Grindeland) had 4 daughters: Irene (m. Henry Bentley), Gertrude (m. Henry Brunsvold), Laura (m. Harold Ness) and Synneva (m. Emil Engen),Louisa (m. Edgar Schjeldahl) had a family. Ingrid (m. Andrew Grindeland) had a family and moved to Warren, MN. Andrew was a lawyer and judge for many years. Ole never married and lived with his sister, Anna Langeland Grindeland. Turina died in infancy.

Anders J. and his wife, Barbara, came to America and the Big Canoe settlement in 1853. They made their home near Spring Grove, MN. Their son, John A., was born in 1846 at Vossestranden. John A. married Ingerid Ure (also of Vossestranden). John A. and Ingerid moved to Worth Co., IA. This branch of the family spells their surname "Ford" instead of “Forde".

Erick J. married Guri Rosten. They have 6 children: John, Britha, Ingeborg, Erick, Lars and Ole. Erick E. married Engrid Selland (daughter of Erick Selland). Erick and Engrid were the parents of John, Louis and Anna Monson. Louis married Myrtle Mikelson (daughter of Knute and Anna Mikelson). Louis and Myrtle were the parents of Norman, Kenneth and Linda.

Per J, (or Peter) and his wife, Guri, came from Vossestranden. After spending some time in Wisconsin, they came to the Big Canoe settlement in 1854 and settled near the Coon Club Cabin. They had 7 children: Brita, John, Anders, Inga, Ole, Halvor and Ingeborg. (See Per J. Forde story)

Lars J. Forde and his wife, Gori, had 4 children: John, Ingeborg, Ole and Lena. Lena married Torger Hauge. Torger and Lena had 12 children. They lived south of Sattre. Lena died in 1914-15. Later Torger and the children moved to Fergus Falls, MN. John L. Forde and his wife, Molly, were the parents of 8 children: Nathan, Louis, Grant, Clarence, Charles, Clarisa, Alvina and Henry (died in the service).

(Written by Anna (Forde Nelson) Naley, 1971)

Forde, Erick H. and Stena (Thorson)

(Marcella Amundson)

Bio Photo

Erick H. and Stena Forde, parents of Anna Naley, Eva Kasbau, Irene Abel and Edgar Nelson.

Erick H. Forde and Christina Karen “Stena” Thorson (15 Nov 1873) were married Jun 1896 by Rev. Seehus at the Big Canoe Lutheran Church, rural Decorah. Erick was the son of Halvor J. and Anna (Bottolfson) Forde. Erick and Stena lived at the Sattre Store in Pleasant Twp., Winneshiek Co. until about 1900. Erick was the postmaster, in addition to running the store. They then bought Erick’s father's farm south of Sattre. Halvor and Anna lived in 3 rooms in the house and Erick, Stena and their children in the other 7 rooms.

Bio Photo

Left to right: Eva Forde-Nelson Kosbau, Edgar Forde-Nelson, Irene Forde-Nelson Abel and Anna Forde-Nelson Naley.

In about 1907 Erick’s health began to fail, so he and Stena decided to sell the farm and move to Byrant, SD. They had a store in Byrant which Erick's brother, Lars, had been taking care of. After the farm was sold Halvor and Anna moved in with their son Bottolf and his family. Erick and Stena stayed with Stena’s mother until they left for South Dakota.

In May 1908 the family left by train for Byrant, SD. In Byrant they moved into a big house across from the school. This was too far for Erick to walk, so the family moved closer to the store. Erick and Stena lived in Byrant until Oct 1909 when they moved to Vienna, SD. After Christmas Erick’s health became worse. He died of pneumonia 7 Mar 1910.

In the spring of 1911 Stena sold the store to Olaus L. Nelson and moved back to Winneshiek Co. She was forced to place her children with various family members while she took up nursing to earn money.

On 29 Dec 1912 Stena married Olaus L. Nelson and moved back to Vienna. When she married Olaus, her children took the name Nelson. Stena died 1 May 1916. She is buried at Vienna.

Olaus L. Nelson then married Anna Osmundson at the Big Canoe Lutheran Church 17 Jun 1918. They made their home in Vienna until the fall of 1919 when they moved back to the Big Canoe area. Olaus bought part of the Nelson place and built a new house and barn. He died

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