Linda attended grade school at St. Boniface in Ionia and St. Mary’s in New Hampton. She graduated from New Hampton High School in 1978. She became a cook at the Chickasaw County Home. Then she attended Northeast Iowa Technical Institute at Calmar where she graduated in cosmetology. Linda had her own beauty shop in Nashua for 5 years. After her marriage she did home care at the Howard County Hospital in Cresco. She has worked at the Aase Haugen Home in Decorah for the past 7 years. Linda likes bike riding with the family and walking on the bike trail near her home.

Warren is a member of Madison Lutheran Church and Linda is a member of St. Benedict's Catholic Church in Decorah.

Fretheim, Wayne

(Ruth Fretheim)

Bio Photo  

Wayne Alan Fretheim

Wayne Alan Fretheim was born at Decorah, IA, the son of Herbert and Ruth (Bjerkvig) Fretheim. He attended a rural school 2 years and then Decorah Public School. Wayne graduated from Decorah High School in 1970 and from Iowa State University in 1975 with a B.A. in Science Landscape Architecture & Community Planning. He was a member of Delta Chi Fraternity at I.S.U. After graduating from ISU Wayne lived in Berkely, CA for 5 years (1985-1990) and since then has lived in Minneapolis, MN. He experienced the 1989 San Francisco earthquake without any mishaps. His office building rolled back and forth like a big ship. For the past 5 years Wayne has worked for United Health Care in Minneapolis. He enjoys coming back to Decorah for the Nordic Fest and the 15 Kilometer Run.

Fretheim, Wesley Jon

(Ruth C. Fretheim)

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Wesley Jon Fretheim

Wesley Jon Fretheim, the son of Herbert L. and Ruth (Bjerkvig) Fretheim was born at Decorah, IA . He attended grade school in Decorah and graduated from Decorah High School in 1982. He has lived at home farming the Century Farm which originally belonged to his great-grandfather Henry H. Fretheim. Since 1994 Wes has worked at Camcar-Textron in Decorah. Wes is a member of Madison Lutheran Church.

Fristad, Even and Ragnild (Halsteensdtr)

(Eileen J. Sperry)

Even Haagenson Fristad was born in Vestre Slidre, Valders, Nonway, 24 Dec 1806. He came to America in 1851 with his wife and 6 children, the youngest born in Bergen, Nonway on the way to America. They first resided in Dane Co., Wl for 2 years and then moved to Winneshiek Co. in 1853. They settled in Calmar Twp. where he resided until his death 28 Feb 1895. He is buried in a Calmar cemetery. He was married to Ragnild Halsteensdtr who was born 31 Dec 1806 and is also buried in the Calmar Cemetery. Their children were: Berit Evensdtr (22 Feb 1834), Jorond Evensdtr (4 Nov 1837), Marit Evensdtr (3 Mar 1841), Haaken Evenson (22 Oct 1844) (see separate article), Ambjor (14 Dec 1846), and Rangnild (20 Apr 1851).

Fristad, Haagen and Kari (Quil)

(Eileen J. Sperry)

Haagen Evenson Fristad was born 22 Oct 1844 in Vestre Slidre, Valders, Norway. He came to America in 1851 with his parents, Even Haagenson Fristad and Rangild Halsteenstr. They first lived in Dane County, Wl, and came to live in Winneshiek Co. in 1853, Calmar Twp. He was married to Kari Knutsdtr Quil in Springfield Twp. 18 May 1866 by Pastor V. Koren of Washington Prairie

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