Grangaard was a member of the Old Paint Creek Lutheran Church, rural Waukon.

"My parents came from Gol, Hallingdal, Norway in the year 1848 to Rock Prairie, Wl. In the spring of 1853 they, together with other Norwegians, came to Paint Creek, Allamakee Co., IA where they settled on Government Land. On this land they lived all their days.

Bio Photo

Louis A. Grangaard Picture taken by his son, Conrad Grangaard, in 1935 or 1936.

“I was born 20 Apr 1861.1 was baptized by Rev. Ulrick Vihelm Koren, confirmed by Rev. Ove Jacob Hjort and married by H.A. Hartmann. I received my education at the public school which lasted six months a year and one winter attended Prof. Langhaus' Business College in Waukon. My religious education I received at home and Parochial school. Our parochial school teacher was a Seminarian from Norway.

"As to my courtship and marriage, well it was different from now-a-days - no automobiles. If we did not want to walk, we would take horses, but I did not even do that, for my folks and my wife’s folks were close neighbors. The farms joined so we were playmates from childhood days. We went to Parochial school together, went to read for the minister confirmation school together and were confirmed together. On the 7th day of March 1883 we were married and immediately settled down to farming whereby we made our living. The weddings were large in those days. The whole neighborhood was asked to come to the bride’s in the forenoon, go along to the Church to witness the ceremony, come along home, have what I call a big dinner, spend the afternoon in a sociable way by "Dompe Steik" and other games, had coffee shortly before dark, and then a midnight supper. And as customs were in those days, music started right after dark and dancing lasted all night till daylight. Then the wedding was over.

"As to my political life I was the secretary of our public school for a good many years. I held the office of Justice of the Peace, Township Trustee and Township Clerk.

'And the Religious Life. I was a teacher for our Sunday School for many years and then we had a Mixed Choir that we called “Norden”. We belonged to the Decorah Circuit Choral Union of which I for a while was President and later Treasurer. As a rule we had a song festival in one of the congregations belonging to the Decorah Circuit once a year, generally on the first Saturday and Sunday of June. Those days were pleasant days, as were also the days of choir practice and my school days. I always liked to sing; therefore I was “Klokker” in our congregation for a good many years. I am Secretary for our congregation now and have been for the last 30 years or more."

L.A. Grangaard was the father of Orrin Grangaard who owned the IGA Grocery Store in Decorah in the 1930’s and 40’s. Orrin was the father of Marilyn Grangaard Preus.

Grant, Albert Edward

(Helen Grant Schmidt)

Bio Photo

Albert Edward Grant, born 24 Jun 1910 in Decorah, was the son of Edward C. and Mabel (Stevens) Grant. He grew up in Decorah and attended the public school. At any early age it was evident that Albert had great artistic talent. He played piano and organ and was the regular organist at the Methodist Church. He dabbled in oil painting, water colors, sculpting in clay and many artistic forms, including photography.

Al left Decorah in 1941 to work in Seattle in the shipyards and with Pan-American Airways. He was inducted into the Army in Dec 1942. During his army career he was stationed at Myrtle Beach, SC as a chaplain’s assistant and gave organ recitals at the Army Air Field Chapel

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