Fretheim, Hermund and Anna (Jensdtr)

(Sonja Farley)

Hermund Ingebrightsen (Fretheim) was born upon Nese in Arnafjord, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway to Ingebright Ericksen (Nese) and Gjertrud Hermundsdtr (Fretteim) 12 May 1900. He married Anna Jensdtr (Aafet) 4 May 1825 in Vik i Sogn, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. Anna was born about Apr 1804 upon Aafet in Feios or Rinde, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. Anna’s parents were Jens Johannesen (born upon Helland) and Groe Einarsdtr (bom upon Sie). Hermund and Anna became the parents of 10 children (all born upon Fretteim in Arnafjord, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway): Ingebright (12 Nov 1825-ca. Jul 1854), Jens (11 Aug 1827-4 Dec 1890), Ole (15 May 1830-26 Sep 1892), Groe (29 Mar 1832-26 Apr 1907), Gjertrud (16 Sep 1834-22 Apr 1902), Johannes (17 Jun 1836-13 Mar 1917), Johan (27 Jun 1840-6 Jul 1904), Erik (30 Dec 1842-16 May 1843), Christi (7 Aug 1844-?) and Eli (16 Jul 1847-20 Jul 1921). Hermund and his wife, Anna, along with 3 sons and 4 daughters, Hermund’s 2 sisters, Bertha (Brita) and husband Ole Steffensen Hauglum and Ingeri and husband Sjur Larsen Hallsete, with their families, and Hermund’s daughter Gjertrud's future husband Bottolf Hellen sailed to America on the Brig Jorgen Brunkhorst from Bergen, Norway and arrived at the Port of New York on 30 Jun 1854. Of 126 people on board the ship, Sjur Larsen Hallsete was the only person to die on the voyage across the Atlantic. Hermund and Anna’s sons, Jens and Ole had arrived in America about 1851/ 1852, and possibly came with their father’s brother, Ingebright Ingebrightsen (Nese) and his wife, Johanna Jonsdtr (Ytre-Nesse) and other relatives.

Hermund and his son Ingebright and a friend of Hermund's (possibly his other brother-in-law) died in the Albany area of New York about Jul 1854. One story says they died of heat stroke; another says they died of “poisoned water.” The following is from the 6 Jul 1854 New York Daily Times (page 8, column 2) Albany, Wed. Jul 1854 “The weather was very warm here yesterday - the thermometer reaching 103 in the shade. Three Norwegian emigrants died from the effects of the heat. Many cases of sunstroke are also reported.” The following is from an interview with Mr. & Mrs. John Opheim, printed in the Wed., 12 Jan 1944 Decorah Public opinion (page B01, columns 5, 6, & 7 “Roadside Ramblings” by Dale Ahern, Editor) “Mr. Opheim’s mother came to this country with her parents, Herman and Anna Fretheim, from Sogn, Norway, in the early 1850’s...The Fretheims, like others coming at that time, wore heavy wool clothing. And they arriving in the new world in the hot month of July...When the Fretheims landed at Albany the livery rig they hired to take them to the railway station was so loaded, Herman and a Norwegian-immigrant friend decided to walk. So the livery rig soon traveled out of their sight on the road to the station which was at some distance from the dock...As the men trudged over the road, the sun beat down on them mercilessly. They dripped with perspiration under their heavy clothing.. .At the railway station Anna Fretheim and her children waited and waited, but Herman did not show up. As train time approached Anna began to worry. What if the train pulled in and Herman wasn’t there to board it with the rest of them?...That was a serious matter, for their train fare was paid, and the tickets had to be used that very day or they became null and void. Anna called her oldest son to her and told him to run out in search of his father. “Hurry, son,” the fearful woman pleaded, “Hurry!”...Alas! The train came chugging and puffing into the station with the steam popping and the bell tolling. And still Herman did not come, nor Anna’s oldest boy whom she had sent after her husband...The moment came when the train was about ready to pull out. Anna ran frantically about the station with the steam popping and the bell tolling. And still Herman did not come, nor Anna’s oldest boy whom she had sent after her husband...The moment came when the train was about ready to pull out. Anna ran frantically about the station, straining her eyes for some sign of her loved ones. At last she decided it would be better for her and the children who were with her to get on the train. That way only two of the tickets would have to be sacrificed. Perhaps Herman and the oldest son would find some way to join her before the new home was reached in the West...But Anna was destined to make the cross-country journey alone. She went to Wisconsin. It must have been weeks before she received the sad news. She learned at last that, after the train left Albany, a searching party found her Herman and their son, together with Herman’s immigrant friend, prone on the ground beside a spring where they had stopped to get a drink to quench their insatiable thirst.. Actually, all three were overcome by the heat." According to some, it cost Anna $18 to have their bodies “taken care of.” No one knows where they are buried. Anna remarried 4 May 1867 in Winneshiek Co. to Anders Ellingson. Anna died 7 Sep 1870 in Winneshiek. It is not known where she is buried.

Ingebright married Christine Ingeborg Olsdtr 17 Apr 1854 in Vik i Sogn, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. They were newly-weds when they left Norway.

Jens came to America in 1851/1852 when he was about 24. Jens married Aase (Hellen) Dahle (24 Jul 1828-5 Mar 1911). Aase’s first husband, Iver Dahle had died. She had 3 sons by her first marriage: Ole, Anton and John. Jens and Aase had a son, Henry J. Fretheim (1 Aug 1872-10 Sep 1943). Henry’s wife was Bertha Aletta Hovey (6 Jan 1876-12 Sep 1933). They had 7 children. Jens lived in Madison Twp., Winneshiek Co. He is buried in the east end of the Madison Lutheran Church Cemetery. Aase is in the east cemetery by her first husband.

Ole came to America with his brother Jens in about 1851/1852. He married Anna Halvorsdtr (28 Feb 1825-9 Nov 1911) in Wisconsin. Anna had a child, Sigrid (Sarah), born in Norway. Ole and Anna had 4 children: Anna (born in Wisconsin), Albert Norman (23 Mar 1859-?), Ingeborg Andrine (24 Nov 1862-?) and Betsy Louise (24 Apr 1866-?). Albert was born in Iowa. He married Susie E. Theilich 13 Nov 1895. Ole and Anna lived in Madison Twp. They are buried in the Madison Lutheran Cemetery.

Groe married Gunder Bjelland Olson (13 Jun 1835-3 Mar 1899) on 7 Jan 1860. They had 6 children: Anna

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