Their children were Arthur (m.1. Alyce Rau, m. 2. Irene Moen), Sadie (had polio as a child and never married), and Violet (m. Clarence Wilkins). Anna died 23 Apr 1938. All are buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Decorah. (See: Vick, Tollif; Vick, Arthur; Wilkins, Clarence)

Sarah (Siri) (27 Jan 1868 in Strandebaum, Hardanger - 26 Mar 1907) married the brother of Tollif Vick, Ole Tolif Vick. Their children were: Herbert, Melvin, John Tilman, Charlotte (m. 1. Lester Meyer, m.2. Jean Fink) and Harris. The boys never married. Sarah died from TB. Not wanting to separate the children after her death, they were placed in the Martin Luther Orphan’s Home in Stoughton, Wl. Herbert, the oldest, ran away, saved his money and sent for his brothers and sister and cared for them. (See Vick, Ole Tollifson)

Mina (13 Mar 1875) was born in the Decorah area. She lived on her brother Arne’s farm about 20 years. She then moved to Chicago where she worked as a waitress in the Palmer House. She was in Chicago about 30 years when her sister Carrie Hegg became ill. Mina moved into Carrie’s and John’s home in Cresco to help. After Carrie died Mina remained

there til she passed away. She never married.

Foss, Arne and Clara (Olsen)

(Charlotte Wilkins Lee)

Bio Photo

Pearl and Gladys Foss

Arne Foss, born 23 Feb 1861 in Hardanger, Norway married Clara C. Olsen (22 Nov 1872, Decorah, -11 Feb 1951), the daughter of Ingeborg and Eric M. Olsen in August, 1892. They lived on the family homestead in Glenwood after his father, John Haaver, had been injured while on a trip for lumber in Lansing. They next moved to a home in Madison Twp., followed by a farm in Pleasant Twp. They had 4 children, Clarence (died in infancy), Stella, Pearl, and Gladys (See Foss, John Haaversen story)

Stella Louvisa (23 Dec 1895, Glenwood Twp. - 29 Oct 1961, Siren, Wl) married Edward Imme of Albert Lea, MN and they moved to Siren. Edward died in 1958. They had 4 children: Esther Henricksen, Clam Lake, Wl; Evelyn

Anderson, Webster, Wl; Riva Hills, White Sulfur Springs, MT; and Donald Imme (23 Jun 1927), Fredrick, Wl.

Pearl Florence (7 Oct 1900-21 Mar 1985) married Lars Alfred Rue (18 Jun 1903-5 Jan 1984). They are buried in Oaklawn Cemetery, Cresco. They had 2 children: Eileen and Phylis. Eileen Loraine  married Wayne Rice (10 Jul 1928-27 Dec 1978). He drove a bulk milk truck. They had 2 children: Connie and Randal. Connie  married Gerald R. Mracheck. They had 2 children: Michael Gerald  and Ricky Alan ). Michael married DeAnne Lisa Lynch. They have one child, Jordan Marie . Ricky had osteogenic sarcoma and died 3 Oct 1992. Randal “Randy” Wayne  married Tamara Zeman. They have one child, Michelle.  He then married Wanda Hageman. They have 2 children: Rebecca “Becky”  and Jeremy. Randy is a bulk milk hauler. Phylis Coleen works at Evans Memorial Home, Cresco, IA. She married Eugene Perry. They had 4 children: Leslie, Gregory, Kathleen, and Jane. Leslie Herbert is a construction worker. He married Charlotte Dickman. Leslie and Charlotte have 2 children: Amiee  and Aaron.  Gregory Gene  is an IBM employee and works in computers. He married Evelyn Baker. They have 2 children: Heather  and Israel . Kathleen Chris graduated from the U. of Iowa in Fine Arts and Photography. She is a college teacher in San Francisco. When she married Michael Biffle, she kept her Perry name. He works in computers. They have one child, Jack-son Biffle. Jane Lynn is a nurse. She graduated from St. Mary's Nursing School in Rochester, MN and married Dean Scrabeck. He is in the US Army presently serving in Germany. They have 2 children: Hannah  and Emilee . In 1977 Phylis married Merlin Howard Rix . He is a Howard County employee.

Bio Photo

Arne Foss

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