fuel for Farm service for several years. Earl returned to farming north of Locust and farmed there for 30 years. After selling the farm he retired to Decorah to a new home they built on Decorah Ave. in Jan 1980. Earl was a kind and friendly person who liked to visit and play cards. Earl and Lenna were members of St. Johns Lutheran Church, rural Decorah. Earl died 14 Jan 1982 and is buried at the Lutheran Cemetery.

Erickson, Edward and Ingeborg “Emily” (Tobiason)

(Norman Hjelmeland)

Edward Erickson was born 1 May 1843 at Hakedalen, Norway, son of Jens and Ingeborg (Hanson) Erickson Ness. Edward immigrated to Winneshiek Co. with his parents in 1854. He was a Civil War Veteran, having served with the 13th Iowa Infantry from 1864-65. After the war he returned to Decorah where he married Ingeborg “Emily” Tobiason. She came to America with her parents when she was about 8 years old. After their marriage Edward and Emily made their home in Canoe Twp. where they farmed. Emily died 27 Oct 1917 at age 70 and Edward died 26 Aug 1926 at age 83. They were members of Big Canoe Lutheran Church and are buried in the church cemetery.

Edward and Ingeborg had 11 children: John, Theodore, Hans Edward, Ingebret, Ida Josephine, Anna Marie, Louise, Edgar, Engre Olena, Olias and Otto Erickson.

1. John (1870) lived in Winneshiek Co. until his death in 1961 at 91 years of age. (unmarried) 2.Theodore (1871) lived in Winneshiek Co. until his death in 1899 at age 28. (unmarried) 3. Hans Edward (1873) married Elizabeth Crane in 1899. They farmed near Decorah and later lived near Harmony, MN. They had 9 children: Emma, Caroline, Mildred, Edrie, Florence, Venita, Thelma, Bette and Arthur. 4. Ingebret (1874) married Christina Anderson Knapstad in 1904 and lived in Frankville Twp., Winneshiek Co. They had 7 children: Eloise, Dorothy, Edwin, Gertrude, Lyle, Aria and Donald. 5. Ida Josephine (1876) lived in Winneshiek Co. until her death at age 22. (unmarried) 6. Anna Marie (1878) married Samuel Rudolf Ellis in 1898 and lived in Winneshiek Co. They moved to LaCrosse, Wl, in 1922. They had 14 children: Elvin, Julian, Edgar, Engebret, Marie, Olga, Otto, Gladys, Arthur, Ida, Albert, Mabel, Emma and Mildred (all born in Winneshiek Co.). 7. Louis (1880) married Anna Sorine Johnson in 1906 and lived in Decorah. They had 3 children: Lillie, Gladys and Eva. 8. Edgar (1881) married Caroline Beatrice Crane in 1905 and lived at Denver, CO until his death in 1906 at age 24. They had no children. 9. Engre Olena (1883) married Obesae Hegtvedt in 1905 and lived at Roosevelt, MN. She died in 1907 at age 23. They had one son: Eddie. 10. Olias (1886) married Clara Mathilda Iverson in 1907 and lived in Canoe Twp., Winneshiek Co. They had 8 children: Earl, Olive, Lester, Maurice, Violet, Evelyn, Robert and Alice. 11. Otto (1891) lived in Winneshiek Co. until his death in 1913 at age 21. (unmarried)

Erickson, Ingvald and Helen (Haga)

(Helen M. Erickson)

Bio Photo

Ingvold and Helen Erickson family

Ingvald Melvin Erickson (19 Aug 1900-23 Dec 1984), son of Ole and Christie (Hellerud) Erickson, was born in Winneshiek Co. His brother, Edwin Selmer (1895) was in the Army and went to Europe during World War I. On 10 Jun 1937 Ingvald married Helen Martha Haga (31 Mar 1918) daughter of Carl and Ida (Bakken) Haga. She has a brother Glenn. Helen was an employee at Luther College for 28 years. Ingvald and Helen were farmers until they retired and moved to a home built in 1968 on an acreage in Sec. 12 Madison Twp. Their children are: Jean, Marilyn, Linda and Roger.

Jean, the oldest, married Clifford Haugen, son of Christian and Nora (Ask) Haugen, 12 Feb 1961. In 1978 they moved to a farm near Ava, MO. She works at an Ava Nursing Home. They have 3 children: Kristie, Craig and Paula. Kristie married George Biang. They have 3 children: Jacob, Jo Hannah and Erick. They live in Georgia. Craig works for the Missouri Highway Patrol in Jefferson City, MO and is married to Brenda Doll, a Security Guard for Missouri Lottery. They have one son Cole Christopher. Paula married Tom Johnson a factory worker in Monett, MO. Paula works in a shoe factory in Aurora, MO. They have twin sons Andrew and Austin and a daughter Lacey Suzanne .

Marilyn married Lorimer Ellestad 8 Sep 1963, a farmer near Spring Grove, MN. He is the son of Rinaldo and Evelyn (Olson) Ellestad. They have one son Brian who is a Scheduling Analyst for Midwest Express Airline, Milwaukee, Wl.

Linda married Alan Richards, son of Joseph and Nancy (Steele) Richards 11 Jun 1967. He is a Wyoming State Highway employee. Linda is employed at Sundance State Bank of Wyoming. They have two children Travis and Amber.

Roger retired from the U.S. Coast Guard after 20 years. He lived in Louisiana, North Carolina and San Francisco, CA: then moved to Tempe, AZ. He is now

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