Jun 1939; Anna died Dec 1945. Both are buried at the Big Canoe Lutheran Cemetery.

Erick and Stena (Thorson) Forde had 4 children: Anna Olena, Eva, Edgar and Irene who lived to adulthood. Two children, Palma and Henry, died as small children. Anna Olena was born 29 Nov 1898 at Sattre. She married Alfred Carl Naley 25 Jun 1919. Alfred was born 2 Feb 1895 in Lincoln Twp., Winneshiek Co. He was a World War I veteran. Alfred and Anna had 6 children: Merlin, Leland, Ellen, Marcella, Jeanette and Elwood. Eva Idella married Edward Kosbau of Waukon, I A. They farmed near Waukon for a number of years and then moved to LaCrosse, Wl. Ed and Eva had no children. Edaar Ralph married Lenora Tangen. They live on the Nelson family farm. Edgar and Lenora had 2 children: Lorna Elaine and Carol Marie. Lorna married Chester Thune. They live in Waukon. Chester and Lorna had 5 children: Julie, Renee, Shelly, Debbie and Jody. Carol married Darrel Stoen. They farmed in the Big Canoe area for a number of years. They now live in Decorah. Darrel and Carol had 4 children: Wendy, Ricky, Cindy and Kimberly. Josephine "Irene” Bertina married Lynas Abel of Monona, IA. They lived in LaCrosse, Wl. Lynas and Irene had one son, Robert. Robert married Phylis Elizabeth (last name not known). They had 2 children: Robin and Jon Paul.

(Written by Anna (Forde Nelson) Naley, 1971)

Forde, Halvor and Anna (Bottolfson)

(Marcella Amundson)

Bio Photo

Halvor J. Forde was born 16 Aug 1825 in Vossestranden, Voss, Norway. His parents were John and Ineborg (Vinge) Forde. Halvor and his brother, John J. Forde, left Norway in 1849. They first settled in Koshonong, Wl. They came to the Big Canoe settlement in Pleasant Twp., Winneshiek Co. in 1851.

In 1854 Halvor married Anna Bottolfson. Anna also was from a pioneer family from Voss, Norway who had settled near Sattre. The wedding took place at the Ellefson or Sleen log house. Halvor and Anna were the first Voss couple married in the Big Canoe settlement. They made their home on a farm south of the Sattre Store for more than 50 years. Halvor and Anna celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on this farm in 1904.

Halvor J. and Anna Forde had 9 children: John never married. Bottolf (Butler) married Larsina (Lucy) Kjerland. Only their son Helmer lived to adulthood. He then died during the flu epidemic in 1918. Helmer was in the army at the time. 0|e married Marit Arneson. They had 5 children: Helmar, Arthur, Mabel, Stella and a son who died in infancy. Lars married Marie Hatlestad. They had 4 children : Henrietta, Myrtle and 2 children who died in infancy. Both Henrietta and Myrtle died in their early 20’s. Lars and his family lived in Bryant, SD. Erick H. married Christina Karen (Stena) Thorson. They had 6 children: Palma, Anna, Henry, Eva, Edgar and Irene. Palma and Henry died as small children. (See Erick H. Forde story) IngeborgLena and Sarah never married. They all died young. Another son named Erick died in infancy.

Halvor built the Sattre Store in 1892-93 at the crossroads north of his farm. He had bought this land years before. The store was built on part of the land; the other part of the land became the farm of his son Bottolf. Halvor’s son Erick and his wife Stena lived in and operated the store until 1900. Erick then bought Halvor’s farm. Halvor and Anna continued to live in 3 rooms of the house while Erick and his family lived in the other 7 rooms. In 1907 Erick sold the farm and moved to Byrant, SD. Halvor and Anna then moved in with their son Bottolf and his family.

Halvor and Anna were devout Christians and also willingly helped their neighbors. They were charter members of the Big Canoe Lutheran Church in 1853.

Halvor died 20 Jul 1909; Anna died Aug 1911. They are buried at the Big Canoe Lutheran Cemetery.

(Written by Anna (Forde Nelson) Naley, 1971)

Forde, Henry and Hannah (Nelson)

(Hazel Smorstad)

Henry Olson Forde was born 29 Sep 1882 in Section 24, Pleasant Twp. His parents were Ola Person and Brita Haakensdtr (Mestad) Forde. Henry attended school at Pleasant No. 7 through the 4th grade. As a young man he worked for farmers in the neighborhood. After his sisters Anna and Julie married and moved to South Dakota, Henry went every summer to help with the threshing. He drove the team of horses for the water wagon to supply the threshing machine with water to produce the steam that ran the machine.

In 1915 Henry married Hannah Nelson. Hannah’s parents emigrated from Nordfjordeid, Nonway in 1875. Henry and Hannah farmed on his parent’s farm in Section 24. Henry and Hannah had one daughter, Hazel, born 18 Apr 1919. In 1927 Henry moved his family to Milwaukee, Wl. In Milwaukee Henry worked as a carpenter building houses. They moved back to the farm in 1929.

In 1932 and 1933 eggs old for 6 cents a dozen and hogs brought $2.00 a hundred weight. A nice dress cost 25 cents; a real good dress 98 cents. A lady’s dress coat cost between $2.98 and $6.00. Coffee was 8 cents per pound and Sunny Field flour cost 89 cents for 25 lbs.

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