many excursions to the river. Ruth always made sure that there were cookies for all in Orlando’s lunch box.

Kathryn Finholt Arbogast now lives in Decorah at 706 Washington St., not far from the home the Finholts lived in when they first moved back to Decorah. She is married to Clay Arbogast and they have four children: Robin Koeneman (m. Larry Mace) of Grovespring, MO; Karl Koeneman (m. Louise Cotton) of Pittsburg, MO; Darlyn Arbogast (m. Stuart Roberts), and Bill Arbogast (m.Penny Mulwee) of King, NC. Darlyn died in 1984 and her son Daniel Roberts now makes his home with Clay and Kathy.

Stanley Finholt is married to Mary Jo Miller and lives at 1103 Skyline Drive. They have three children: Jo Lynn (m. Brad Miller), Kristin (m. Scott Vande Krol), and David, all of Decorah.

Orlando died 23 Jul 1993 and is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Decorah. Ruth now resides at the Aase Flaugen Home in Decorah.

Finholt, Oscar and Julie (Faldet)

First Couple Married at Canoe Ridge Lutheran Church

(Kathy Finholt Arbogast)

Bio Photo

Oscar and Julia Finholt on their Wedding Day.

Oscar Carl Finholt was born 4 Jul 1884 in Pleasant Twp. to Martin (1854-1934) and Paulina (1857-1923) Finholt. He attended Pleasant School No. 7. In 1906 he bought a share of the Canoe Store from Martin Faldet and married Julia Faldet a year later on 27 Feb 1907. Oscar and Julia were the first couple to be married in the newly completed Canoe Ridge Lutheran Church.

Julia Christina Faldet (14 Jul 1887 in Pleasant Twp.) was the daughter of Ole (1836-1926) and Cecelia (1845— 1930) Faldet. She attended Pleasant School No.7 (along with Oscar and all their brothers and sisters). Their families had lived close to each other, worked together and attended church together.

In 1912 Oscar sold his share of the store to his partner Nels Faldet and began farming full time on the land located mainly on the S 1/2 NW 1/4 of Sec. 27 of Pleasant Twp. He was very busy during this time, farming not only his own place but helping his father on the home farm, sharing equipment and labor.

In 1923 Oscar and Julia exchanged this farm for that of the Kjarland family and moved to the NW corner of Sec. 35 of Pleasant Twp., across the road to the south and east of the Canoe Ridge Church. (It is still referred to as Finholt Hill.) Besides farming Oscar served as "road boss" for Pleasant Twp. assisted by Hans Spilde and helped by men of the township who worked to pay off their road poll tax.

Bio Photo

Back row: Thelma (Keefe), Orlando, Cora (Nesset, Voiding), Chester, Eunice (Anderson). Front row: Jenanne (Vikre), Julia, Oscar, Leverne (Headington). circa 1943

Oscar and Julia had seven children: Orlando, Cora, Chester, Thelma, Leverne, Eunice and Jenanne. They were all baptized and confirmed at Canoe Ridge Lutheran Church, educated at Pleasant School #7 and most went on to Decorah High School.

The church was a very central part of their lives and the family took many responsibilities in church governance, Sunday School, ladies' aide functions and mission circle work. The Finholt, Faldet, and Larson families worked together and worshipped together, each taking their preferred pews on Sunday mornings.

John and Bertha Stoskopf were good friends of Oscar and Julia. They would drive their horses from home and leave them at the Finholt’s during church. They would all walk back to Finholt’s for dinner after church.

About 1930, Oscar, Martin Finholt and Nels Faldet and the Larsons got together and decided that they should pursue getting electrical power from the lower dam. Before long a line was put up for them to hook into. They were the first in the area to have electricity. Later the REA came through and everyone was able to hook up.

Oscar was the first one in the area to get a radio also. It was only broadcast on certain hours of the day and evening so friends and family would gather around to listen.

Entertainment for the kids was only limited by imagination. There weren’t many toys to speak of but you could find good times if you tried...after chores, of course. Sliding down the snowy hill to school in winter was great. You

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