ing in the Smoky Mountains. He enjoys fishing and photography, traveling and the Atlanta Braves occasionally.

Michael David lives in Minneapolis, MN. After high school he followed his oldest brother to Fort Collins, CO working for the Colorado State Forestry Service where he acquired a love for trees and plants. When he returned to attend Hawkeye Tech to get a degree in Horticulture he met and married Deborah, the daughter of Curtis and Betty Jacobsen of Waterloo, IA 12 Aug 1991. Mike was manager of Woodland Acres Tree Farm near Decorah for 3 years until it was sold. He is currently employed at Arteka, a landscape management company in Minneapolis.

Peter Lyle lives in Waterloo at a rehabilitation center after having a cardiac arrest when he was 13 years old. Peter has a knack for making people laugh. He is an artist and loves to “tinker" with any machine or engine. Having friends and being well-liked is important to him. Sensitive and fun loving best describes Peter.

Jason Dean (lives in Duluth, GA. He is employed at the same company as his brother Steve. Jason the mechanic is best known for his ability to take something apart and get it back together and make it work.

Paul and Lois continue to live on the family farm. Paul is the fourth generation of Estrems to live here.

Paul has worked at Camcar for the past 7 years as a tool maker. Lois works at Aase Haugen Home as a Physical Therapy Aide. She has worked there for the past 10 years.

Evenson, Johannes and Catherine (Anderson)

First Couple Married in Winneshiek Co.

(Beth Hoven Rotto)

Bio Photo

Catherine Helene (Anderson) and Johannes Evenson

Catherine Helene “Trine” Anderson was born 6 Apr 1831 in Loken, West Slidre in Valdres, Norway. She was the first child of Johannes Anders and Anne Olsdtr Brandt. Johannes and Anne had 7 children before Johannes died. Catherine’s mother then married Iver Ringstad and the entire family emigrated to America. Catherine left Norway in 1849 or 1850 in the company of Jorgen Lomen and Elisabeth Brandt (her aunt). Catherine stayed a short time in Dane Co., Wl then worked in Prairie du Chien, Wl before pressing on to Winneshiek Co., IA. Little is known about Johannes Evenson’s early life except that he was born 3 Dec 1815 in Slidre, Norway. He is said to have come from Koshkonong, Wl to Madison Twp., Winneshiek Co. in 1850 in the company of Jorgen G. Lomen and Ole and Knut Larson Bergan. Johannes also worked for a time in Prairie du Chien, operating a so-called “pony ferry” across the Mississippi River. This boat was powered by 2 mules on a treadmill which turned paddle wheels on each side of the craft.

Catherine and Johannes were married 26 Oct 1851 by pioneer pastor Nils Olson Brandt, who was Catherine’s uncle. He left this account (from Symra, 1907): “With a knapsack on my back I proceeded on my journey, following a wagon trail up the valley, over stock and stone and rough ground. Not a house or a human being was to be seen. I walked until the stars came forth. Finally I heard the barking of dogs and came upon a log house, occupied by an American family, and here I spent the night. Fortunately, I there met a Norwegian from Paint Creek, who directed me to follow the valley until I should reach the prairie. I did so, and came at last to a little hamlet, Monona, where I put up at the ‘tavern’. Here I found a ‘Code of Iowa’, which I began to examine. I made particular note of the legal regulations regarding the performance of marriages. Later on my journey I met my sister and her husband, Iver Ringstad and family, who were on their way from Koshkonong to the subsequent Madison settlement near Decorah. I made an appointment with Ringstad to stop at Madison on my return from Turkey River and there perform a wedding.

My sister, Mrs. Ringstad, had several children by her former marriage to the late Sheriff Andersen, of whom the oldest, a daughter named Katherine Andersen, had been employed in Prairie du Chien and was engaged to Johannes Evensen. It was arranged that on my arrival in Madison the couple would meet me there to have the ceremony performed. At the appointed time the two young people made their appearance at the home of Jorgen Lomen, not far from the present Conover. Lomen’s house was a dugout with a log house built over it. ‘You have your license?’ I asked Evensen. ‘Yes’ he replied, and drew a paper from his pocket. This turned out to be his ‘first papers’ or ‘intention papers’. The next morning Evensen had to start out on horseback to obtain his license, while I gathered the people to divine service. After a ride of two days forth and back he had succeeded in finding a ‘judge’ to provide him with the required license, and Evensen and Katherine were then married. This was the first marriage ceremony performed in Winneshiek County. The license which Evensen obtained was written on a scrap of paper, in two or three lines, and was full of misspelled words.”

Johannes and Catherine established their home in Madison Twp. They were the first white settlers in this township, living temporarily in a dug out but soon building a lovely frame house. Johannes and Catherine donated a

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