niece of Lucy’s, Melinda Cresson Bogardus. Melinda’s parents died when she was a small child. Melinda died at the age of 65. Lucy Daubney died at the age of 72; Wilson lived to be 100 years and 5 weeks old.

George was only 3 months when he crossed the ocean with his parents. He married Charlotte Kimball. They lived on a farm adjoining Wilson's farm in Pleasant Twp. They later moved to Decorah. George and Charlotte did not have any children.

Ellen married Henry L. Kimball (a brother of George Daubney’s wife Charlotte) in 1847. They had 2 children: Henry, Jr. and Eva. Mr. Kimball left his family and set off for California to make his fortune in the Gold Rush of 1849. He never returned and the family never knew what became of him. Eva married a Mr. Hawley. In 1937 their 3 daughters lived in Arkansas City, KS. Henry, Jr's, daughter, Mrs. S.C. Pratt lived in Los Angeles, CA.

Sarah Jane married William Travis in Michigan. They had 2 daughters: Mary and Emma. Mary married Wallace Dewey. In 1937 William and Sarah were both dead and their daughter Mabel Dewey was living in their home in Kalamazoo, Ml. Emma married Freeman Stratton. They lived in Allegan, Ml. Emma died 18 Aug 1936; Freeman had died several years before. Their 1 daughter, Mary Nellie Stratton, taught in Detroit, Ml.

William married Fanny (last name unknown). They lived in Taylors Falls. They had 2 children: George and Luella. William was killed by a run away horse. Luella married Dr. Murdock of Taylors Falls. Dr. Murdock and Luella had 2 daughters: Beatrice and Fanny. George married Ida (last name unknown). They had 3 children: Jessie, Hazel, and George, Jr. Jessie married Mr. Graves, Superintendent of the Taylors Falls Schools. They had 3 children and later moved to Duluth, MN. Hazel lived in Taylors Falls. George, Jr. married Rena (last name unknown). They did not have any children. George and Rena lived with his Uncle John Daubney and his wife Evelyn in Taylors Falls. After Evelyn and John died, George and Rena separated. George moved to San Diego, CA.

Davis, Dr. and Mrs. Frank Wright

(Marjory and Neal Davis)

On 17 Nov 1876, Frank Wright Davis was born in Taopi, MN. After receiving his doctor’s degree, he married Elvira Ethelyn Beagel on 15 Jun 1904 in Spring Valley, MN. Dr. Davis was a doctor of medicine practicing in Lyle, Spring Valley and Alden, MN. The Davises had three children: Elsie (who married Burt Henning and lived in Decorah), Wilbur Frank graduated from Decorah High School in 1937, and Richard who worked in the CCC in the early 1930's.

Dr. Davis worked with Dr. Kuhn in Decorah from 1920 -1923, then returned to Adams, MN where he died 13 Jan 1933.

After the death of his first wife, Frank Wright Davis married Lael lone Moore 11 Sep 1919. Lael (b. 11 Aug 1896) was adopted by Rev. and Mrs. Moore when she was about 2 years old from an orphanage in Owatonna, MN. Her birth name was Vera Louise Vinson. A son, Neal

Bio Photo

Frank Wright Davis and Loel lone Davis, about 1922 at 702 River Street in Decorah, Iowa.

Adair was born to Frank and Lael Davis in Decorah prior to the move to Adams, MN.

Following the death of her husband, Lael and her family—step-children and Neal and her adopting mother, Mrs. Moore—moved back to Decorah in 1933. She made her home at 702 River Street, the house with seven gables. Lael died 7 Oct 1959 in Decorah.

Davis, Neal Adair and Marjory (Womeldorf)

(Marjory and Neal Davis)

Neal Adair Davis was born to Frank and Lael (Moore) Davis in Decorah. He graduated from Decorah High School in 1940, served in the U.S. Army from 1942 - 1945, and then graduated from Luther College in Jan of 1948. He continued his education at the University of Iowa receiving his M.A. in 1950.

Marjory Ann Womeldorf  became Neal’s bride at the Decorah Lutheran Church on 28 Dec 1947.

Bio Photo

Neal and Marjory Davis and family.

Neal taught social studies and coached for 24 years in Minnesota, then was a secondary administrator in Rochester for 13 years before retiring in 1985. He was honored by being admitted to the Luther College Athletic Hall of Fame and the Minnesota Coaches Hall of Fame.

Marjory and Neal are the parents of four children: Cynthia Diane married Dr. L. Dana Petersen 5 Jul 1970; Jean Kathryn  mar-

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