sis. She married Mathew Belnic on 26 Aug 1995. He is from Houston, TX and is serving in the U.S. Marines. Gale Lynn, Decorah) attended Palamar College Graduate School, majoring in graphics arts. She married James Johnson. They live in Alaska where they are Captains of their own tendering ship. They purchase sockeye salmon from the natives and deliver this to the All-Alaska Sea Foods Co. Both went to the same school in San Diego where the U.S. Navy sends their Captains. Here they learned how to operate a ship. Gale graduated at the very top having achieved 100 per cent on the final exam.

Bio Photo

Galen and Betty Foss (taken in 1994)

Donna Lucille is self employed. She was married to Richard Jagerson. They have 2 children: Barbara and Rebecka. Barbara Lynn has 2 children: James ‘Jamie’’ Lee and Aron Christopher. Barbara works for the Mentally Retardation Board in Austin, MN. Rebecka was married to Bernard Kalvelage. They have one child, Shawn Michael. Becky works for the Chamber of Commerce in Cresco. Donna was then married to Darwin Harding. They have 3 children: Robert, and twins, Karen and Craig. Robert Durwin works for Quality Control Pork Products in Austin. Karen Renee is a student in Interior Design at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids. Craig Allen is in the U.S. Marines, stationed on the U.S.S. Independence, working in Japan.

Rov Lester  married Beverly Bartell on 30 Aug 1963. She was born in Austin and grew up in Albert Lea, MN. They have 2 children: Jolene and Kori. Jolene Marie married Martin Stuefen. Jolene works for Herman M. Brown Co. and Martin works for Pearson Construction in Cedar Rapids. They have 2 children: Sumer Nicole and Maggie Louise. Kori Lyn graduated from Kirkwood Community College and is presently attending Hennepin College in the Twin Cities with plans to enter nursing school. Roy served in the U.S.

Air Force. He presently works for Seegler’s Trailer Repair in Cedar Rapids. Beverly has retired from working eighteen years with the City of Cedar Rapids in their personnel department.

Foss, Naomi

(Charlotte Wilkins Lee)

Naomi  married Arnold Berg in 1955. They have 6 children: Jo, Cathy, Steven, Sherry, Cindy Lou, and Tammy. Naomi and Arnold were divorced in 1969.

Jo married Bill Iverson on 12 Aug 1978. Jo has her own bakery, The Organic Waving Grain Bakery in Freeport, where she makes different kinds of breads. Bill works for Community Action. They have 2 children: Leif  and Tess. Cathy Lynn was married to Bruce Samules in 1980. They have one child, Amber. Cathy then married Alan Boeker in 1990. Cathy is a realtor in Redondo Beach, CA. Alan is a building contractor. Steven Arnold  is a mechanic in Alton, IL. He has 2 children, twins. Mandy Allensworth and J.D. Allensworth. Their mother is Karen Allensworth. Sherry Kav graduated from Luther College in 1987 with a degree in Philosophy. She is a secretary in Minneapolis. Cindv Lou lives in San Diego, CA. She is a massage therapist. Tammy Sue lives in the Donlon House Group Home which is operated by Opportunity Homes, Inc. She works for Spectrum Industries in Decorah.

Naomi Foss is a home Health Aid for Winneshiek Co. Many have been most thankful for her kind, considerate, and thoughtful ways and found her to be a real blessing as she has cared for them.

Fossum, Ove, Jr. and Janet (Mestad)

(Michelle Schwartzhoff)

Ove A. Fossum, Jr. was born in Spring Grove, MN, the son of Ove G. Fossum, Sr. and Della Roble. Ove, Jr. married Janet B. Mestad 22 Feb 1948 at Highland Lutheran Church.

Janet was born in Highland Twp., Winneshiek Co. to Joseph O. and Nettie A. (Gjere) Mestad. Joseph was born 14 Dec 1894 in Highland Twp. to Knut and Brynild (Brunsvold) Mestad. Nettie was born 3 Apr 1904 in Highland Twp. to Gilbert A. and Jorun Jane" (Traaen) Gjere. Janet has one brother, Kermit G. Mestad, who lives in Decorah.

Ove and Janet have 3 daughters: Teresa, Darlene and Michelle, all born in Spring Grove, MN. Teresa Ann . She married Gerald E. Vernon in Spring Grove. Teresa and Gerald had 3 children: Erik (deceased), Kari and Krista. Gerald and Teresa live in Richfield, MN. Darlene Rae  married Jeff E. Martin in LaCrosse, Wl. They have 2 children: Ryan and Sara. The family resides in Decorah. Michelle  married Michael J. Schwartzhoff 24 Jun 1989 in Spring Grove. Michael and Michelle live in Decorah.

Partial OCR transcription, some sensitive personal information such as birth dates of people that maybe living is not included. See the associated scan to compare with the published information.

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