gan, and subsequently married Frank Krueger and relocated to Southern California. Paul was brought up by Lillian’s older sister, Sarah Jane.

Ward married Dorothy Isabelle Soullier, born 8 Jun 1902, of Gladwin, Michigan and had five children: Robert Frank, who married Marie Miali and after her death, married widow Doris McSweeney; Helen May who married Oscar Metz; Audrey June who married Merrill Anderson; Rosetta Jane who married William Hughes; and Rena Rae who married Nick Karras. The first two children, Bob and Helen, were born in Winneshiek County and in their infancy lived on the former Jacob Duff farm—which had been left to their father Ward, but apparently not profitably managed by his father Nelson while Ward was away, serving in the Marine Corps during World War I. Ward and family subsequently moved to California; his children are still living in the western states and have had children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

One of Ward's children, Bob—born in Winneshiek County—had nine children by his first wife Marie, all born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County, California. Bob served in the Navy in the Pacific Arena during World War II and is a survivor of the Pearl Harbor Attack of December 1941. When the surprise attack occurred, he was among those manning the Nevada, the only battleship that managed to get underway. Ward’s younger brother, Paul, married Pearl and had no children. Ward and Paul both passed away in Los Angeles County, California—Paul in 1946, and Ward on 16 Mar 1968.

On 30 Jun 1919, Jacob’s son Nels remarried; his young bride was Hazel Hummel, daughter of Jacob and Rose Hummel and who was born 31 Oct 1899 in Wisconsin and died 27 Dec 1949(7). They remained in Winneshiek County and to this union were born numerous children, including: Dorothy; George; Richard; Lester Gordon, inducted into the Army during World War II; Doris; Frank Jacob, who served in the Army and was killed at the Normandie Invasion in World War II; Clarence; Sara; John; a stillborn; and Dale Robert, who lived but 9 days.

Jacob Duff married a third time about 1862, to Catherine_Allen, who was born May 1837(7) and died April 1906. It is uncertain whether Jacob and Catherine Allen had any children; Catherine had children from her previous marriage, including Parm Allen and Mary "Molly" Allen who married William Albright, one-time mayor of Castalia. Jacob, the pioneer settler, was residing with this step-daughter when he died on 11 Jul 1916 at just over 80 years of age.

Dale, Jim and Barbara

(Pastor Jim Dale)

Jim and Barb Dale moved to Winneshiek Co. in the summer of 1988 on appointment of the Bishop of the Iowa United Methodist Church to serve the First United Methodist Church of Decorah. Jim  grew up on a farm at Brooklyn, IA in Poweshiek Co., and is a graduate of Simpson College in Indianola, IA and Garrett Theological Seminary of Evanston, IL. Prior to Decorah he served United Methodist churches in Greeley, Rudd, Fayette, Bedford and Shenandoah, IA.

Barb, who was born in Bridgeton, NJ and grew up all over Iowa because her father was also an itinerant Methodist minister who migrated to the state when she was 7 years old. She is a graduate of Cornell College at Mount Vernon, IA, and also from Garrett Theological Seminary and is a teacher by trade. She and Jim married in Council Bluffs, IA in 1961. They are the parents of three grown children: Rebecca, Gregory and Martin.

Barb works as the local Adult Basic Education teacher. She helped coordinate that program through Northeast Iowa Community College in Calmar, IA, and she did a human interest interview talk show on local KDEC radio called “One on One" for a while. Currently she works as an aide in the media resource center and computer center of Decorah Middle School.

For several years Jim chaired the Decorah Ulster Project, an ecumenical exchange program for youth from Limavady, Northern Ireland, and is active in the local Rotary Club. Jim is noted mostly for his skill as a one armed banjo player and for his love and creative flair for kids’ time in church worship services which are broadcast every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. on channel 4 of local cable TV, as well as for being a storyteller who often goes over time when given a Bible and a chance to preach, because — like writing this article — he keeps thinking of good things to say and doesn’t always know when to quit. So be it. You might find Barb and Jim almost anywhere in the community where they are active and involved.

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