Ellingson, Christian and Marie (Thoresdtr.)

(Lorraine Houck)

Christian Ellingson was born in Maurtvedteie, Norway,

1 Apr 1837. Marie(Thoresdtr.) Ellingson was born in Harestuie, Norway, 15 Jun 1840. They were married in Norway in 1861.

In 1861 life in Norway was good for those with land or a boat, and for the first born son. For many others, life was really tough. America was viewed as the answer to their problems. In less than 10 years, a trip to the USA would separate Marie and Chris for a few years, but not until 4 children had been born in the old country.

When Chris came to America, it was his intention to find work as a farm laborer and save money to send for his family. He managed to do this in less than 3 years.

The first 4 children born in Norway were: Karen (Christopherson), Kari (Amundson), Tom, and Elen. Their train ride from the East coast to Iowa must have been exciting. The following were born in America: Eldine, Hilda (Halvorson), Jane (Hoiness), Anton, Isabel (Larson), and Christian.

The family lived in a sod house near the Iowa River Church when Marie and the children came from Norway. Later they moved to a farm in Pleasant Twp. across from the Coon Club Cabin. Christian died 15 Jun 1892 at the young age of 55 and Marie died 5 May 1918 at age 77. They are buried in the Iowa River Cemetery.

Ellingson, Erven and Thelma (Stoen)

(Irmgard Ellingson)

25 Jul 1995 Erven and Thelma (Stoen) Ellingson celebrated the 50th anniversary of their marriage at Big Canoe Lutheran Church, rural Decorah, IA.

They farmed in Allamakee Co., IA, for two years and then moved to the Hesper Twp. farm where they live. They are members of Hesper Lutheran Church. They have 6 children: Elaine (Mrs. John) Hafertepe, Richfield, MN; the Rev. Wayne Ellingson, Ossian, IA; Ruth (Mrs. Leon) Kosek, Bloomington, MN; Robert Ellingson, Perry, IA; Janet (Mrs. Brian) Olson, St. Louis Park, MN; and Mary (Mrs. Jeffrey) Ott, Marble Rock, IA. They also have 10 grandchildren: Michael, Kathryn, and Mary Hafertepe; Gregg, Tina, and Angela Ellingson; David and Bradley Ellingson, and Matthew and Jennifer Ott. Twin grandsons, Nathan and Patrick Ott, were stillborn.

Erven Ellingson was born  in Winneshiek Co., the 5th of 9 children born to Anton and Ida (Hanson) Ellingson. He served in the 10th Field Hospital Medics during World War II, with 2 1/2 years of combat duty in Tunisia, Italy, France, and Germany. His siblings: Tilvina (Mrs. Elmer) Bigler, Myrtle (Mrs. Lester) Bigler, Arnold, Irene (Mrs. Oscar) Tilleros, Julius, Clifford, Bernice (Mrs. Mark) Byrnes, and Helen (Mrs. Donald) Bergan.

Anton Ellingson was born 27 Oct 1880, the 8th of 10 children born to Christian and Marie (Thoresdtr.) Ellingson. Ida Josephine Hanson was born 19 Jul 1884, the 2nd of 5 children born to Julius Hanson and his wife Mathilda Halvorson Hagle. Anton and Ida were married 14 Jun 1906. They farmed southeast of Sattre, IA, across the road from the Coon Club just into Allamakee Co. Later they farmed north of Waukon, IA, along the present Highway 76.

Christian Ellingson was born 27 Nov 1836 in Jevnaker, Norway, to Ellen Christensen Maurtvedteje and his wife Karen Christiansdtr. Marie Thoresdtr. was born 2 Jun 1842 in Jevnaker to Thore Gulbrandsen Harestueje and his wife Kari Gunersdtr. Bakken. Christian and Marie emigrated from Jevnaker, Norway, in 1871 and lived in western Allamakee and eastern Winneshiek Co.

Julius Hanson was born 25 Mar 1868 in Winneshiek Co., and his wife Mathilda Halverson Hagle was born 14 Jul 1857 in Allamakee Co. His parents, Hans Hendrick and Gretha (Gundersdtr. Nosvolg) Jensen Leidahl, emigrated from Sokendal i Dallerne, Savanger Amt og Kristensands, Norge, in 1853 and settled one mile south of Big Canoe Church. Her parents, Johann and Inge Halverson Hagle emigrated from Hadeland, Norway, in 1852 and settled along the Iowa River in Hanover Twp., Allamakee Co.

Thelma Stoen was born  in Spring Grove, MN. She was the oldest child and only daughter of Henry and Martina (Sollien) Stoen, who farmed east of the Big Canoe Church. Thelma graduated from Decorah High School, attended Luther College, and taught in rural Winneshiek County schools. Her brothers are Sophus Stoen, rural Spring Grove, MN: and Raymond Stoen and Herbert Stoen of Decorah.

Henry Stoen was born 18 Mar 1888 in Winneshiek Co., the oldest of 5 sons born to Tosten Stoen and his wife Oline Bidne. Tosten was the son of Harald Halstenson Stoen and his wife Kari Bergo. His grandparents, Halsten and Ingeborg Stoen, emigrated from Hallingdal, Norway, to Koshkonong, Wl, in 1851. They donated the land for Big Canoe Lutheran Church in Pleasant Twp., Winneshiek Co., from their farm. Oline was the daughter of Svend Olson Bidne and his wife Gjertrud Olsdtr. Opheim. Her grandparents, Ole Svenson and Kari Knutsdtr. (Ovsthus) Bidne, emigrated from Vossestranden, Norway, to Wl in 1850 and came to Big Canoe in 1853. They were among the founders of the Big Canoe Church. Stoen and Bidne were the names of family farms in Norway.

Martina was born 4 May 1899 in Highland Twp., Winneshiek Co., to Styrk Sollien and his wife Christine Juelson. Styrk, born 5 Jul 1861 in Highland Twp., was the son of Jens Anderson Sollien, born 1832 in Ness, Hedemarken, Norway, and his wife Mari Ellefsdtr Berge, born 1827 in Bergen, Norway, the parents of Jens, Anders and Anne (Anderson) Sollien, left Hedemarken in 1853, first settling in Muskego and Stoughton, Wl, before moving to land near the Waterloo Ridge Lutheran Church in Winneshiek Co. Christine was born 28 Feb 1868 to Juel and Oline (Prestsater Dyro) Christopherson in Hadeland, Norway, before the family immigrated to Allamakee Co. in 1870.

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