in Bloomfield Twp. known as Maplewood Farm. The original land grant is dated 10 Jul 1851. The farm passed from father to son: from Gideon (1804-1882) to Melvin (1837-1904) to Edward (1871-1951) to Kenneth (1904-

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