Sherry has been a successful real estate salesperson in Rochester for more than 20 years. She presently is with Burnet Realty and has been recognized at several awards banquets for her achievements and outstanding quotas.

Dinger, Clifford and Virginia (Wilbur)

(Virginia Dinger)

Clifford Edward Dinger was born 13 Sep 1917 on a farm near Burr Oak, IA, the son of Edward and Leila (Green) Dinger. On 20 Sep 1938 Clifford married Virginia ('Jenny”) Maxine Wilbur.

Jenny was born 12 Aug 1919, also on a farm in the Burr Oak area. Her parents were Oscar Everett and Genevieve Hazel (Manuel) Wilbur. Jenny has 3 sisters and one brother: Dorothy Wernett (Cresco, IA), Shirley Solem (Pine City, MN), Alice Hallisy (Preston, MN) and Manford Wilbur (Fairbault, MN). Cliff and Jenny farmed in the Burr Oak area. They raised sheep, milked cows and grew corn, oats and hay. Jenny always kept a flock of chickens. When Cliff and Jenny retired, they moved to Burr Oak.

Cliff and Jenny had 2 sons: James Everett (b. 28 Sep 1939) and Robert Edward. Jim was hit by a car in Burr Oak on 30 Oct 1952; he lay in a coma until he died 13 Sep 1960.

Bob was married to Darlene Otterness, but they later divorced. Bob and Darlene had 3 children: Michael Robert, Michelle Renee and Angela Jo.

Cliff and Jenny were members of the Burr Oak Lutheran Church. Cliff died 17 Nov 1989 of cancer. Jenny now makes her home at the Aase Haugen Home, Decorah.

Dinger, Richard and Mildred (Nordheim)

(Mildred V. (Nordheim) Dinger)

Mildred V. Nordheim was born and resides in Winneshiek Co. All her life, education has been a top interest of Mildred’s. She attended the rural school near Sattre with a perfect attendance record. Mildred then went to Decorah High School where she took the Normal Training course. From then on she always had jobs related to education. This was natural for Mildred as she came from a family who valued education highly.

Mildred’s great-grandfather, Joren Brunsvold (b. 1824) came from Norway to America in 1848 and settled on a 240 acre farm in Highland Twp. He too was interested in education and in 1862 served on Luther College's first building committee.

Joren married Guri Sanden in Norway. They had 6 children: Barbo (b. 1852); Ole (b. 1853); Brynil (b. 1859); Arne (1860-1942); Joren, Jr. (1863); and Erick (b. 1866).

Ole married Kari Askildson. They lived on the home place after Joren’s death.

Arne Brunsvold, a prompt, business-like man, lived 2 miles northeast of the home place. Arne married Winneshiek Co. native, Martha Mikkelson (1872-1951). She loved to share stories about growing up near Sattre, IA and playing with the Indian children who lived around there. Today there are still burial mounds in the area. Arne and Martha had 5 children; George (b. 1893) died at birth;

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Mildred Nordheim Dinger

George O. (b. 1894) served in World War I; Alma (b. 1897); Gyda (b. 1900); and Henry (b. 1905). Henry married Gertrude Grindeland (b. 1908) in 1931. They lived on Arne’s farm. Henry and Gertrude had 4 children. Gyda married Victor Nordheim (b. 1899). Victor’s mother, Clara (Hover) Nordheim (b. 1872), was a teacher. One of her students was Ed Nordheim (b. 1876) whom she married in 1898. He was a successful farmer so he must have had a good teacher. Ed and Clara had 5 children - Victor Nordheim was one of those children. They encouraged all their children to be educated.

Victor and Gyda (Brunsvold) Nordheim farmed. They worked hard and survived the 1930’s Depression. Shortly before Victor's death, he said, “I praise the Lord every night for letting me live in the 83 best years of America’s civilization 1899-1981." Victor and Gyda had 4 children: Mildred , Curtis , Kermit  and Gerald . Curtis married Eileen Nicholson. They had 5 children. Curtis and Eileen developed the Nordheim Addition north of Decorah. Kermit married Marilyn Erickson (b. 1935) in 1953. They, along with their one son, are dairy farmers. Gerald is handicapped and has benefited from Winneshiek Co. special education programs.

Mildred married Richard I. Dinger (b. 1919) in 1941. He worked for G.F. Baker Lumber Co. for many years and on many local construction projects. Mildred often said to Richard, "We are in the same type of work - you build buildings and I am building temples for the Lord as I teach young people.” Mildred and Richard had 2 children: Karen and John . Karen is an art teacher at Burnsville, MN. John is a West Point graduate and is now in the oil business in Odessa, TX. He married Sunnye Fitzgerald in 1971. Sunnye is a teacher. Mildred and Richard have 5 grandchildren who continue to value the need for education highly.

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