As mentioned before, they came to Calmar with the same party as the Bjoneruds. Ole stayed with his sister, Mrs. Ole Haugen. Kari spent part of the time at the Tore Scotland home and part of the time at the Ole Haugen home.

Ole and Kari Flaskerud were married in Jan 1854 at the Hans Aakre farm by Rev. U.V. Koren. They were the first couple married by Rev. Koren that year. The first year they bought 80 acres of land from the government for $1.25 an acre. Later they bought another 100 acres in Sec. 15 of Calmar Twp. During the summer of 1862 they had an Indian scare. They got word a band of Sioux Indians was coming through and savaging the settlers. They packed up their belongings and went as far as the Calmar Lutheran Church. The next afternoon they received word the American soldiers had stopped the Indians and turned them back. Ole Flaskerud was considered an easy going person who took care of the children, not very ambitious. Kari Flaskerud was probably the disciplinarian and saw that things got done. They raised ten children as follows: Inger (17 Aug 1854-14 Sep 1933) married Martin A. Egge. They farmed first at Albert Lea and later at Butterfield, MN. Anna (26 Mar 1856-10 Feb 1943) married Gilbert Egge. He was a painter and paper hanger in Calmar and a farmer near Princeton, MN. Anders O. (12 Jan 1858-15 Nov 1938) married Eli E. Wangsness. He was a carpenter in the furniture, undertaking and contractor business had a partnership in the Calmar lumber yard. He farmed two miles northwest of Calmar, IA. Knute 0.(19 Dec 1859-3 Aug 1937) married Bertha Barlow. They farmed near Conover in Madison Twp. They bought a farm in Sec. 10 of Calmar Twp. Erick O. (16 Sep 1861-28 Feb 1952) married Kjersty Egge. He was a carpenter and furniture builder. He later farmed in Madison Twp. Eliza (17 Dec 1863-10 Apr 1937) married John Shannon. They lived at Mason City, IA and farmed at Princeton and Fosston, MN and Hoople, ND. Gunhild (17 Mav 1866-28 Feb 1948), my grandmother, married Daniel Falnes. They farmed first near Cresco, IA and then moved to the Flaskerud homestead. Karen (5 Feb 1860-22 Dec 1924) never married. She was a seamstress and one of the first Sunday School teachers at Calmar Lutheran Church. Plena (15 Feb 1871-11 Jul 1921) married Hans Falnes. They lived at Plymouth Rock and Woodlake, MN. They moved to Woodburn, OR because of her poor health. Johan (27 Apr 1873-28 Jul 1899) died of pneumonia at sixteen.

Foels, Dean and Shirley (Sampson)

(Shirley Foels)

Shirley Ann Sampson was born in Clovis, New Mexico 29 May 1945. She is the daughter of Roger Leland Sampson and Jean Shirley (Crawford) Sampson. Her father was born 3 May 1918 in Decorah and her mother was born in Frankville. They were married 13 Sep 1942 in Frankville. Shirley’s younger sister is Sharon Ruth (Sampson) Strait. Shirley married Harlan Dean Foels, born 28 Feb 1942 in Postville, the son of Harlan Walter and Harriet Joyce (Marfilius) Foels. His father was born 10 Jan 1920 in Postville and his mother was born  in Farmersburg. They were married 18 Jun 1941. Dean’s younger brother is Calvin Gene Foels.

Shirley and Dean were married 18 Jun 1967 at the Frankville Presbyterian Church. They have two children: Christa Lynne (Foels) Parker and Karsten Albert Foels. Christa was born  in Postville. She went to school at Postville Community schools and Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids and married Richard Allen Parker 22 May 1993 in the Yellow River Forest. Christa is now working at Dynamic Embroidery and is training horses. Karsten was born n Postville and is going to school at Postville Community Schools. His hobbies are working with his car (mechanics and body), woodworking, refinishing, and fishing.

Bio Photo

In front: Jean Shirley Sampson, in back, left to right: Karsten Albert Foels, H. Dean Foels, Shirley Ann Foels, Richard Allen Parker and Christa Lynne Parker. Sept. 1995.

Shirley grew up on the family farm on the edge of Frankville. In the early years, she remembers close relatives getting together to harvest the hay and corn. The women and children waited until after the men ate. Cousins played together in the woods and in the barns. One of the most interesting places to go was the Niagara Cave. Holidays were made extra special with Grandmother (Selma) Sampson’s - and later Mom’s - lefse, lutefisk, slithery soup (fruit soup), krumkaka, and rosettes. Monday was washday, Tuesday was spent ironing, and Saturday Mom (Jean Shirley) made her wonderful crescent rolls. Most of the spare time was spent riding the pony, later piano and baritone practice, then rollerskating. Dad’s (Roger) sweetcorn patches and his little gags, and Mom’s playing piano, organ, and singing are precious memories. Shirley went to school at Frankville Ind. #1 Community School until 7th grade then to Postville Community High School and State College of Iowa. She married Harlan Dean Foels 18 Jun 1967. Afterwards she taught sixth grade for six years at MFL at the Luana center and art two years at the Farmersburg and Luana centers. Shirley and Dean farm on the northeast edge of Postville on his family farm. This is where Christa and Karsten grew up. They were members of the Postville Community Presbyterian Church where Shirley was a Deacon and a secretary in the Women's Association. She was a 19 year member of Chapter FT, PEO in Postville. Hobbies are

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