Dolley, Frank Henry

(Lila (Sheetz) Dolley Schneider)

Frank Flenry Dolley was born 21 Oct 1910 in Edgewood, IA, the son of William Edward and Leo Lyle (Elaines) Dolley. Leo’s ancestors came from the Isle of Man. Frank grew up on a farm south and across the river from Delhi, IA. Fie watched them build the dam across the river. Frank had one sister, Theresa (m. Melvin Flint) 1906-1987. She attended Upper Iowa University and taught school for many years. It was while at Upper Iowa University that Theresa met and became friends with Lila Sheetz while they both lived in South Hall. The summer after graduation (1928) Lila attended Delhi Dairy Days where she met Theresa's brother, Frank.

Lila Grace Sheetz and Frank Dolley were married at the Little Brown Church in Nashua, IA 11 Mar 1931. They lived on a little farm between Lila’s home farm north of Freeport and Freeport itself. They had one child, Cloyd Wilbert. Frank farmed and had a milk route for the Freeport Cheese Factory until they were divorced in 1936.

Frank was married 12 Apr 1938 at Manchester, IA to Ellen Whitmore of Calmar and had 2 sons: Walter and Gordon. Frank and Ellen worked at Wilson’s in Cedar Rapids for many years. They then were in the restaurant business until retiring to Belle Vista, AR. He was brought back to Delhi for burial. Ellen still lives in Bella Vista.

Cloyd Wilbert Dolley was born 28 Dec 1932 at Joe and Ann Kuhn’s home on Washington Street in Decorah. He attended the Drake school (rural Glenwood Twp.) and Decorah High School. He has been farming all his life. He also worked as a carpenter and did construction work. Cloyd and Inez Marie Cocker were married 18 Dec 1955. They bought 2 small farms adjoining the home farm and moved a house from one of them to the home farm where they live and farm all 3 farms.

Bio Photo

The Dolleys, taken December 30,1985. Back: Barbara. Middle: Jed and Inez. Front: Virgil and Cloyd.

Inez Marie Cocker was born at St. Charles, MN to Rex Hammer Cocker and Esther Loretta Rain. Esther has a sister, Shirley Ringdahl. They grew up on a farm and attended grade school in Pilot Mound, MN. Their mother died 25 Jun 1945 so Rex and the girls moved to Chatfield, MN where they went to high school. Rex married Emily Merburger (1906-1975) 14 Oct 1948. He died at the Eastern Star Home at Decorah 14 Apr 1984 and was buried with Esther at Northwest Cemetery, Pilot Mound.

Inez (Cocker) Dolley attended Luther College and received her two-year elementary education degree in 1965. She taught in schools in Winneshiek Co. for 11 years.

Inez and Cloyd Dolley have 3 children (all born at Decorah): Barbara Ann,  Virgil Ray and Jed Cocker.

Barbara helped on the farm and then took the Nurses and Medications Aide courses. She has worked at the Aase Haugen Home for 9 years. She and Douglas Johnson were married 18 Mar 1989 at the First United Methodist Church in Decorah. Doug and Barb bought and live on his home farm in Pleasant Twp. Doug is a farmer and carpenter working with Svenson’s.

Virgil graduated from Decorah High School in 1983 and Cornell College with a B.A. in 1987. He lives in Cedar Rapids and is an engineer with KCRG television station.

Jed graduated from Decorah High School in 1985 and has always worked on the farm. He is now in partnership with his parents in running the 3 farms and renting a neighbor’s land. They have a 40 cow dairy and Jed does the insemination. They raise the heifers for replacement and the steers for beef.

Donlan, Patrick and Bridget (Burns)

(Marcella O’Brien Rooney)

Patrick Donlan was born 4 Mar 1824 in County Clare, Ireland. He and his brother, Thomas, came to America in 1849. Patrick first lived in Schenectady, NY where he worked on the Erie Canal. After four years he moved to Union Grove, Wl. In 1867 Patrick and his brother, Thomas, moved to the Burr Oak/Bluffton area.

Thomas (17 Mar 1829-7 Oct 1909) married Mary Ann Begley (d. 15 Jun 1874) on 3 May 1862. Mary Ann was born in Vermont. Thomas and Mary Ann had seven children: Mary Jane died at 14; Sara Jane (m. R.F. Lyons); Catherine Mary (12 Jul 1860-Jul 1941) married John Gossman (6 Dec 1855-27 Apr 1941) and had five children: Leonard, Mary, Roy, Walter and Andrew: Michael (3 May 1862-7) married Mary Ryan (28 Nov 1875-7) and had six children: Mary, Walter, Leonard, Mary Josephine, Catherine and Alice (m. Albert Hauber); Ann: Edward: and Caroline married J.W. Hanlon.

Patrick Donlan and Bridget Burns were married in County Clare, Ireland. Bridget was born in 1827 and died 10 Dec 1916. She had a twin sister, Mary Durr, and a brother, James, who came to America.

Patrick and Mary had ten children: Mary (1 May 1851-18 Feb 1929) never married and spent her life as a housekeeper for the priests. Katie (1852-1886) married Terrance McConnell (1852-1885) and had four children: William. Lucy, Terry and Frank. James married Tilda Emery and had two children: Wilbur and Lawrence. Thomas (21 May 1859-1 Jan 1913) married Jane McConnell and had four children: Grace (Lynch), Edward, Ann (Burke) and

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