Mclntire (29 May 1873-26 Dec 1934), Franklin Pierce (25 Jul 1875-31 Dec 1950) and Martha Jane (15 Sep 1878-28 Sep 1963). Mary and Josiah died in infancy and John died at age 31 having never married. O.W. proceeded to buy more land including the rest of Sec. 17 and Sec. 16, 18 and 19. The old homestead house where all these children were born stood until 1994 when it was torn down. A huge oak tree still stands.

It is reported that during those hard years O.W. befriended many of the so-called “hobos’’ that rode the trains in the early days, giving them odd jobs for one of Martha’s good homecooked meals. Before sitting down to eat he would read verses of the Bible to them and pray. O.W. and Martha were active in the Methodist Church in Burr Oak and later, upon moving to Decorah, joined the Baptist Church. O.W. was reported to be “one of the most prominent farmers in the area, having paid one of the highest taxes of any local, $14.00 a year.” In the 1900 U.S. census his occupation was listed as ‘‘Capitalist.’’

Bio Photo

Family of Omri W.R. Emery

Left to right, top row: Andrew Ace, Ezra Milton Darious, Ernest Sylvester, George Mclntire, Ida and Addie Eva (insert).
Second row: Lillie/Lily Etta, Aaron Willey Reid, Omri Willey Reid, Martha (Mclntire), Omri Leonard Day.
First row: Esta Belle, Franklin Pierce, Martha Jane.

Family legend has it that during the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair a Decorah photographer by the name of Spurr entered a picture he had taken of O.W. Emery entitled "The Old Prophet.” That photograph won a “Gold Medal Award,” and some referred to him as The Old Prophet until his death. His obituary reads “Omri Willey Reid Emery died at the home of one of his daughters, Esta (Mrs. Mons Askelson) in Cresco, IA, on 9 Mar 1918, after an illness of about 3 weeks. He was survived by his invalid wife Martha, 12 children, 38 great-grandchildren, and 36 great-great-grandchildren. He is buried in the Burr Oak Cemetery. He had lived 88 years, 6 months, and 18 days.”

Bio Photo

“The Old Prophet”

Omri Willey Reid Emery b 27 Sept 1830, d 9 Mar 1918

Martha’s obituary reads: “She had been a patient sufferer since 18 Dec 1912, having had a stroke of paralysis. She joined the Methodist Church soon after their marriage. She is buried alongside her husband of 66 years and their 3 deceased children in the Burr Oak Cemetery. She passed away 14 Aug 1920 at the age of 83 years, 6 months, and 17 days.” There are no grave markers for either O.W. or Martha but the cemetery caretaker says that the markers may be underground possibly overgrown with grass.

Engelhardt, Edwin and Anna (Stee)

(Marius Brandt)

Edwin Engelhardt was born 1 Jul 1906 near Farmersburg, IA in Clayton Co. He was the son of Rudolph and Amelia Suddendorf Engelhardt. Edwin married Anna Stee of Castalia 1 Mar 1928. They eloped to Charles City, IA. Anna was born 8 Aug 1907 the daughter of Melvin and Ellen Hegland Stee in rural Castalia, Bloomfield Twp. After their marriage Edwin and Anna began farming near Monona, IA in Clayton Co. In the early 1930’s they moved to rural Castalia where they farmed in Sec. 32. Several years later the family moved into Castalia where Edwin was employed at various times in farming, road work for the township and building bridges with the WPA. Edwin was a general truck driver and he delivered milk from the farms to the Castalia Cheese Factory. When the Carnation Milk Co. built a plant in Castalia, Edwin hauled milk in cans and later in a bulk tank to the Carnation Milk Plant in Castalia. In 1961 Edwin began delivering feed for the Hall Roberts Feed Co. in Postville. After retiring, he drove lime trucks for the Szabo Construction Co. part time. At that time the Szabo Construction Co. was located in Castalia, now it’s in Postville. Edwin had a small engine repair business at home. He repaired many lawn mowers, roto tillers and snow blowers, not only at home but also for Evroul Beckman at the Western Auto Store in Ossian. Edwin helped Roy Schultz of rural Castalia repair snowmobiles at Walden Pond.

Anna worked away from the home at various times doing house work and babysitting. She helped care for

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