Gladys (See Ramlo, Howard & Gladys)

Arne died 10 Oct 1940 and Clara died 11 Feb 1951. They are buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Decorah. They belonged to Decorah Lutheran Church.

Foss, Clifford and Ruth (Vine)

(Charlotte Wilkins Lee)

Clifford (7 Dec 1902) worked on the George E. and Rose Vine farm while a teenager. The farm is located on Hwy. 52 halfway between Decorah and Calmar, near the Spillville turn-off. He married their daughter Ruth (2 Nov 1904-18 Aug 1990) on 4 Sep 1927 at Mason City. They lived on the farm after their marriage. George died shortly after and Rose died five years later. Clifford was just 20 when he moved on that farm. He farmed for 50 years. (See Foss, Hans story)

Bio Photo

Clifford and Ruth Foss

Ruth and Clifford enjoyed collecting antiques and collectables. He put a cement floor into his old machine shed. Together they made rooms in it to resemble that period of history. This was their English Prairie Museum. Many a person toured the museum and particularly enjoyed the hospitality both gave. Clifford and Ruth had this for 25 years after his retirement from farming.

Clifford enjoys playing the harmonica. George Ness, Lawrence Ruen and he would play their harmonicas at neighborhood gatherings. Often Clifford’s brother Max would accompany them on the guitar. Now he drives each day to the farm to mow the huge lawn and fix those numerous items that need fixing on a farm. He has always enjoyed tinkering and could fix almost anything. He had quite a collection of old steam engines.

Many will attest to the warmth and kindness that Clifford gives to everyone. Ruth’s nieces, Rosalyn (Robert) Eppens of Decorah and Marjorie Gunderson of Cresco are their “children."

They were members of the Congregational United Church of Christ in Decorah. Ruth was buried in Phelps Cemetery, Decorah.

Foss, Elling and Rachael

(Marcella Amundson)

The Ellingson Foss family came to America from Hallingdahl, Norway in 1849. They were among the first settlers in Highland Twp., Winneshiek Co. The family was a charter member of the Big Canoe Lutheran Church in 1853.

Elling and Rachael Foss had 7 children: Anna, Sever, Kittil, Marit, Asle, John and Ole, Their sons, Sever and Kittil, used the surname Ellingson.

Anna (the oldest) was born 1 Jan 1837 in Hallingdahl. She was 12 years old when the family came to America. Anna married Ole Thorson in 1857. Ole also was born in Norway. He too was one of the first settlers in the Big Canoe area and a charter member of the Big Canoe Lutheran Church. Anna and Ole were married in the log house on Ole’s farm in Highland Twp. This farm was their home for many years. Ole died in 1883. Anna stayed on the farm after Ole's death and farmed it with the help of her children. She died 20 Jan 1935.

Ole and Anna had 11 children: Lena married R Pederson and lived in Merrill, Wl. Their children were: Minnie, Clara, Pearl and Frederick. Thor married and settled in Rock Dell, MN. Their children were: Aletta, Minnie, Lenora, Ellen and Olga. Nels Peter never married, lived in MN. Edward John married Marie Fadness Henrikson, Sattre, moved to Lidgerwood, ND and had 8 children. John Robert married Mathilde Mestad, lived on the home place and did not have any children. Regina Sofie married Eldine Ellingson (Bakken). Their children were: Olga, Edna, Anna Evelyn (m. Hildus Burreson) and George. Eliza Marie “Lizzie" married Edward Hover. Their children were Lucille (m. Ray Duff, lived in CA), Arnold (CA) and Maurice (Ridgeway, IA). Christina Karen “Stena" married Erick H. Forde. Their children were: Anna, Eva, Edgar and Josephine. After Erick’s death Stena married Olaus Nelson. Mathilde Dorothea "Tilla” married John Severson (son of Kittil Severson, Locust; ), moved to Edmore, ND and had one son Kindred. Hannah Albertina married Oscar Schjeldahl, Highlandville, IA and lived in Haynes, ND. Their children were: Stanley, Earl, Lyle and 2 daughters. Rachel died in infancy.

Sever served in the Army. He then married and settled in Bloomington, MN. Sever had a son and daughter: Edward and Minnie. Edward married but did not have a family. Minnie married a Tapping and had 2 children: Regina and Manden. Regina married and lived in the east. Manden married and lived in Minneapolis, MN.

Kittil and his wife, Barbo, settled in Highland Twp. They had 14 children: a son died in infancy; Albert lived in ND; Oliver lived in ND; Timen lived in Minneapolis, MN; Regina married O.L. Brunsvold; Ella married A.L. Brunsvold, lived in Kensett, IA; Anna married Louie Larson; Ingeborg married Oscar Jacobson; Emma married Ole Tilleros; Hannah married Julius Quanrud; Manda married Martin Faldet; Oscar; Sever; and Harry. Oscar, Sever and Harry all lived in the Decorah area.

Marit married Jermias Osmundson. They had 6 children: Edward; Anna; Berent (Ben); Rachel married a

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